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Libya: Europe's New War

Updated on March 25, 2011

It is clear President Obama does not want this war that the U.S. has guided and started. He has clearly said that America will hand it off to the European military forces from NATO and other Arab countries but that, America will continue in a support role. This reminds me of a father trying to teach their child to ride a bike- the kid has to actually pedal and ride\steer the bike while the parent is there for support and guidance. Is America trying to teach the NATO countries how to conduct a war? Funny.

The UK and France are assuming the major roles. The French have their aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, while the Italians have their carrier, Garibalidi. Both are now close to Libya. The UK has several ships and aircraft in the area from NATO bases in Sicily or Italy. However, the irony and hypocrisy about this remains that before this war hit the headlines, these same countries were anticipating arms sales to Libya! Europe sold Libya over 1.5 billion dollars worth of weapons from 2004 to just before it all began. Just last year, France wanted to sell Libya 14 Mirage jets, while Italy, had almost concluded a one billion euro deal with Libya before the problem arrived. The UK was seriously kissing Libya's ass by releasing one of the terrorists that downed Pan Am 103 in order for British Petroleum Inc. to get favorable concessions for Libya's oil!

Fast forward to now. Now the same countries are more than willing to target Gadhafi, which is fine, but it does make one wonder about their own morality. It seems money really does talk and is loud. It seems America is the only country that acted out of that higher morality about freedom and democracy, maybe naively so. America does not want the war or Libya's oil, most of that goes to Europe. America could care less about Libya except it does want to incinerate Gadhafi. Once that occurs, what will the Europeans do?

The few Arab nations that have provided military support have their own security interests in doing so. Until the West actually did something about the Libyan freedom uprising (now in Jordan and Syria), these countries looked the other way. However, when the opportunity arose, they jumped on the wagon!

Of all the countries involved in Operation Odyssey Dawn, America has the least interest except for promoting democracy, which is always a "throw of the dice" when transitions occur.


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