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Lily : A girl of the streets Part (1)

Updated on October 6, 2014

Should Prostitution be legalized in India ?

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Red mini-skirt, Heavy makeup, Dark red lipstick, open hair, black bra and no panties. This was my dress code on Thursdays. I was getting ready to get my customer. Our business is straight and has pure profits. No initial investment and from day 1 you’ll start to earn cash. People often said it was the oldest business, as old as humanity. But was there any humanity in it? I often asked myself but never got any answers.

There was nothing unusual about that day; it started off just like another normal day. I checked myself for the last time in the mirror before leaving. Then I turned and looked at her. I smiled and she returned back pretty sweetly and gave a thumbs-up in the gesture that I was looking perfect. I kissed her ,came out of the room and then locked it to rush to the place where I carried the business as usual. She was my 8 year old daughter, Rimjhim. For a child of her age she should be playing with friends and enjoying but She always stayed at home. How I wished she would go to a school, that she would get out of this filth. I wanted her to become a doctor when she grew up and live a settled life. But no girl from Kamatipura ever went to a school and how could she be an exception. Why? Why because, No student would sit beside her, no teacher would let her enter the class. They would call her names.

I heard the government had removed untouchability long back, but the likes of us are still untouchables in the society. Or did we even exist in the society? Many a times I thought we were just invisible, the govt. didn't recognize our profession, we didn’t have any identity card or ration card or voter Id. Even doctors out rightly refused to treat us.

It was well past the midnight and I was standing near the G.B. road. I already knew who came on Mondays and Thursdays. I just had to stand for them near the crossings and wait for their cars to arrive.

Thursdays, would be booked for my richest client. A 30 year old guy who was always drunk. He had told me earlier to wear red, so I was ready with my attire and was waiting for him but as always he was late. We were not their girlfriends, so had no right to scold them for being late or anything for that matter. We were just toys or sex toys to be more precise. They play with us, ejaculate their frustration in us and then throw us back on the streets.

It is not that I am complaining ;It's only because of the rich and the spoilt that I get money which keeps me and my daughter alive. How can I abuse that , which keeps me alive. I have saved a few thousand rupees for Rimjhim so that atleast she could be out of the stink. A couple of years more and she too would be pushed into this blackhole forever if she didn't move out now. A couple of years more and her virginity would be auctioned to the highest bidder. It's the 10 year olds who earn the highest for their first night.

Clock was indicating that I would have to go back without earning anything on that day as it was already past 1 am and he was nowhere in the sight. They never cared to inform. And we could never dare to ask for their contact numbers to know in advance. Such incidents were common, as I said earlier we were not their girlfriends, they were not bound to come to us. I could have earned more had I gone for the daily customers.Which meant several 30-minute-stints in a night and a few thousand bucks in hand at the end of it. But I chose to go for the rich ones, even though they didn’t come regularly, but whenever they did, they paid well.

Age is the worst dis-abilty in this business, and I couldn't afford to wear down and get old in the rush to earn quick money. Once you cross 40 you are as useless as a cow who has stopped giving milk. Atleast the cows fetch some money when slaughtered. With us even that was not the case. But not many of us crossed 40, thanks to the Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Now my eyes were shifting the gaze over three things simultaneously. First the watch on my hand, second the moving cars on the road and third was the fading shine of my lipstick and the withering smell of the perfume . Just when I was planning to go back, I saw a car, which certainly wasn't that of my regular client , but was of someone rich enough to afford the likes of us. It stopped right in front of me.

I adjusted my breasts and leaned over the front window of the car. In the first go, He didn't look like a customer as I could sense some uneasiness in his eyes. I could see that he was not used to this but as I was desperate for the customer, so I tried hard and didn’t back off. He tried to balk and resist himself but then he started gazing into me. I angled further and bent a bit more to give him the perfect peek into my curves. That had always worked in the past to lure men. But within moments, he turned his face away. Every man has a weakness which lies in his eyes, but this guy seemed very different.

He didn't say anything . And I felt the urge to initiate myself, as he seemed very much like a loser to me.

"I'd love a ride, you have a nice car " . I said. but he was silent yet again. I understood it was worthless talking to him in code words. So I made my final desperate attempt. “Full night, 3000, chalta kya?” I said in my bewitching voice. To this too he said nothing .

Now I could see the redness in his eyes,May be he was drunk.

I repeated. "Should we go somewhere? I will be yours for the full night and do whatever you want.” I tried to take him to that level of seduction that he could not say 'no' to my offer.

“Would you be with me for the whole night?” He said, at last looking into my face for the first time. Thank God he finally spoke . His eyes were red but now I could see that he was certainly not drunk . Was he crying, I thought to myself.

“Yes. Yes I would” I said and read out the price again but he didn’t seem to listen and opened the front door of the car for me. I thanked God that I was not going back home without earning.

“So where should we go, some hotel, or your place?” I asked him in a professional accent. He looked somewhat aged . Must have been around 50. I was happy that he would not ask for advanced versions of sex. My usual client for that day always asked for new adventures but my past experience said that above 50 were decent ones who just did the usual stuff.

“Haan?” He said. There was something unusual about him. He didn't show any eagerness and I was afraid that he would change his mind.“Hotel or your place?” I repeated myself while rubbing my palm on his thighs to assure that he got into mood.

Your place.” He said. I was utterly confused.

“You mean to say your place, right?” I tried to confirm.

“No, I mean your place ” Was he insane or what? I thought he was Lolling. It was already getting late , my regular customer had ditched me, and now I had to listen to this non-sense. My tempers went high, I got furious and took out the combat knife which was hidden in my purse. Well my job demanded that I kept a pepper spray and a knife with me always. I knew exactly how to handle such maniacs , I had handled a plenty of them.

“Now enough, okay, take out my money and go to hell" I said while pointing the knife towards him. “I will give you 6000 but please don’t go. I need you.” He was about to cry. I didn’t know what was wrong with him but his eyes indicatde that something was bothering him.

“Ok, ok, don’t you cry.” Saying that , I put the knife back in my purse . “Listen, I can not take you to my place but we can surely go to some hotel. I know plenty of them, and you will get them for cheap”

“No please no hotel.” He said in a firm and deep baritone. He looked frightened at the moment.

“Ok no hotel….. no hotel . But you calm down first. I said in an assuring way"

Finally we decided to spend the rest of the night in a park. I knew plenty of such corners and secluded places in the city. I knew my business well.

I found a dark corner in the central park where I had already visited a couple of times earlier. The night was cold ,misty and pitch dark, perfect to finish up the thing with him and earn enough for the night. I didn’t want to be late. The longer you spend the time, the more risk you have of some cops coming to the spot and you have to grease their palms too then. This was over and above the regular 'hafta' they extorted.

We sat on the ground and I started to unbutton his shirt. But he made me stop that.

To read the next part , go to the link given below:


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    • profile image

      Amit gupta 

      4 years ago

      Awesome writing. I am your fan from now on

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just love the opening statement


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