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Life For A Life

Updated on August 9, 2015

It seems we have reached a sad day in age in which the life for a life rule has drifted away and instead we now hand out multiple life sentences,some for over 1000 years imprisonment. Lets do some quick calculations here, the oldest person in history passed away at the age of 122 years, this tells us pretty quick that the chances of serving out your full sentence of over 1000 years for mass murder are pretty slim, actually no its downright impossible. So why put these terrible humans in prison for completely unreasonable lengths of time costing you and me our hard earned money through taxes too pay to keep them alive, for what ? so they can live out the rest of there lives eating budget prison food and playing cards. This is down right crazy and completely unreasonable the justice system needs to wake up and realize just what they're doing. In the next few paragraphs I will highlight the three points I feel are very important to this situation, why are they doing it ? , why they should not be doing it ? and how it can be stopped.

Why are they doing it

They say money makes the world go around and this is no exception to the rule. So what has money got to do with the death penalty and serving out life without parole, the answer is a lot. The most surprising thing about all of this is that a lot of people believe we should be enforcing the death penalty so we don't have to keep paying for these killers too be alive when there is no chance they will ever see life outside the prison walls again. Well what if I told you its cheaper to keep these terrible humans in prison till there death than too execute them, would you believe me ? well unfortunately this is true and supported by solid evidence. The real question now is that now you know if we executed everyone serving a sentence they had no chance of completing before death it may end up costing you more. Would you still want them killed ? In my eyes there's only one answer, YES. So the truth is that our government and judicial system is keeping these killers alive too save money. Of course there is many other reasons like the slim chance of new evidence being found to exonerate the prisoner and many other legal difficulties but all in all they have a fair legal and financial point for keeping these monsters in prison instead of in the ground. The point I am trying to make is that do we really now live in a world where the money is more important than justice, than eye for an eye.

Why they should not be doing it

Why should they not be doing it, well in my opinion this is very simple. These people have killed Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Cousins and everyone in between, often multiple at the same time. I want you to step into the shoes of a teenage boy, he is in a bit of a dysfunctional family and his parents are all he has. They go shopping and a man goes crazy with a gun, both are shot and killed. The boy has nothing. Do you think he wants to live his whole life knowing every minute he works he is donating money too the people keeping his parents killer alive? Do you think this boy cares if he pays a little more to have this man killed? Of course he doesn't. It is unfair and yes this situation was made up but there is plenty of similar situations out there. So this is why they need to stop doing this, Immediately.

How can it be stopped

Well this is quite simple, stop seeing dollar signs and if a person kills someone they should be killed. This all seems so simple and right but unfortunately there is a lot of legal difficulties which stop this from happening. I do however feel that this is something that needs to come under serious consideration. The power of people in numbers is still a very powerful thing and I feel this how we, the people, can make a change for the better in the world.

In conclusion, I am very strongly inclined too fight for the life for a life rule to be enforced once more as it was sometime ago. If someone kills another human they most certainly deserve to be killed themselves. This is my personal opinion and I am sticking to it because I truly do feel this is the rightful way to treat these killers. If you say they can change, that they deserve to live or that we will save money, I invite you once more to stand in the shoes of the young teenage boy who has nothing and stare that killer in the eyes and say "I would like you to be kept alive as it will save me money on taxes" Could you do it ? If you have any heart you wont be able to so how dare you think others should be expected to do so.


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