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Liberty and Education: You can't have one without the other

Updated on October 19, 2016
For my love I would cross the great beyond
For my love I would cross the great beyond

Deep thoughts in September

Throughout history, Myth and storied fiction document the struggle for individual and/or social liberty constantly. For an historical example, one need only look to the Declaration of Arbroath, which was completed in the 13th century by Bernard of Kilwinning, and declared Scotland's independence from English rule. Yet, another great example of this struggle through fiction is the story of Moses. He was a Hebrew born man who was educated by the Egyptians, and then used his education to lead and enlighten the Jewish people. With this empowerment Moses was able to help the people of Israel transition from a life of servitude into a life of freedom within their own land. Additionally, One can look to more modern times such as the American Declaration of Independence from England or the struggle that African Americans have faced throughout Americas brief history.

If one looks into the correlation between liberty and education, one could argue that they are indeed intertwined. In this argument, It can also be presumed that liberty cannot be achieved without education. To elaborate, a person can be free but not have freedom because without the knowledge that one has the ability to choose their own fate that individual cannot be liberated. It can also be said that the human mind can only be controlled by others if one lets it. Furthermore, if one accepts the connection between liberty and education, one can ascertain that societal constraints and expectancy are illusions, that at any time one can be lifted with the actions of oneself. With that being said, a person cannot be freed of a ruling body, be it a governmental presence or even an intimate relationship, if they are not imparted with the knowledge to do so.

To witness this phenomena in action within an intimate relationship, one only need look at a man or women who continues to stay in a relationship that is mentally and/or physically abusive. Yet, even though it could be said that those who are being abused may know it is happening, they may not have the knowledge to remove themselves from the situation. It may be that the victim has only known violence due to upbringing or the environment in which they grew up in, and because of this the victim sees the abuse as a normality rather than an unhealthy situation. The victim in this case, could liberate themselves by becoming educated in the many services and/or laws available to them. Many people in this situation have been down trodden for so long that they feel they are the cause of the abusers actions. Educating these victims in self reliance and self worth would help in gaining the freedom they so desperately need. Hence, education gives the freedom of choice.

Looking into the political field, education plays a monumental role in creating Liberty. Take into consideration a citizen who refuses to become involved in the process of a Democratic Republic. He or She may believe that the system is broken and that it no longer works for the common man. This may be the cause of the right/left paradigm within most political discussions throughout America or the misinterpretations from politicians themselves, but in turn causes the disenfranchised citizen to not vote or vote based upon emotionally charged reasons. The surest way for this situation to empower the citizen, is to educate themselves with facts rather than the likability of a candidate or scare tactics of the political debate process. When one engages in the process of research and discovery of laws passed within a government, it can dramatically change the thought process of the citizen and very well could affect the electorate as well.

Everyday the chains of society bares witness to the ever changing movements of a sea of intellectual ideas and conflicting opinions. The battling factions all claim to know the true meaning of liberty and the worth of education, but fail to see the simplicity in the ideal. As creatures of intellectual thought, those who educate themselves have the power of choice, and by contrast those that refuse to or cannot educate themselves, do not. Education allows for the empowerment of even the poorest of society. It allows them to reach new heights that those before them may never have dreamed they could haved reached. Moreover, ones belief in liberty is not just determined by outer influence but by the belief in ones strength as an individual.

The very embodiment of liberty is within the choices an individual makes and the education that one has accumulated. If a man is subservient to his brethren and never lifts a finger to educate himself in self reliance, that man will never know true liberty. If a woman allows her husband or lover to continue to abuse her without ever learning the avenues of escape, she shall never know freedom. With these statements in mind, one can see that liberty cannot be given to those who do not know the value of the ideal. One must understand the gravity of responsibility and cost that comes with it. Throughout the history of mankind people have fought and died for this Ideal. To continue to educate oneself in the matters of personal and societal freedom is the only way to continue to fight oppression from both personal and worldly threats. True liberty is knowing that one is free no matter what the law states or what dire situation that individual is in.


© 2012 Warren Curtis Daniels Jr


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    • Warren Curtis profile image

      Warren Curtis Daniels Jr 4 years ago from Buffalo, New York

      Thanks so Much HSchneider :)

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Well said, Warren. Jefferson knew this connection very well and founded the University of Virginia. Oddly, the Founding Fathers did not trust the common man with the direct vote due to lack of proper education. Only propertied men could vote. This was remedied by our free public education system that was once the envy of the world. Great and perceptive Hub.