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Liberty: The Fight To Keep America Free

Updated on October 26, 2016
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John D. Williams has written everything from articles to short stories, and even songs, going as far back as childhood. Writing is therapy.

American Liberty Defined
American Liberty Defined

Are you fine with the recent expansion of federal government into our lives the last decade?

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A Good Lesson

Stand United
Stand United

The last 25 plus years or so have been one giant experiment ushering in a big government agenda. Starting with former C.I.A. know-all though an aging Mr. Bush, through a manipulating Clinton, back to the careless antics from Son of 41, and finally onto the secretive Obama. Whom we all know had us at hello.

This current administration is the one hand picked to dismantle what is left of U.S. Capitalism while delivering us to a Communist style, state run economic system. All of this while living under a nanny state, and coming to fruition after one long setup.

Many in our nation honestly believe this. Even debating the possibility of an Oligarchy of sorts running side by side. This is all so telling. Though, sometimes it can be quite trying filtering through facts and conspiracies, as well as general hearsay.

Look at all of our Constitutional Rights that have been manipulated, or flat out taken decade after decade. Assuming most Americans are side tracked by the economy and all of the chaotic social issues affecting every citizen, I will enlighten many of you to plenty of heinous laws and proposals. Some of these even enacted because of the Patriot Act. Even more coming due in part to President Obama signing off on the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). He is a pupil of the Cloward/Piven thought process with a large dash of Alinsky chaos theories.

To begin with, we are talking due process gone! Illegal search and seizures, wiretapping, emails hacked, land grabs, gun grabs, Martial Law (which sadly we saw implemented after the Boston Marathon Attack while searching for a suspect), indoctrination of our children by progressive lesson plans being pushed in schools, and so much more. Again, much of this already in effect because of the Patriot Act. All committed in the name of safety no less, which is seemingly the most fluid way to manipulate citizens into climbing aboard this scary expansion of federal government.

Although, I see it a BIG sinking ship!

Look at the collapse, some say deliberate, of our financial system. The expansion of the welfare state. Exploitation and manipulation of our fiat currency by the FED. Taxes upon taxes growing beyond existent means. Gold and silver kept at bay. Socialized health care forced upon the masses. Our three branches of government not keeping checks on one another. Gun running promoted by officials behind Fast And Furious, and other ensuing international scandals. Misinformation with blatant lies regarding policy, when American lives are lost overseas. Stockpiling of ammunition by Department Of Homeland Security. Terrorist swaps making for strange bedfellows. FEMA trailers and makeshift camps lingering throughout the country, eerily waiting for a big tragedy. Drones in our skies watching, waiting... Plus, technology advancing so fast nobody knows if we are using it for good.

Ominous reasons?

All of this happening to some degree and becoming greater. If these current events were taken to greater scrutiny by media and politicians alike, along with comparing to our history, it would truly show a disturbing trend. Is Washington planning or expecting?

I ask you all...

Are we really better off allowing government to parent us like toddlers, telling us they know what is good and bad?

Are we better off sending American resources all over the world to appease a global initiative?

Are we any more free, or much less so as a nation?

Do you have privacy left, and if so how much?

How is your retirement and/or saving's account doing?

If you are military, while fighting abroad, are you worrying more about the home front? May I add, thank you ladies and gentlemen for your duty served or still serving. You are true patriots!

Question all of these prime examples, as they are of tyranny attempting to thrive. The elites are having their say at our expense, literally and figuratively.

It may take patriots, a respectful Ode To 1776 if you will, to change the mold and gain back our liberty. With that possibility, no matter the motivation or implementation, as a unified front we must return to American idealism and a PEOPLE'S GOVERNMENT!

Strings are being pulled and division amongst us is rising terribly fast. We must not be the puppets in this real life board game of Monopoly, mixed with Risk, and then settling on whatever Life throws us.

We the people make the rules, with respect to checks and balances. At least according to our forefathers. The brilliant men who drafted the Constitution backed by our Bill Of Rights. Those men who also signed the Declaration Of Independence. Those great individuals who warned us of future tyranny and inexcusable growth of a central entity that leads to a federal powerhouse over the states, and eventually us citizens.

Look back to history and then toward the future to understand where, as a free nation we may be headed. History always, and often sadly so has the ability to repeat itself. Americans need not repeat the scary actions taken by the global big governments of old, or the ideology of mad men. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, and many more of this mindset were Tyrannical Kings to their plastic thrones. Crushing their economy, manipulation to control the means, and all while installing a worshiper base of what can only be compared to a sick fanatical religious sect.

We, as a nation driven and of great humanity, many of whom are patriots alongside a Republic in law with checks and balances, shall forever promote with much respect to our creator, "inalienable rights."

That's actually mine. Not too shabby, huh?

Taxpayers, I whole heartedly believe along with many more like minded Americans that it may be time to once again be given what we are paying for, financially and socially, also that which our Constitution guarantees. Personal Freedom & Liberty!

This being justifiably so my friends, and if not now, when?

Why is this happening?

That my friends is the Million Dollar question, which can be answered by those at the higher ends of government, or those with even more clout than our corrupt officials will confess to. These men and women all have a hand in committing these obstructive deeds. I suspect it may have something to do with elitists, the banking wealth, or possibly some misplaced sense of royalty and their need for dominance and control, not only at home but on a global scale.

These tyrannical acts may also be seen simply as boredom. When the world is at your fingertips, some with power just enjoy chaos.

Whatever the reasoning, the hourglass is running low on sand here in the United States. We cannot allow ourselves to stand by willingly while time runs out on American Exceptionalism and Constitutional Rights, while walking side by side with general Freedom. Good Old Fashioned Americana, brought back with little change and much pride would be a welcome dose.

Enough thievery! We citizens sustain our rights through progress, not progressivism. We the people have accomplished this feat like no other nation before, via less government, hard work and education, humility and morale, while fighting enemies foreign and sadly this time it may well be domestic.

America, our Constitution, and her principles guarantee such. At least pertaining to our amendments, especially the first ten making up the Bill Of Rights. Even the articles themselves, which determine how a government is to function.

The late and great, yet sometimes depressing comedIan George Carlin would say in a few words, what many of us feel or contemplate. He would state, specifics not applying, that we as a nation either have all or 100% of our individual rights, or that thinking is complete "B.S." and that we have 0, absolutely no rights. He was no fan of over-bloated bureaucracies. I do believe though, that Carlin believed in maximum freedom and liberty. Debating those statements truly brings much to light, especially in regards to how Americans and their liberties are distinguished.

Now, if wanting a powerful and uplifting feel good moment I suggest we citizens go back and read, not browse, but slowly try to articulate The Declaration Of Independence. A surprisingly emotional read every time one takes part. Sure, we can all quote the founding document and attempt to understand the ins and outs, however, just one time take a gander at this piece without a preconceived notion. You will then understand the philosophy and documents put forth years after to sustain our experiment in liberty and a Constitutional Republic. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, "if you can keep it," referring to our new Republic in which they formed, which they then gave us!

Our forefathers, those who studied the philosophers and dreamers of old, along with many documents from time's past which appeared in the "Old Country," such as the Magna Carta for example, attempted to define democracy and the different types of, all to create the standard by which we shall be judged. A Grand Republic is what came of this in the beginning. Let it not be an end. Those brave souls accomplished all of this grandeur, and very well!

If something in these United States feels a little off, that's because it is.

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  • jdw7979 profile imageAUTHOR

    John David 

    3 years ago from Middle America

    It's up to the tax paying citizenry to commit to such.. Hopefully, we put our liberty ahead of fancy rhetoric and freebies.

  • capncrunch profile image


    3 years ago from New Orleans

    Great hub! Informative and well written. There is little doubt that much of what you bring out here is happening. I myself have been doing more reading on our Constitution. And, it's obvious that the words of our founding fathers are now being manipulated. We really do need to get back to the basics.


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