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Little Known Facts About Hillary Clinton

Updated on July 28, 2016

Despite all of the accolades and praise given at the Democratic Convention for Hillary Clinton (I mean, what would you expect) once the dust settles there is the reality of why she remains untrustworthy to over 60% of Americans. You know, with some people, even if you do not know them, you get a sense about them and their values. Not saying Trump is any better, he has the same unpopularity as Clinton does which causes a problems for voters left undecided. Would I trust Clinton more than Trump or vice versa? No. It’s choosing the worse of two evils. But, here we are.

The Obama’s and Clinton’s all said glowing, heartwarming things that beam about Hillary, it was like she was a Goddess. She did no wrong. There is no choice but her. However, despite all the wonderful facts about her from her husband, Bill, Barack, and her VP, some little known ugly facts remain like bad luggage or debris from life’s bad choices. Of course, few like to mention the bad decisions or events in their lives some 35 years ago, and Trump surely is no saint, either, but it can reveal patterns or other traits.

The following are those little known and wish-you-would-forget them facts:

1. After Hillary got her law degree, she defended the radical Black Panthers who had killed police officers. They were found guilty. But, she appealed the conviction and got them off.

2. After Yale, she moved to San Francisco to work at a law firm known to be affiliated with the Communist Party. She was considered to be Marxist in her belief then and worked with a known communist, Sal Lewinsky.

3. Later, she worked for the Watergate committee to impeach President Nixon and was fired for secretly stealing documents without authority. The documents were those important to Nixon’s defense. She was caught (this is kind of like the email server scandal).

4. Hillary’s attempt to pass the Washington D.C. Bar exam met with failure, she then chose to be with Bill Clinton in Arkansas, which allowed her to pass the much easier Bar exam there.

5. Hillary’s defense of rapist who had ravaged a 14. Year-old girl put her in a bad spot. She knew he was guilty, yet her defense got him off by saying the girl wanted to have sex with much older men. Then, in 1980, while being interviewed on TV, publically said she knew she had saved a guilty man while laughing about it!

6. While working as an attorney in Arkansas, she billed for phony legal work for Jim Macdugel. He was prohibited from buying real estate as CEO of Madison Bank. Hillary found a way around it by using a straw man to buy the property, which was later put in his name. The Grand Jury investigated her for this practice but all of the billing records either were destroyed or were kept in the White House and off limits.

7. The reason why Hillary has few memories of Chelsea growing up is that, the daughter was largely raised by full time nannies when Bill was governor and president.

8. As a senator of NY, she sponsored eight bills, of which, seven were for symbolic things of little real importance.

9. Hillary fought hard against Iranian sanctions despite overwhelming support for them.

10. As far as the Children’s Health Care bill that she claims is her legacy, the fact is, her bill in 1994 was rejected because of the secrecy about it. Few knew what the bill said. In 1996, Bob Dole, a Republican, sponsored a similar bill that was passed in 1997. Hillary had nothing to do with that version that passed and insured children have health care. Bill Clinton fully supported Dole’s initiative.

Of the above, one can see patterns of leftist socialism, misleading the public now, poor decisions and bad ethics. The Benghazi incident and email scandal all reflect some of her traits that are simply who she is: deceptive, secretive.

This election cycle is really picking the best of the worse. Trump is no angel, for sure. Whoever wins, will simply lead America further into chaos and abyss. America will not be great again, we will barely get by.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      The bottom line is that worse candidate is the worse of two evils? I don't know.

    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Quite a revelation.Wonder how she rose this far?

    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Well written but the question is will the US public be fooled? Looks that Hillary will sail through. What do you think?


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