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Life of a Farmer.

Updated on November 9, 2015
skgrao profile image

I write speaking English.It may have errors but if you can understand the essence of what is written my job is done.

Indian Farmer.

We eat what a farmer grows.

Let's talk about a remote Village in India

Have you lived in a village in rural India?

Have you walked around few kilometers on a village road?

Have you entered a home in a village?

Have you seen street lights in a remote rural Indian village?

Have you seen a classroom in a village school?

When do our politicians and bureaucrats visit a village?

When did you visit a village and chat with a farmer or a school teacher?

Do you know who controls a village and how does he control?

Do you know what happens after sunsets fully and it's dark in the villages in India?

In one of the districts of Karnataka,India A farmer committed suicide by consuming pesticide of a village.The deceased,had borrowed Rs.95,000/- from the village bank and Rs.5 Lacs from moneylenders.However he suffered crop failure due to the erratic rain.Due to this,he could not clear his loans and was driven to suicide.In this district so far 28 farmers have committed suicide.Farmer leaders have demanded the constitution of a high power committee to instil confidence among farmers and stop them from taking their lives.The situation is same in few other states and the farmer leaders suggest that the delegation to meet the Chief Minister must consist of representatives of farmers,agricultural experts,economists,psychiatrists and social scientists.

110 Farmers are less in 2 districts of Karnataka out of millions.

Why did so many farmers commit suicide.Who gave them loans are the most pertinent questions.Firstly the local co-operative bank chairman is the authority to give loans.If the farmer has the need and if he can give the loan then only he is eligible to get loans.Many farmers do not know how to read even the local language who are made to put their thumb impression and they are given loans after deducting an amount which fills the pocket of the bank president who will be a politician.Let us check the wealth and assets of every bank president or chairman.

We will know their worth grow year after year and assets in prime locations.Media reports say the govt waived Rs.280 crore interest on borrowed money.Now with 110 suicides they demand 100% of the borrowed money to be waived.The public sector banks which has also given agricultural loans cannot do what co-operative banks called gram panchayat banks can do.The Govt of the state is asking Govt of India controlled public sector banks to waive the loans.Between the center and the states there is political party of different groups fighting and farmers are caught in the middle who are helpless against powerful politicians who do not care but show crocodile tears as if it is a farmers mistake in harvesting a crop with out knowing by not consulting the Govt appointed body of advisers who are busy otherwise in other duties.

Open Letter.

The State Farmers Association has now woken up after so many suicides to bring out a letter to their party leader who has no powers to join along with other parties pressing for commissioning of 100 year old govt managed sugar mill stopped for renovation or whatever,fixing of sugarcane prices,payment of arrears of previous years ( what was the reason for keeping farmers money as arrears this is meaningless and nothing but bureaucracy a baby left by British is now renamed as corruption) and bringing out a national water policy after 65 years and hundreds of farmers suicide.The farmers now strongly feel that unless these issues are addressed,suicides will not stop.The farmers want the Govt in power at center to waive farm loans taken from nationalized public sector banks.The farmer leaders are of the opinion that their leaders effort is to"cheat" the farming community continuously year after year and election after election by the 2 major parties in India.The young congress leader is hopping from place to place sometimes out of country and the farmers are wondering what miracle can happen.

How much is Farmers Land and What is happening?

The unseen banks in India are money lenders.No body knows where they stay or what they do but their office is on a powerful motor bike looking like Harley Davidson the money lenders reev up their engines in neutral gears to a high and low and this sound in front of the person's house is enough to indicate that the person residing in the house is a defaulter who has not paid the loan.The farmer is put to shame by this method and his children are laughed at by the village folks.The farmer in a small village cannot tolerate such acts.

2011-12 - Unit: Area in lakh ha.

Total Geographical Area 190.50

Cultivable Area as per Agri. Census (2010-11)- 121.

62% of Cultivable area to total Geographical Area 64%

Net Cultivated Area - 2011-1299.- 41% - ( 62%-41% = 21% Not Cultivated* )

Gross Cultivated area - 2011-12 -120.59

Cropping Intensity (%)121.30% of net area sown to Cultivable area of 82%.

Net Irrigated Area 34.40%

Gross Irrigated Area 41.37% of net Irrigated area to Net Cultivated area 35 %

Net Rainfed cultivated area 65.01% against Gross Rainfed cultivated area 79.23%.Cultivatable Land is not cultivated by farmers as they have no money to put bore wells to feed the crops.They take loan and fix bore well pumps.If the crops fail for other unknown reasons they cannot repay the loan.If this happens one they manage if not their life becomes hard.

Villages in India has no police.If there is a problem the Village President is the judge and Jury of any dispute.He will also be compromised by the money lenders.Farmers being honest and trustworthy they fear such shameful acts like motor bike hard sound that the farmer's life will be having no option but to commit suicide.A FARMER who owns prime land is given maximum loan and normal interest which is 25% per month which will make him lose his land to the money lender.The money lender sells it to a land shark.These money lenders use all the cruel tricks shown in movies and are a law un to themselves.The law keepers give them money that they get from all sources and who want them on their side.Who can help the farmer who is a illiterate and has friends who trap these farmers in to money lenders hands.

Source: GOI Website- dacnet & FRE/Final Estimates of DE&S Bangalore.

*Blogger's Comment.

Farmers who live in remote villages.

The farmer's life has endless problems,he has no lights in his home and namesake tube lights if provided if a power line fortunately runs in his village.In my village in tamil nadu a state that earns maximum revenue in south has no 24X7 power supply to people in remote villages.Drinking water is a dream.Bore well water with high fluorine content,lead and other minerals and chemicals are found in bore well water.I sent a letter in the official letter pad taken from the president of the village with a copy to all ministers and all their secretaries but the end result was the president got a mouthful from the Block Development Officer that he should not write any letters to Chief Minister when he is responsible for rural development.

The roads are narrow and illegal stone quarrying goes on in remote places.The farmer has to spend Rs.50/- to go and see a doctor.Farmers children go to school and girls will walk to school and if it rains still they have to walk as there are no shelters.Most of the girls drop out after 9th standard not knowing how to freely talk as govt schools lack proper couching in English.Our most favored foreign language.By 8:30 the entire family goes to bed and only on special occasions they stay as long as they want.

I left staying in the village as I was helpless and no body was there to help me.All the wife's of farmers are farm workers and they work in any farm where there is work.They get Rs.350/- per day with food which is only one dish a Ragi Ball with some soup like liquid they make small balls dip it in the liquid and chew or swallow as they like.Men and woman eat it for breakfast.lunch and dinner and few eat non veg dishes.Girls help their mothers and they cook as good as their mothers.Their life is not what I wish to see.

Income from agriculture in rural houses over 70% in 4 states.Lowest in West Bengal 30%.


Use of Fertilizers by Farmers.


# .Year ------Kg used per hectare.

1 1991-92- 30.0

2 1992-93 -35.0

3 1993-94 -38.0

4 1994-95 -41.2

5 1995-96 -44.9

6 1996-97 -43.3

7 1997-98 -50.5

8 1998-99 -51.9

9 1999-00 -55.3

10 2000-01- 60.5

11 2001-02 -52.4

12 2002-03 -49.7

13 2003-04 -42.2

14 2004-05 -50.0

15 2005-06 -58.0

16 2006-07 -61.0

17 2007-08 -70.0

18 2008-09 -75.0

19 2009-10 -79.0

20 2010-11 -93.0

21 2011-12 -Not Available on date.( In 21 years the use of Fertilizers has increased by 62kg.Is this increase in Farmers financial status?)

Agricultural Production- increase in food Grains - Rice a main staple food of Karnataka in 2000-2001 was 3.847 Million Tons and in 2012-13 was 3.688 Million Tons a increase of just 0.159 Million Tons over 12 years is not a eye opener for the Govt and today the prices have doubled due to no activity on the part of govt for 12 years when the population increase is not taken into account.

If we take other items of food grains produced by farmers the result to us s are not that great to write the funny part is govt collects the data and presents it us and I know why farmers do not want to do farming itself.

1 - Wheat - 0.250 to 0.261 - Million Tons.

2 - Jowar - 1.547 to 1.537 - Million Tons.

3 - Wheat - 0.250 to 0.261 - Million Tons.

4 - Bajra - 0.342 to 0.261 - Million Tons.

5 - Maize - 2.136 to 4.129 - Million Tons.( Pop Corn )

6 - Ragi - 1.835 to 1.275 - Million Tons - Farmers Food in Karnataka.

7 -Small Millets - 0.047 to 0.013 - Million Tons

8 - Barley - 0 to 0 in all the 10 years.

Source: GOI Website- dacnet & FRE/Final Estimates of DE&S Bangalore.

Farmers Life in India

Farmers are Rich.

See results

National Sample Survey of Rural Households.

Rural Houses in India.
15.61 Crores
Doing Agriculture only 9.02 Crores OR 57.8%Thus, a mere 39.5 per cent of rural households today are dependent on agriculture as the source yielding the maximum share of income.
What is Rural in India.
Any area not Urban.
What is Urban in India.
Any place having a minimum population of 5,000, a population density above 400 per square km, and at least 75 per cent of the male working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits.
Agricultural GDP 25%
75 per cent of all new factories and 70 per cent of manufacturing jobs created in the last decade were in rural areas.

Malur Puttaiah Star Farmer.

If only our farmers are to learn what this farmer of a remote village in a district of karnataka has achieved the state should go all out and make him a Minister of Agriculture and not just put a turban on his head and tell to light a lamp to inaugurate the function of the state Dasara at Mysore.

Malur Puttaiah has worked 40 years.He has grown Mango trees that fetch him Rs.25 to Rs30 Lacs yearly after adopting multi-cropping pattern.He has a farm on 40 acres which is almost a Mini Agriculture University as he has planted mango,teak,jackfruit and spared 6 acres for crops.

He has adopted the sprinkler and drip irrigation methods to grow cash and non cash crops like sugar cane,cotton, rice,paddy and maize.He has purchased land, drilled eight bore wells adopted modern water management system and has utilized 100% of his land.There are 40 members in his big family which includes 21 graduates,including a law graduate.

Why not show this farmer's land to the state farmers and allow every farmer to visit his farm at state managed tours so that some motivation is found in few of the farmers in every tour that they conduct.

The Chief Minister listening of many states are big politicians and come from rural background but forget the farmers or farming once they are in power.It's not only the Chief Minister but also every minister who becomes a minister even with farming background.


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