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Lifting The Veil on David Seaman

Updated on July 27, 2017
jeranism profile image

Jeran is a truth seeker & YouTube Video Creator. He owns the channel & site jeranism which asks people to abandon beliefs and verify facts.

How dare you do research on David Seaman!

I know. Really, I do. He did great work exposing #pizzagate and many people have done articles discussing the many ups and downs of David Seaman. I read one such article here at hub pages which discusses the articles that David Seaman claims were removed by Huffpost when he was "terminated" by them without notice. However, upon further investigation, you can find out that the articles that were removed were not the content or research of the author David Seaman. It should also be added that David Seaman was not a paid writer for Huffpost, but was in fact a contributor to Huffpost who simply submits articles in exchange for exposure. You can still find his author bio for Huffpost here.

So, here is the story regarding David Seaman. As a content creator myself, I realize that I could use multiple real life situations to boost my presence and following on YouTube. Granted, some of those techniques might be considered dishonest. As such, I don't operate like that and would hope that the majority of content creators also choose to operate in this same moral, way. If however, one finds that some creators do not have such a moral code, but they still make good videos... should this be pointed out? I say, yes.

So, even though David has done a great job exposing #pizzagate, John Podesta and James Alfantis... this does not excuse him from being researched as all those who are asking for money should be. David has had a less that perfect track record with donations as you can see in the video below. He had a bad situation when he collected money for his bid for Congress only to back out 4 months later. That story can be found here. That was only four months after David claimed to be doing quite well after helping over 2.3 million customers with the business he started called "Credit Outlaw." David said,

"A reader suggested I do an article on how, exactly, I created a successful Internet business from scratch. (Since its inception in 2009, Credit Card Outlaw — which I founded — has helped more than 2.3 million consumers... and here you thought I was just some shrill political commentator!)"

Well, a quick search will show you that it is hard to find any such company ever started, let alone a company responsible for helping 2.3 million customers. So, it certainly appeared to me that David Seaman is less than honest. That story can be found here. So, when I heard that David went out of his way to get the channel of another creator removed: a channel of someone who pointed out some of these interesting events in David's past. I felt a video needed to be made. It does not appear to me that honesty is important to David but you are free to make your own opinion once you have reviewed the facts.

A hubpages article discusses David's Huffpost articles disappearing
A hubpages article discusses David's Huffpost articles disappearing | Source

All About That Bank

Is David only concerned with money? Well, a July post by David on his Patreon account, where he makes $3000+ monthly from viewer donations stated,

"Thank you friend for your continued support. It means a lot to me and the FULCRUM team. Patreon funds are going specifically to travel costs for the team, production costs, and paid researchers' activities. While it is true that I am now doing very well financially and do not need anything from anyone in this dimension, I did not and do not want FULCRUM News to be a vanity project - if it's only self funded, that's not for and by the public, is it? You all are the most important ingredient of FULCRUM, and we should lift it up together, if we share the same ethos: an ad-free, fact-based news platform that doesn't cater to hysteria or establishment noise. Several of you have asked for a BTC tips address so you can send FULCRUM a large donation without PayPal or Patreon taking their sizable cut. We've created an address for you: 1B4YP5Z6n8WykAGsFSDAHenz2qEsizdfbt "

It seems interesting indeed and when you watch the video below, perhaps you may see the same thing I did. If not, please comment on why you think David is in fact operating on the up and up.

Lifting the Veil on David Seaman YouTube Video

© 2017 Jeran Campanella

Comments? All opinions are welcome but personal attacks are not allowed. Argue the content please.

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