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Updated on January 2, 2012

Why yes, we do have space for one more child in Uncle Ahmadinejad's Day Care!!!

What, no hug for your Uncle?!?

Yes.. that kid.,. right there.. arrest him.. the charge?.. three counts of failing to hug a madman

He wouldn't even give you a hug??

Ah, come here you...don't worry about that kid!

Those two guys are a couple of wierdos....

From Qaddafi to Ahmadinejad to Chávez to Lil Kim... here are 4 wacky world leaders...

Number on one my list is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's current President (that is until the clerical elite throw him under the bus and blame him for the lethargic state of Iran's economy)

This holocaust denier’s turn ons include the search for nuclear weapons and suppressing human rights.

His election victory in 2009 was denounced as a fraud by many inside and outside Iran. Iranian protested in response, but their "Green Revolution" was crushed by Ahmadinejad and his supports, and dozens were killed

Always good for a quote, while visiting Columbia University and replying to a question about homosexuals, Ahmadinejad said that in his country "we don’t have homosexuals." That's a good thing, because the penalty for homosexuality in Iran is death.

On the flip side, in 2010 he urged Iranians to marry and reproduce earlier in life, believing that boys should marry at age 20 and girls at “about 16 and 17”

Hugo Chávez, elected President of Venezuela in1998, has a mouth as big as his nation’s oil reserves.

After spending two years in jail following his unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected government, Chavez founded a political party, and was elected president of Venezuela in 1998.

Since being elected, Chavez has becoming increasingly dictatorial, and pushed forward constitutional changes which increased his powers and extended his term in office.

Despite nationalizing many industries (after having condemned business leaders for living in "luxury chalets where they perform orgies, drinking whiskey"), widespread poverty still persists in Venezuela.

Chavez makes this list less for his increasingly undemocratic rule, and more for his insatiable desire to hear his own voice. Specializing in anti-American rhetoric, he not only claimed that George Bush a ‘devil’, but declared his belief that the US possessed a weapon which was responsible for the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

So obnoxious is Chavez, that at a meeting of various heads of state, the king of Spain reportedly told him to 'shut up'.

Still.... why doesn't anyone want to hug me?? I not loveable?... am I not pretty enough???

Hugs? Ha!! Me and the boys are going to get some action tonight, baby!!

Are you trying to tell me you ALL have boyfriends!??!!?

That's better... much, much better

What can you say about wacky Libyan dictator Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi that a human rights court won’t one day prove to be true?

Gaddafi has been in charge in Libya ever since leading a coup in 1969. Libya’s self-proclaimed "Brother Leader" was heavily engaged in terrorism until Ronald Regan ordered US forces to bomb the “mad dog of the Middle East”1986. The collapse of the Soviet Union, and the fall of his friends inside the Kremlin, made him think twice about funding attacks against the West.

Gaddafi once claimed that a foreign military was responsible for H1N1, and has blamed Israel for the assassination of John Kennedy.. When one of his sons was arrested and charged with battery is Switzerland, he urged that that country’s territory be divided among France, Italy and Germany.

When the Arab Spring revolts spread into Libya, Gaddafi started the Libyan civil war, began shelling cities indiscriminately, and was behind the murder and imprisonment of innocent civilians

As a former Sudanese President declared, Gaddafi “has a split personality—both parts evil”

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Gaddafi is currently dead)

Well, I guess it beats going home alone again ...

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il inherited his job (and his fashion sense) from his tyrannical daddy Kim Il Sung. It seems that running North Korea into the ground is a favorite family past time. Succession plans for his son to take over the family business are already in place.

Despite his nation's impoverishment, Kim Jong Ii maintains one of the largest standing armies in the world.. This despite the fact that In the 1990s a series of floods and a drought, combined with virtually non-existent foreign trade, led to a great famine that killed an estimated 2 million North Koreans.

This 5 foot 2 inches (slightly higher in the elevator shoes he wears) dictator has created a cult of personality around him that Stalin would envy. He has succeeded in blocking out the outside world from his country, while he eagerly pours money into his pursuit of nuclear weaponry..

In his spare time, Kim likes to indulge... he has a taste for sipping on fine French wines while watching his collection of 20000+ videos and DVDs. He is such a move fan, in fact, that he ordered the kidnapping of a South Korean film director and his wife so that they could build North Korea's movie industry..

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kim Jong Il is currently in a prolonged meeting with Gaddafi)

Gaddafi.. Dead Man Talking...


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