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The Top 10 Hilarious Crimes Criminals Have Committed

Updated on August 9, 2015

There are a lot of inept criminals out there. In 2014 there were many news stories about hilarious crimes people committed all over the world. This list is of the top 10 strange but hilarious crimes committed in June 2014. If you enjoy this list then check out last months hilarious crimes

Gumball Machine
Gumball Machine | Source

10. Man Destroys Police Station Gumball Machine To Get Arrested

June 27, 2014: Not many people intentionally try to get arrested but that isn’t the case for one man. In Burlington, Iowa a man ventured to a gas station and began behaving erratically. The cops were called and the man begged for them to arrest him. Officers could tell something was wrong with the man because he expressed paranoia that someone was coming after him. They couldn’t arrest him though because no crime had been committed. The man then proceeded to try to commit a crime. He tried to attack their police car. He wasn’t arrested though but officers took him to the station. There he grabbed a gumball machine and smashed it. This got him his wish and he was arrested.

Read the News Report Here

Kite Flying
Kite Flying

9. Man Arrested For Flying Kite Naked

June 20, 2014: Some people love flying kites. There is at least one man who loves flying kites naked. In Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio police were called by groundskeepers at a local fairground. They had seen a man walking around one of their fields naked and at some point was flying a kite. When police located the man he had put clothes on but admitted to being naked while he tried to find a good place to fly kites. He received a ban from entering the fairgrounds again but he promised he would be flying his kite elsewhere. Let's just hope he keeps his shorts on next time!

Read the News Report Here

Chicken Suit
Chicken Suit | Source

8. Man In Chicken Costume Arrested For Breaking and Entering

June 27, 2014: A man in Kansas City had some strange clothing choices when he was arrested at a local bar after breaking into another local business. The man broke into a local store by breaking a window. He stole a giant chicken costume and then proceeded to a nearby bar. People were out on the streets and saw the man break into the store and alerted police. The man sat at the bar and appeared disoriented. Patrons to the bar took pictures with him until police arrived.

Read the News Report Here

Wendy's Logo
Wendy's Logo | Source

7. Police Arrest Man For Sleeping At Wendys

June 17, 2014: If you are going to get drunk and fall asleep somewhere, the last place you should do it is in your car in the line for a fast food restaurant. That unfortunately is what happened to this poor man. The man, Jeremy Barney, had a bit too much to drink the night before and decided to take a little drive to Wendy's. Wendy's was closed so the man parked his car at the drive through window and decided to take a nap. He was found the next morning by employees. Police arrived and put the man through sobriety tests which he failed.

Read the News Report Here

Lottery Ticket
Lottery Ticket | Source

6. Man Forges Lottery Ticket, Expects To Get 20 Thousand Dollars

June 24, 2014: Many people want to win the lottery but one man wanted it a little too much. An Oklahoma man thought he could fool professionals by forging a fake, winning lottery ticket. The forged ticket said he won $20,000. He took a $3 winning ticket and cut and glued together it and a few other tickets to create a $20,000 winning ticket. He tried getting it redeemed at two stores but was turned down. He then took it to the office for the lottery commission and they called the police. You'd think after being turned down twice he wouldn't take it to the main office for the lottery.

Read the News Report Here

Lobster | Source

5. Woman Stuffs Lobster In Pants, Tries to Leave Market Without Paying

June 13, 2014: If you are going to try to steal lobsters it is probably a bad idea to stuff them down your pants. This is what one woman did but thankfully they were only the tails of a lobster. A woman in Florida visited a Publix grocery store and stuffed 7 lobster tails worth $85 into her pants. She was caught on security cameras and police were called. Her excuse for stealing them is that she was going to trade them for some Chinese food and painkillers. That's a heck of a reason to stuff seafood down your pants!

Read the News Report Here

News Report: Woman Steals Lobster Tails

Burger King Logo
Burger King Logo | Source

4. Man Calls In Bomb Hoax To Get Brother Off Work Early

June 7, 2014: If you want a day off work I highly recommend that you avoid calling in a bomb threat. It can never end well. Unfortunately one man suffered the consequences of doing this after trying to help his brother. In the UK a man called in a bomb hoax to a Burger King located inside of a mall where his brother worked. He wanted to get his brother out of work early and this was the only thing he could think of to help him. I think if you love a sibling you should avoid committing a crime to help them play hooky from their jobs for a day.

Read the News Report Here

Ice Cream With Sprinkles
Ice Cream With Sprinkles | Source

3. Woman Calls Police On Ice Cream Man For Not Giving Enough Sprinkles

June 3, 2014: Have you ever gotten ice cream but felt you didn't get enough sprinkles? Well one woman did and she took drastic measures to get her just desserts. Police were called by a woman who had been arguing with a local ice cream truck server about her dessert toppings. The server had put sprinkles only on one side of her ice cream and the woman was very upset. After arguing with the server the woman called police because the server wouldn't issue her a refund. Police were not happy with the woman and did not consider her problem a police issue. She did get in trouble for misusing emergency telephone lines with such an unimportant call.

Read the News Report Here

Fake Cop
Fake Cop | Source

2. Fake Cop Tries to Pull Over Real Cop

June 5, 2014: If you're going to pretend to be a cop it is probably a good idea to avoid as many real cops as possible. One man wasn't smart enough to do this though and tried to pull over a real cop with his fake police car. In Florida a man decided to drive his car which looked like a police car around. He attached police lights to the top and wanted to prank people by making it look like they were getting pulled over by a real cop. Unfortunately the man pulled up behind a real cop and flashed his fake sirens. When he realized what he had done he sped off but the real cop pulled him over and arrested him.

Read the News Report Here

A Cold Beer
A Cold Beer | Source

1. Man Gets Robbed While Robbing A Pub

June 26, 2014: A man committing a crime was hit with some karma pretty quickly in this story. A burglar, David Greaves, decided to break into a local pub in the middle of the night to steal some high priced items. He stole TVs, money, and other items. He got greedy though and decided he hadn’t stolen enough and went back for more. He took his stolen stash and hid it in a car park then ventured back into the pub. While he was stealing more stuff two men found his hidden stash and proceeded to steal it. Greaves returned to his hiding place and security cameras caught him in a state of confusion, looking for his items. Greaves was arrested so after, along with the two men who stole Greaves stolen items.

Read the News Report Here

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    • littlecat2013 profile image

      littlecat2013 3 years ago

      Those are some really great stories. Thanks for taking the time to share them. The first one about the neighbor is hilarious. In researching funny crimes it was amazing how many people were actually robbed by their neighbors. Another funny one that fits with your two picture examples were some guys who robbed a surveillance video camera store. They were caught on tons of cameras robbing the place so it wasn't hard to catch them. lol

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      I LOVE stories about stupid criminals! Here's one that happened in the late 1980s; in East Palo Alto CA, a man came home to find his house had been burglarized. He went to his neighbor's house, banged on the door, and demanded his stuff back! LOL

      In 2004 in Maryland, there was a case where a man went to a passport place to pick up his pictures. After paying for them, he robbed the place, and took off with the money and the passport pictures - leaving the negatives behind! They used them for the Wanted posters.

      Here's yet another one, though I can't remember when it happened: a man robbed a convenience store. Seeing a bottle of liquor near the register, he demanded the clerk put it in his bag along with the money. The clerk refused, saying he had to show his ID first. The robber showed his ID! The cops arrested him at his home 2 hours later.