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Liberty Rising: Patriot Act takes a devistating hit - Rep. Barbara Lee's AUMF Amendment Approved by the US House

Updated on July 10, 2017
Ron Paul quoted talking about the true duty of our public servants -- to PROTECT our liberties and keep us OUT of War.
Ron Paul quoted talking about the true duty of our public servants -- to PROTECT our liberties and keep us OUT of War. | Source

Ending the Patriot Act once and for ALL

Amending and Ending the Authorization of Military Force without constitutional checks and balances. Go Barbara!
Amending and Ending the Authorization of Military Force without constitutional checks and balances. Go Barbara! | Source

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All about the Patriot Act

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One of the few things that most and libertarians, democrats and true-republicans can all agree on is that the patriot act was a very bad deal for America and the rest of the world. So it's not surprising that when Representative Barbara lee from California finally saw her Amendment to end the Authorization for Military Force provision contained within the patriot act, people all over started to take notice.

Out of all the worst bills that have come out of DC and recent decades, one of the absolute worst among them has been the patriot act - one of the only acts of legislation that has been able to essentially sweep away the most essential parts of our constitution, both putting us and the rest of the world at risk for the whims of the oligarchy.

The patriot act would have been completely unthinkable in previous decades, and should've been unthinkable at the time it was proposed. In all honesty, it is the act that should have never existed.

Thankfully, between a few very minor yet positive changes that have taken place over the last five years, and representative Barbara lee's 16 year long which to remove most of the teeth from the patriot act -- we might actually see the day when the patriot act finally becomes just another page in our future history books. One in which future generations will hopefully remember and learned a great deal from.

It's time to end the wars overseas, starting with the bill that allowed them to happen in the first place - the Patriot Act
It's time to end the wars overseas, starting with the bill that allowed them to happen in the first place - the Patriot Act | Source

Fact-Check - How far the AUMF Amendment really got..

Sadly of course, being is jaded and skeptical as I am with any 'good' news coming out of DC, I had to do a little digging before I really could believe it myself. And I'm especially glad to have gone on that fact finding mission, because it's already started to snowball through the grapevine and being reported that California's Representative Barbara Lee (D) managed to get her amendment passed through the entire congressional circus and into actual law, which is not exactly what happened on June 28th, 2017.

Instead, as one of the ONLY politicians to have actually voted against the original enacting of the patriot act in 2001, Barbara has continually submitted her own an amendment that would remove all teeth from the war making properties of the patriot act by completely absolving the authorization for military force provision within the patriot acts duplicitous pages.

For the last 16 years, outside if a few supporters here and there, barber's amendment has been denied. So it was just as much as a surprise to her, as it was two most of the rest of us in the real world, when her an amendment finally cleared the house of appropriations on June 28th.

From this point on, the amendment still needs to make it to the floor so that it can be debated, in which case there is the potential that the house might decide to amend the amendment or create a new replacement for the AUMF. For those of you also waiting with bated breath for the outcome of this vital amendment, the truth is that this could just be another attempt to placate us into thinking that our public servants are actually working to try and expand our freedoms, cut waste, and and the endless and unconstitutional wars that have plagued this globe for well beyond the last 16 years. Though the hope is that this amendment will receive little attention, as it is already attached to a greater military bill. Should this miracle happen, that it will that effectively become a sunset provision for the AUMF, resulting in its expiration by the end of 2017.

What is the AUMF Provision in the Patriot Act?

The authorization for military force -- abbreviated as "AUMF" -- is a provision within the original patriot act and all of its following hybrids, that first allowed president G.W. Bush to go to war with Iran after 911, without approval from Congress or an official declaration of war, both of which are required by our U.S. constitution -- which quite frankly are such important and simplistically logical checks and balances, that I still find it absolutely unreal that Americans did not jump up to protest the creation of this provision specifically, with the same fervor and passion that they did when trump enacted his travel ban -- despite the extreme level of fear the that nine elevens false void created within everyone. It's not very same fear that should've driven us all to be implicitly more protective over country's constitution, rather than apathetic to its destruction.

Though even considering that the lack of outrage from the patriot acts original creation in 2001 is pretty much water under the bridge, that water should not be disregarded. It's that very same water which should be building and ready to break down the dam of corruption and tyranny that faces us now more than it ever has, especially because it has provisions exactly like the AUMF that set of precedent which allowed POTUS Trump to originally give way with his travel ban, among other the unconstitutional atrocities he has already committed and is likely to continue to commit as his first and hopefully last term continues on.

It's is very sort of good intention legislation that ancient philosophers and libertarians alike have continued to warn the rest of the world about enacting. Yes, there are great many things that seem like a wonderful idea when they're first brought forth as potential legislation. They might even be necessary at the time, and full of good intentions and a few provisions to attempt to maintain some amount of tyranny prevention -- regardless -- it is almost always the most well-intended brick laid, that have paved the roads down which dictators and tyrants dried their enslaved masses.

Support Representative Barbara Lee's AUMF Amendment

Support Barbara's AUMF Amendment
Support Barbara's AUMF Amendment | Source

The only way to ensure this amendment finishes it's journey through the entire DC circus and results in the END of all presidents ability to bypass our delicate checks and balances, is by each of us personally supporting it and actively pushing it through each process by putting pressure on our public servants through as many means as possible.

And one of the best ways to start doing just that, is to start out by maintaining constant vigilance on this matter, even if the world appears to be falling apart around us; it's likely that once this amendment picks up momentum, the Oligarchy will first attempt to distract us so that they can kill it off, and/or they'll attempt to use the debate and amendment process to amend this amendment to manifest a completely different and likely even more negative outcome than we already have right now. It certainly wouldn't be the first time such things have happened, and sadly will not likely be the last time either.

Anyone who is opposed to the endless and unconstitutional wars which continue to ravage the Middle East, needs to do everything possible in their power to shout the praises of this AUMF amendment, so that we can see it passed through the house and if need be the senate -- ending one of the absolute worst provisions in the patriot act. When it comes to taking political action, there are great many things really, which must happen in order to manifest or prevent from manifesting a desired outcome. This is why it's absolutely essential that whenever something needs to be done we share it with as many people as possible, so that every puzzle piece is laid into place by the few things that each person is able to achieve in between the rest of their lives.

Calling your congressmen and women, boating your local politicians, writing to local and National Newspapers, blogging, posting, publishing, tweeting, sharing, rallying, meme'ing, and commenting -- are all fantastic ways to show your support for this essential amendment. The more of each of these activities you can personally achieve, the better. Though at least one of these things should be on your list of highest priorities, along with recruiting several of your friends and family members to do the same. Only through the actions of valiant individuals standing with each other in community, are we able to do the seemingly impossible time and again.

This time should be no different.

Do your part, encourage others to do theirs and together we will end the tyranny in our lives, country, and world.

The truest source of terrorism is and always has been the Patriot Act
The truest source of terrorism is and always has been the Patriot Act | Source

War on Terror - Crash Course...


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  • MsMinarchy profile image

    Miss Minarchy 7 months ago from Seattle

    Yes, sadly they've done a pretty good job of keeping most of the attention away from the "fine print" of the Patriot Act. I only knew a small bit about it myself until I did the research for this article, for which I had to do a lot deeper digging and use my special research tools more than I thought I would! lol

  • Penelope Bucket profile image

    Penelope Bucket 7 months ago from Seattle area

    Interesting read with information on AUMF that I had no idea about.