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The Top 10 Funniest and Strangest Crimes

Updated on January 17, 2015

Criminals aren't always the smartest creatures and this means there are a lot of crimes that people can laugh about. This list will detail the funniest crimes of May 2014. If you enjoy this article you can see more hilarious crimes by checking out The Top 10 Hilarious Crimes Criminals Have Committed.

Store Mannequins
Store Mannequins | Source

10. Man Addicted To Stealing Mannequins

May 31, 2014: A man in Detroit has a strange addiction and was arrested for it. Ronald Dotson is a man who loves mannequins. You know, those plastic people used to model clothes in stores? He loves them so much that over a period of 39 years he has repeatedly tried to steal them from department stores. In May of 2014 he was arrested for trying to take one wearing a maid uniform. Police realized how long his problem has lasted and ordered him to have a psychiatric evaluation.

Read the News Report Here

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras | Source

9. Don’t Try To Rob A Surveillance Camera Store

May 30, 2014: Two men chose the wrong place to rob…a store that specializes in selling surveillance equipment. The men broke into the store and began robbing it but failed to realize all of the recording equipment and signs on walls saying they were being recorded. Seventeen cameras, all over the store recorded the theft. Those two definitely weren’t the brightest.

Read the News Report Here

A Toilet
A Toilet | Source

8. Men Arrested For Serial Toilet Thefts

May 29, 2014: A father and his son had a strange activity they did for bonding…stealing toilet parts from restaurants. In Birmingham, AL police arrested the two men after they ripped toilet parts from a bathroom inside of a Waffle House. They were also accused of robbing toilet parts form other local restaurants throughout the city. The parts were worth money at scrapyards so they used the parts for some extra cash. If you need extra cash I don’t think stealing people’s toilets is going to get you rich or “flush” in the end.

Read the News Report Here

Violins | Source

7. Naked Man Arrested For Violin Playing

May 24, 2014: Another man takes off his clothes in this crime. In Portland, Oregon a man was arrested for being naked in public. His activity while being naked in public is what is strange. He was enjoying a nice session of playing his violin in front of the local courthouse. Police told the man to put clothes on but he refused and was arrested. What is it with men taking their clothes off in public?

Read the News Report Here

Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread | Source

6. Man Steals Bread Truck, Delivers Bread in Underwear

May 21, 2014: Here is another strange case of theft. A man in New York decided to take a joyride in someone else’s truck. A man stole a bread delivery truck full of bakery items ready to be delivered. The man, who was only in his underwear, decided to use the truck for what it was intended and started delivering bread to the locations they were supposed to be delivered. He made all of the scheduled deliveries for the day and was only caught when he was pulled over by police for tailgating another car. I guess this thief either loves helping or loves bread a bit too much?

Read the News Report Here

A tortise
A tortise | Source

5. Suitcase Holding 90 Exotic Animals

May 20, 2014: I don’t understand why so many people think they can smuggle animals onto airplanes but it happens very often. One man at the Frankfurt Airport decided he could get away with stuffing 90 animals into a suitcase to Barcelona. He was caught by airport officials who found lizards, vipers, tortoises, and an iguana all in one suitcase. The man was arrested and the animals taken care of and sent to safety.

Read the News Report Here

Chicken and Duck Eggs
Chicken and Duck Eggs | Source

4. Man Robs Neighbor Of Eggs

May 16, 2014: If you are hungry and want some breakfast but don’t have eggs, it probably is a bad idea to break into someone’s house to borrow some. A many in Pennsylvania made this bad decision though. Christopher King was arrested inside of his neighbor’s house after neighbors reported seeing him climb through a window. He told police he was hungry and wanted to borrow some eggs. Nothing in the house was stolen but cabinets and drawers all over the house had been opened. He was arrested for burglary and never got his eggs.

Read the News Report Here

Alligator | Source

3. Alligator Stops Thief

May 16, 2014: In Florida you have to watch out for those local alligators. One particular gator caused a lot of trouble for a car thief. A local man who had a habit of stealing cars was finally caught after being caught in the act. He stole a car and police pursued him in a high-speed car chase. Unfortunately for the car thief he didn’t see an alligator crossing the road and he hit it causing him to crash. This allowed police to catch the man. No reports say if the alligator survived but he should be thanked for stopping a dangerous driver.

Read the News Report Here

Subway logo
Subway logo | Source

2. Woman Calls 911 For Subway Order Being Wrong

May 12, 2014: If you are going to call the police you should make sure you actually have a crime to report. One woman made this mistake though and called police to report that her Subway flatbread pizza had been made incorrectly. The woman asked for a refund and after being refused she called police to try to get them to help her. What she got was arrested herself.

Read the News Report Here

A Pitchfork
A Pitchfork | Source

1. Man Uses Pitchfork to Rob Waffle House

May 5, 2014: People use all sorts of creative tools when the commit robberies. A man in Georgia got a little too creative in choosing a weapon and decided to use a pitchfork. The man “herded” all the people inside of a Waffle House into a back room using his pitchfork to make them behave. He then stole the entire register (because he couldn’t open it) and left with the register under one arm and the pitchfork under the other.

Read the News Report Here

Man Smashes Police Departments Gumball Machine
Man Smashes Police Departments Gumball Machine | Source

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Thanks for enjoying these funny news reports!

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