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Life as a Woman in the Islamic State Daesh

Updated on December 26, 2014
Just before a stoning
Just before a stoning

For some reason, what Amnesty International found out, should not be a stunning revelation to anyone, except maybe the naïve. Most Arabs and other Muslim nations probably knew such treatment was occurring within this extremist Islamic group that has nothing to do with God or his teachings but more aligned with Satan. It is a real war of good versus evil.

The women you might see in any IS video have most likely been abducted, raped, and sold. Some have been given to Daesh members as "gifts".Initially, those from the West are treated with more respect to gain their cooperation and trust before hell arrives. Young girls are treated far better than any female older than 12, probably because they can't be raped. The women in Daesh controlled towns and cities are eventually excised out of most of society unless there is a need for them due to professional medical training or education. Many women are just slaves, especially those in non-Muslim religions. The Yazidi females in Northern Iraq captured by IS instantly were property. Even girls 10 yrs. old or more were raped, tortured and forced to be a prostitute for IS fighters. Nothing more than a vagina for sexual satisfaction. Many of these girls eventually killed themselves.

On a day to day basis, life for women is under scrutiny and very controlled. In Mosul, the largest city the Islamic State controls, females no longer can go to school, freedom of movement is really limited to where she lives, as going outside into the public can be dangerous. In Mosul, eight women have been publicly stoned for associating with other men she is not related to, while another 10 were executed just for resisting this horror upon them with words. A female dentist was beheaded for having both men and women patients! If a woman is improperly dressed (a black robe called khimar and niqab that covers everything but face and gloves) they face lashing with a whip. This is also the case if the woman is hanging with males of no relation. They are also harassed in public if improperly dressed that humiliates them.

To help control the general public, IS has their Hisba, a special police force, while women's dress code is enforced by an IS female brigade called, al-Khansa, who patrol the streets looking for violations. School age children are taught the strict Sharia laws. If teachers refuse to , the school is closed. Many parents simply keep their kids at home to prevent the brainwashing. Of course, in hospitals, a woman can only be treated by a woman doctor and if one is not available, she may die for a lack of treatment.

Only a deranged woman from the West would ever seek to be part of the Islamic State. For those who have, their freedoms are stripped and they live in hell.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      Great reporting. Thanks.