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List of Government of India Websites

Updated on October 16, 2011

In the United States you can get all the information that you may ever want on the government online.A fact that I have always held in a bit of awe as its not quite what one is used to in my country, India.

This kind of transparency, where all the information is available on the click of a mouse, is not quite there in India. Yet as each department goes online in India, now you can get a whole lot of information on these Government of India websites.

Here is a list of GOI websites that I managed to trace. And believe me I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much information is now available online to us Indians.

Ministry of Home Affairs

As per the website - " The MHA comprises of the Department of Border Management , Department of Internal Security, Department of States, Department of Official Languages, Department of Home, and Department of Jammu & Kashmir Affairs."

Ministry of External Affairs

This deals with all matters pertaining to foreign relations. The Indian Foreign Service is an integral part. If you wish to shoot any documentaries in the country this is the department you need to get in touch with.

You can get information about your Passport Here. This sub portal of the external affairs ministry allows you to check the status of your passport application online. You can download all the forms online as well.

Income Tax Department of India

Here is another site that you may find useful, specially since now it is possible to fill in your income tax online. I particularly liked the Tax Calculator application on the right hand side column which allows you to calculate the tax you need to pay. The site of the directorate of income tax is also quite helpful.

Ministry of Finance

Some what related to the previous website, here you can see all the latest budget plans and government expense. Its departments include the Department of Economic Affairs, Department of Expenditure, Department of Revenue, Department of Financial Services and the Department of Disinvestment.

Right to Information Portal

This is a website that has been in the news ever since it was established. The sheer concept of being able to gain access to any government file by the common man has fired the imagination of many. As per the website - "Right to Information Act 2005 mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information. It is an initiative taken by Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions to provide a RTI Portal Gateway to the citizens for quick search of information on the details of first Appellate Authorities,PIOs etc. amongst others, besides access to RTI related information / disclosures published on the web by various Public Authorities under the government of India as well as the State Governments."

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

This includes the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Ayush, Department of AIDS Control. You can get a view of all the medical and public health programs being run by the government of India here.

Ministry of Environment and Forests

For the more environmentally concerned this is the website to hit to give complaints about all the environment damaging activities that you may want to report. As per the website the "broad objectives of the Ministry are the Conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife, Prevention and control of pollution, Afforestation and regeneration of degraded areas, Protection of the environment and Ensuring the welfare of animals "

Government of India Home Portal

This is the central GOI home website. Here you can get all the information you need about various issues that you need to contact the government of India about. There are separate sections for citizens, overseas, know India, various sectors, and on how to start a business. All very useful information.


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      My pleasure Kaltar.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      Thank you. I hope it helps. I know a lot of people will want to check out the income tax site and the passport site.

    • profile image

      Abhijit Bangal 6 years ago from India

      That is indeed precious information for all the Indians, I believe. I think, I will bookmark this hub. Nicely written and gives basic info.