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Libya - Arabia in Africa

Updated on May 31, 2011
Muanmar Gaddafi
Muanmar Gaddafi
Gaddafi with amazon guards
Gaddafi with amazon guards
Amzon guards
Amzon guards
Colonel Gaddafi
Colonel Gaddafi

Libyan Diary

      Today, Everybody knows about Libya.Libya is filled in news papers, Television,Radio. But anybody tried to know more about Libya. Here is some General information.

      'Graeat socialist Peoples Libyan Arab jamaharia' that is the whole name of Libya. Jamaharia means peoples democratic.Libya situated in the northern part of the african continent near the Mediteranian sea.Libya is in Africa,but there is arabia in libya. Yes, Libya is called 'Arabia in Africa' also.

       Egyptians named this country Libya as the Libu's living place,an old tribals.Libya is in 4th place in area among african countries. Libya is a prey of colonialism. Arabian grabbed Libya in A.D.7th century.In the 16th century the otoman turkies captured Libya from the arabs.There after colonialism continued by the italians and the british.In 1951 december 24 britain hand over the ruling to Mohammed Idris Al sanoosi,the member of the old dynasty of libya.After discovering the oil deposit in the Sahara desert Libya became prosperous.

      In 1969 Muanmar Abu Minyar Al-Gaddafi grabbed the ruling of Libya with the help of Military force in the age of 28. Gaddafi is the last word in Libya since last 41 years. But today Gaddafi and his power ruling schattering in front of people's strike.

Single colour Flag

      Libya have the only single clour flag in whole world.There is no signs or designs in the green coloured flag. colonel Gaddafi produced the flag in 1977.But before Gaddafi, in the period of Mohammed Idris, Libya had try colour flag.Red in top, then green and black at the bottom and there is a half moon and a star signed in blacck portion of the flag.Now a days Libyan peoples wargroup takes this flag.

Big Country Less Population

      Libya is a big country. But population is comparatively less. only 65 lakhs is population in Libya

Libya and sahara

      90% area of Libya is the Sahara desert in the total area of 18,00,000 sq.kms. In 1922 temperature of 57.8 degrees measured in Al Assisia ,Eastern town of the capital Tripoly.This is normal measured atmospheric temperature in earth. More people lives in Al Asssia than other parts of the country.

Leptis Magna

        This is the archeological centre of Libya. Leptis Magna is the monuments of the old greek civilization.The old buildings and other things during the period of  Greek are kept here.

Amazon Guards

       Amazon guards is the world renowned woman military force. They are the body guards of Colonel Gaddafi. He is the only ruler having woman body guards in the world.'Al Rafi Al Thouryath' is the original name of this women guard force.'Amzon guards'is named by some eastern medias.

Libya - General Informations

 Language            :  Arabic

 Population           :  64,20,000.

 Capital                 :  Tripoly

Government          :  Jamharia

Currency               :   Dinar

Independence day :  December 24, 1951

Area                       :  17,60,000 sq.kms

Neighbour countries : Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Nyger, sudan, Tunisia


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