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Foreclosure on the American Dream

Updated on December 29, 2015

Broken Promises and Lies

Foreclosure of the American Dream

The wreckage at ground zero was still smoldering when President Bush announced he had a plan that would give our government the tools it needed to fight terrorism and help ensure America would be protected in case of another attack. In reality, his plan was actually anti-terrorism legislation which was hailed as a triumph while being fast-tracked through Congress. The support of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the American people was almost unanimous as the entire country got the swift action it expected from their Commander-in-Cheif.

George Bush stood before the entire nation and swore revenge while vowing to seek justice for those who lost their lives and therefore we accepted his plan and hoped it would bring the resolve that we so desperately wanted. From our own vengeance and fear, we were blinded to the parlor trick that was taking place right before our eyes. It was until it was too late that we became fully aware of the implications that were involved and their consequence toward the loss of American civil liberties.

With only a small group of American people who dared to take a stand, the Patriot Act was signed on October 26, 2001, forever changing the definition of our freedom and altering the course of history in the United States.

While most of America was willing to make such a sacrifice out of fear of another attack, there were those who voiced concern and opposition to any legislation that would trade freedom for security. When reporters asked the questions regarding the loss our civil rights and how it could jeopardize the 4th Amendment, President Bush, along with most of his administration all swore that it would not affect American citizens and that there were safeguards in place to ensure that only suspected terrorists would be denied their Constitutional rights.

In 2001, we had little doubt about what the definition of a terrorist was, therefore we willfully believed President Bush when he told us that "the Patriot Act would serve as a critical asset to unite and strengthen the country by providing the US government the resources it needs to intercept and obstruct terrorism". By the time George Bush was re-elected in 2004, our fears about terrorism were subsiding to the revelation that our government had lied to the American people, failing to keep its promise to protect our Constitutional rights.

President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney all took an equal share in piling up a mountain of lies and falsehoods as they hijacked our freedoms in an exercise of blatant disregard for total lack of respect for the American people. In essence, it almost appears as though the tragic events of September 11th were used as a launchpad for an agenda that would dismantle civil liberties that up until then, were safely preserved in the Constitution for 225 years.

You Have Nothing to Fear

The White House was pathological in its assertions when it sold the promise that the Patriot Act would only be used to combat terrorism. They reassured us that American citizens would not be targeted. It soon became obvious that we had been double-crossed by an administration who knowingly lied through their teeth, deceptively fooling millions of us into submission, while they systematically dismantled and then completely obliterated the Fourth Amendment

Warrantless Wiretapping

Once Americans had a chance to swallow that jagged pill, rising from the ashes of ground zero was this massive bureaucratic juggernaut known as the Department of Homeland Security.

We have since been subjected to invasive airport searches where TSA agents sacrifice our dignity in the name of a safer, terrorist-free air travel. Our street corners are wired with hi-tech spy cameras that download every moment into a government regulated surveillance network. Our phone calls are continuously monitored by the NSA, wiretapped without cause and predicated on nothing more than a suspicious hunch. Not to mention the Department of Homeland Security now analyzes our psychological signature to exploit, identify, locate and track us, based on nothing more than a whisper.

The Patriot Act allowed a scope of broad surveillance that has systematically foreclosed the American dream, What is left is a complex existence where each footstep must be carefully planned to avoid stepping in a pile of bad government bullshit.

The intrusions into our private lives have become unthinkable, especially for older Americans who still can't hardly tolerate such a lack of trust the government now has for its people. I am just thankful that most of the WWII vets are not here to see this. Their sacrifice was supposed to pay for our freedoms. Just imagine how the handful who are still alive must feel as they watch freedom being stripped away.

Questioning The Second Amerndment

Then consider the sudden rash of school shootings, one after one, the MO links a medicated lone gunman into a neatly fit typecast of identical personal defects and a history of mental instability. The result of each incident skyrockets television news ratings, as Americans huddle around their televisions to watch non-stop media coverage where liberal pundits clamor over a need for increased gun control.

Meanwhile, Washington never lets a good tragedy go to waste, evidenced after the Sandy Hook shootings when President Obama shed crocodile tears on National Television and liberals jumped on the backs of the broken hearted so they could break out their victory speeches and bash the Second Amendment as though it represented the downfall of American justice.

President Barack Obama led the charge, using the murder of 20 innocent first-graders as justification to pitch the idea that if gun ownership rights were suspended, it would be for our safety. It was a pretty smart approach when you consider they used the same excuse to steal our Fourth Amendment rights. Just maybe we’d be dumb enough to fall for it again.

One Kid With a Backpack?

Next, you have the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In itself, it stinks like a cover-up; but nonetheless, the events of that day transpired into 5 million Boston citizens being forced into lock down, as the DHS rolled out Martial law into the streets of Boston, complete with armed soldiers and fully armed black tanks and Humvees.

For two days, the people of Boston were subjected to illegal door to door searches, all based on the pretext of finding one 18-year-old kid with a backpack who they presumed may have an explosive device.

Since then, there has been a slow and methodical drumbeat providing the soundtrack for oppressive and stingy restrictions on our civil liberties. Sadly, many Americans just don’t hear the beat.

When we see TSA agents embarrass little old ladies by humiliating them in our airports just to appear sensitive to the next person in line who happens to be wearing a turban, we should compare such an incident to Major Nidal Hasan. This guy yelled out “Allahu Akbar” just before pulling out his pistol and blasting away, killing 14 people and wounding 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas. The irony is, that to this day, the Obama administration still insists on calling it “workplace violence” rather than the act of terrorism that it really was.

What if and Where to?

Wouldn’t it be great if the words of caution from Jefferson, Adams and Franklin had not fallen on deaf ears? The unheard wisdom of our forefathers has been lost through a faded version of revised history. I wish our complacency did not empower the tyrants hell-bent on our destruction. I wish we would’ve condemned their policies through demonstration and civil disobedience. Although, in a way we have, but unfortunately, we have it backwards by having the wrong policies that offend the right people.

Should we cross our fingers and hope for the best while we acclimate ourselves with the unknown? I wish we could restore traditional values rather than living in a charade of cultural diversity that instructs us how to feel, what we can and can’t say and even what God we should be praying to. For today, we must live with tolerance and acceptance of the wickedly insane and to do otherwise, simply implies prejudicial judgment.

If we spoke not in wishes, but in objective facts, the reasoned questions we asked would demand honest answers. How gratifying it would be to understand the current threats and receive them as fortification of our nation. We could then feel repulsion for our enemy, rather than striking a forced smile at them, forced out by fear of a government who watches our every move. A government that writes laws to secure cultural diversity while pissing on human liberty and the freedoms by which it stands.

To understand the connection between the human spirit and freedom we must cultivate our virtues so that we may preserve our liberty. Today, most Americans believe freedom means having the ability to do anything they want. However, in truth, it’s that kind of belief that leads to prison, chaos, violence, and at last check, tyranny.

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