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Weathering the Winter

Updated on September 3, 2012

Working While We're Able

Like the seasons we are subject to,

however strong our will,

who knows how many times

we went from billions to nearly nill?

Some will claim the scriptures say

all facts there are to know,

but that’s like saying a single hand

could catch the winds that blow.

The infinity of Creation,

beyond our mortal minds,

extends beyond the limits

of what any roadmap finds.

Yet here we are, blessed, indeed,

with all the tools we need,

to reach out to the heavens,

if Love and Faith will lead.

We are organized with technology,

and hands to meet demands,

if only we would recognize

one core supports all lands.

All our silly bickering

of who is Life’s best friend,

and who belongs to what Club

where acceptance will not end…

It is time to grow up from our past

where hate was bred with strength.

It is time to test our faith

to give our future length.

Please, oh Leaders of the World,

where all of us exist,

utilize our resource

so our potential is not missed.

Let the lazy and the selfish

understand what lies ahead.

Let's work hard, together,

to avoid a fate we dread.

Bradley Coldbrook


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