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Life’s A Journey But Do You Know You Hold The Map?

Updated on June 28, 2016

Life's a Journey


Life's a journey and I believe we have heard such phrase many a time. But going by that, we could say that every journey is mappable, which means the compass is right in our hands.

Well, mappable in the sense that we leave a trail behind on everything we do. This trail starts to manifest when we begin to occupy the driver’s seat in our lives' trip…let say at that point when we are old enough to make decisions. The kind no one can make for us, but by us and us alone. Inversely, executing the map which no one but us only have access to.


Map on the palm
Map on the palm

At this stage parents and guidance influence start to diminish and the mantle of decision making is fully in our possession. The only thing we are entitled to will come in the manner of advice. From those who happened to be in our circle, or those persons we wish to notify, per what is about to take place in our lives.

Apparently, such advice comes in many forms. Depending on whom is from, when and how. At a certain stage friends influence could be tantamount to that of the family. One may wonder why so? This is due to the facts that these are the very type of beings we are compatible with in many aspect, so also, we are at liberty with when we are in their midst.

Being compatible on the ground that, as age mates we happen to meet up or hang out mostly in the same environment often times, enjoy the same kind of jokes, involve in the same sports, come from similar background, even as family friends, and many more.


This new found group brings a new kind of freedom which takes us away from the family watchful eyes. It’s like a new found world where we tend to exploit and experiment all kind of stuffs and we may or may never be judged for it.

One of the most outstanding elements of life journey is that outside the biological family we are born or adopted into, we all have that basic instinct of selecting our second family called friends.

This group is so powerful that they can make or break us. Their influence stinks both on a positive and negative note. Perhaps as life progresses we begin to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This is more of a selective process, the stage where you categorize your friends depending on where they fit in your life. Some as best friends, some less of best friends, some for conventional purpose depending on the occasion, others we may never see again due to distance or otherwise.

Well, due to the fact that life is a working progress, in its journey, there are two main aspect.

Happy Friends

  • Joy Aspect: The state of being happy with life, probably comfortable with the way things are going for you. It’s also has to do more with the state of the mind. This chapter of the journey varies from one person to another because what someone finds satisfactory and joyful might not be someone else's cup of tea. All in all being happy is part of the package such as passing an exam, getting your dream job, moving into your home, doing what your mates you once envied are doing. Maybe buying a car, going on holiday to see those places you have wished to see, etc.

Unhappy Friends

  • Sad Aspect: Life is not balance when this moment is missing. In a bad situation some people see it as a reflective period. The kind that prompt one to have a rethink and reexamine the situation if it could have been prevented. If yes and what could be done differently next time. Situations such as failure, disappointment and illness. Even natural causes where no one has control over, in the manner of losing a dear one. Maybe natural disaster e.g. earthquakes, landslide, flooding and unavoidable man made causes i.e. war, accident, etc.

Somehow life is meant to be sweet, in the same vein it could turn the opposite. It depends basically on where one stands and the kind of attitude towards the circumstances one is in. Things are easier if we keep reminding ourselves that in life bad and good things are inevitable, that they are bound to happen.

Personally, the key to life is being optimistic in whatever we do, because discouragement, setback, disappointment and most importantly good news are always on the journey’s platform and positive attitude is the antidote we need to keeps us going.


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