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Little we know about our legal system.

Updated on January 15, 2014

Very rare that we go to our Local MP for help,

It surprises me how little we know about our legal system. 99% of people would recommend me to know wind no fee Solicitors’ but to understand how the devil collaborates you have to probe into their rule books not that they abide by them but it serves a purpose when it is in their favour, the Limitation of what the Law Society would do for you, which amounts to very little and the Civil Procedure Rules referred to as CPR
Solicitors’; are not like your Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Media, these groups are willing to go on rogue builders and chop each other up into bits.
Solicitors belong to a club called the Law Society, the first rule that a solicitor abides by is to get there mouth stapled together and this is how the infrastructure works. If we can call your plumber a solicitor he can break every rule in the book and get away with it. The Law’s rulebook says you have to pay him and then take him to court and proof that he has broken the CPR rules that is if you have sacked him before you can move on to another solicitor, if your second solicitor decides to break every Rule in the book and you no longer can afford to “dismissed” him, by the way they don’t use those words for Solicitors’ you have to remove him off the record. But if it is an insurance claim the insurance company will pay him whether you agree to it or not. You will soon grow up to realize this two organization are buddies and the same animal just like a chameleon. Loss Assessors after creating too many enemies go on to work for law firms.

I came across this forum a little late in the day but to the interests of others whose solicitors undermine them, this forum discussion would be of use.

help please why do solicitors use the "Official Solicitor" as the litigation friend over family members. Can the family stop this from happening.

(I would ask to see whatever Order has led to the Official Solicitor being put in place. You can apply to overturn such an order by application but you would need your own solicitor to do this, and the court is unlikely to overturn it unless there are very good reasons for doing so.)

The accident at Costco's took place in 2003 and Mary Berry have been left begging to be compensated for the lost of her life the way it used to be with no income or help from anyone the system pretends that she does not exist.
The accident at Costco's took place in 2003 and Mary Berry have been left begging to be compensated for the lost of her life the way it used to be with no income or help from anyone the system pretends that she does not exist.

What the devil earns in a years bonus, my wife Mary has a brain injury and fractured 3 of her vertebrae has not receive her compensation 9 years this April, the mine boggles what the devil thinks of us. 17 Mar. 2012.

The current position on this case; 03 March 2011
I have asked my MP Andy Love for help several months ago he has not even bothered to answer my e-mail I went to his surgery and spoke to his secretary and have returned every fortnight and have been fogged off every time I go with excuses like they have not had any reply yet from Costco's. But this matter should be dealt with accordingly by the human rights act. a company had breach the health and safety regulations and injured a woman fractured three vertebrae causing a mild brain injury and lost her job her husband had to close down his business to take care of her.

The system in return decided that she did not have the mental capacity to decide whether the amount offered was sufficient, did not want any of her family to have a say in the matter, brought a court appointed solicitor to take over the matter and decided to except the offer and demanded that the injured party had to obtain a psychiatrist report in addition, to obtain a penny that was due to her, after they have decided what she deserved. At this stage the case has ended she is now on trial to produce a report on her present mental capacity, because we believe that we the claimant is not on trial and since the case is over and has all the reports from no less than five consultants not including the NHS. Why on earth does our society have to put an injured party true such punishment when they are totally innocent, and the defendant has accepted liability within the first month of the accident? If we cannot get justice from a clear and cut case like this how on earth are we ever going to sue insurance companies corrupted solicitors that require a lot of legal proof.

PS (Update) I would like to add, we have been patiently waiting for our MP to obtain some results from this injustice, it is now Friday, 15 April 2011, and still no reply?

It has been over 8 years since the incident and we are still waiting for our corrupted legal system to release my wives compensation so we can get on with our lives, it's in the hands of our MP for an extremely long while, with no results. They keep on demanding requirements after the case has ended from a victim of negligence by Costco who has a mild brain injury it is like asking a man who has lost his arms for his signature before they pay his compensation, pathetic.

Poohgranma, well what can I say, thank you very much for being so kind and thoughtful, if only the world can react the way you have when you see injustice and refuse to accept this type of mentality from the people that govern our society through the positions they hold. Our world would change tomorrow.

I do not think that people understand how difficult it is to cope with a situation like this, where one-minute your living a normal life that you take for granted and the next your whole world have changed, the wife or husband you have comes home a different person after receiving a mile brain injury. Your focus is on the three fractured vertebrae that she had received from those falling washing machines, at the time of the accident you thought you have lost her, because of the blood pouring out of her mouth, after being thrown 9 to 10 foot away by the speed of those falling machines.

She has to be in a body cast for five months, you have to do everything. Know help from anybody you notice over the period changes, but you dismissed it, you are so please to have her back alive, you approach solicitors to help you manage your situation and fight for compensation.

You do not have the time to go chasing after them to do their job, your solicitor ignores your scenario for a year after the accident and finally invites you to his office to discuss your wives injuries. You say to yourself surely I should get some help in managing our situation. You serve the net to see what happens to people after receiving such injuries, you come across a girl that had been assaulted and she received help in having railing’s fitted around her stairways and Bath. The temperature in 2003 was the hottest we head in the UK on record your wife is stuck in a body cast for five months, you had to close your business down to take care of her. Still no help 18 months have passed you receive an interim payment of £5,000 you approach the Law Society and put your case forward, the Law Society agrees that all civil procedure rules have been broken, and advise you there’s nothing they can do, they have approached your solicitors insurers warning them there is a possibility of the firm being sued for professional negligence and tells you this is the only way forward there is nothing else they can do. You are expected from now on to fine another solicitor to take on your case and at the same time to sue your first solicitor for professional negligence. The solicitor offers you £1000 for the wrong they have done. Do they really expect us to accept it?

We went on to have a total of three solicitors the second solicitor had the case thrown out due to negligence on their behalf we had to approach the Law Society to have the firm engage a barrister to have the case reinstated.

Our third solicitor have brought us to our current position, knowing that we documented all of our correspondent hardly sent us any mail except documents that require signature all demands for money they expected the claimant to pay for her barrister upfront.

They have all been paid except the claimant? And this is how British justice works.

Dear MPs,

You are being emailed because one of your constituents mentioned below has raised problems about the Court of Protection/Office of Public Guardian or Official Solicitor to you but nothing has been done. These problems concern fraud, corruption, abuse and human rights violations.

We are a large group of victims that have encountered these problems and we have decided that we would like 15 MPs to represent 1of their constituents and to have one large group meeting to discuss these problems with John Hemming MP who is investigating these problems within the CoP/OPG and decide how you are going to combat these complaints because we are very unhappy with the abuses we have encountered and continue to encounter because no-one is resolving these issues.

We hope all 16 of you can make a change in legislation and raise these concerns to the Lords.

These are the 15 cases I have selected and 15 MPs we would like to attend the meeting with John Hemming and for you to represent 1 of your own constituents:

1. EGM (Harlow)- under CoP- Robert Halfon MP
2. LG (Bristol)- under OS- Kerry McCarthy MP
3. DD (Walthamstow)- son under OS- Stella Creasy MP
4. DL (Manchester)- under the CoP- Tony Lloyd MP
5. SAM (Brentwood/Clacton)- deceased mother was under the CoP- Eric Pickles MP
6. Natasha (High Wycombe)- mother under CoP, deceased brother also was under CoP- Steve Baker MP
7. GH (Bradford-on-Avon)- deceased mother was under CoP- Duncan Hames MP
8. CB- wife Mary (head injury case) under OS- Andy Love MP
9. NBannister (Lancashire)- mother under the CoP- Mark Menzies MP
10. RD (Chester)- step son under the CoP- Stephen Mosley MP
11. DC (Hereford)- was under the CoP 1984-1992, accounts still not closed or money accounted for-Jesse Norman MP
12. NBarker (Ealing, London)- under the CoP (head injury case)- Angie Bray MP
13. MR (Blackpool/moved to Spain)- mother under CoP- Gordon Marsden MP
14. OCD (Wolverhampton)- brother under the CoP- Paul Uppal MP
15. KA (London)- deceased father was under the CoP, case sensitive due to court proceedings in process- Lynne Featherstone MP

Reserve cases:
1. MS (Surrey)- sister under the CoP
2. LJ- mother under the CoP
3. Mark Neary- son under the CoP several problems
4. Rob- released from CoP
5. Jean (moved to Canada)- deceased aunt was under the CoP
6. Janet Taylor (Hemel Hemstead)- 21 daughter under CoP- Mike Penning MP

Kind regards,

Yvonne Goder
(Families Against Court of Protection Theft)
T: 07943 350154

Dear CoP/OPG/Official Solicitor victims,

I forgot to mention the MPs that fail to act for you, I plan to protest outside their office around June so they have a month to let me know how they plan to deal with your case. This will surely, get them moving!

Subject: Re: Your email to Andy Love MP
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 08:42:26 -0400

Dear Ms Goder

Thank you for your email received today.

I would be grateful, if you could telephone my Office on 020-8803-0574 in order to discuss this matter further.

Kind regards.

Andy Love MP

He asked me to call him. Will do tomorrow! Is there anything you want me to say to him?

Is there any concerns/problems you want me to raise?


Hi Yvonne,

We have given him some of the information about our case but they are sitting on it, it has been months since I first approached his office.

They have a very negative attitude considering that two people nearly lost their lives eight years ago and Mary Berry had not received her compensation. Our solicitors and the court decided to declare that she does not have the mental capacity to decide was the offer enough and put it in the hands of a court-appointed solicitor, and ended the case, with several attempts we have tried to get the money release with no satisfaction, may I add there has been no written statement by the court that they have declared that my wife does not have the mental capacity to decide on the offer.

They have no expert report on Mary Berry does not have the capacity to decide was the offer enough, for the simple reason that case was based that she was fabricating her problem by the defendants experts. Therefore on the basis of the conclusion the offer was based, so in some way they are contradicting the results of the final offer on which it was based they cannot have it both ways. That is why they don’t have a report by experts saying that she does not have the mental capacity, they want her to obtain one now when the case is over, and the court-appointed solicitor had already accepted it.

They have taken away all of her human rights and had ignored her existence. Our MP seem to be doing the same I have told him that we have not been working or receiving any financial help and we may have to put our property up for sale. He don’t seem to see that the breach of human rights has to go through his office first before it can be brought to the European courts.

P.S. When you look at the logic of it, someone injures you and says that you do not have the mental capacity to understand that they have injured you, and take that decision out of your hands, and refuses your family or husband or wife to have any say in the matter and put it in the hands of a third party, that has nothing to do with the person or his or her family, is there any logic in it.

"Court of Protection-Public Guardianship Corruption"

For those of you in the US think you don’t have this problem, you have got it even worse, and they are killing some of your elderly people off to get their money.



" This is what our local paper has to say about the case",

It seems to me they were getting their instructions what to publish from someone in a higher position.

They never published halve of the things we told them, it was a waste of effort.


The support we had, one would wonder were we living in a Third World Country, it is appalling. Their seemed to be more proactive help in the United States.

Brain Injury Support Group


Hi, just like to say that I was there on the day this happened.

Hi, just like to say that I was there on the day this happened. I've been thinking about what happened to this lady for years. I'm really happy she's alive. My family and I have been kept awake at night thinking about happened that day because we never saw any news stories on it. You'd think a washing machine falling on someone would at least make the local news!

SarcasticGenius3 weeks ago

Hi SarcasticGenius, I manage to go to one of our local paper to tell them about the accident a year later, the editor was shocked, he said we never heard a word about it the police or ambulance normally let us know about this type of accident. Well now you may understand how powerful this multi-corporations are, it has been eight years now since the accident and my wife still has not received a penny, we had an interim payment of 5,000 but we had to pay the first solicitor all of that money

and more to enable us to dismiss him. We had three solicitors representing this case and all of them fought on behalf of Costco you would have thought we were the enemy. Beware of accidents in huge companies like this because my wife was denied her rightful treatment for head injury because the consultants at the top had hidden all her documents, so that it would never appear when the case was about. Six years after the accident, The rehabilitation hospital at Edgware Road

wrote to us saying due to your wife’s recent accident we have booked an appointment to see us, the wonderful consultants there told me that there is no records of Mary’s accident, they said we thought she just had an accident this is six years later before they had the decency to try to give her rehabilitation. But by then I do not trust them to leave my wife in their care for six weeks, No way.

  • If you are interested the description above has my hub page link it explains to the current date what is happening, we have MP Andy Love looking into this matter for us but he has taken an extremely long while doing so. (They have even manage to get YouTube to remove some of my videos)

    colinberry1 28 minutes ago.


I feel that I have to publish this link here for my friends to watch it may help you and your family one day to realise that our society cannot be trusted when it comes to making money. Please watch. Cancer Is Serious Business


Poohgranma, probably this may help you understand why huge corporations have so much of power in the UK, when groups in the UK that claims to take action are not quite as determined as they claim to be. Pretty sad. click the link below, my hub seem to pose a threat to these group fearing that they will be closed down.


10:43:08 AM

Date: 09 November 2011

Dear Andy Love MP

I have not heard from you since our last e-mail 7 September 2011 it seems as if that your department has not the ability to obtain answers from the information I have given to you.

All we ask is, what is the requirement needed for Mary Berry to

Obtain money that is due to her, and for her to pay Colin Berry for caring for her because he had to close his business.

Considering that Mary Berry is a victim of negligence, her solicitors have been paid a sum of £400,000 and the injured party Mary Berry has not received her compensation, if your department cannot deal with this matter, please inform me and direct me to the correct department that could bring this matter to an end.

Bearing in mind that Mary Berry or Colin Berry has not received any income since the accident in 2003 and has limited financial resources to obtain private help.

Mary Berry has not received any written information demanding the requirement of the courts, considering that the court has demanded whatever that is needed we do not have that information it may be that we have to approach the police department for advise on the clarity of this matter. We have approached the court clerk for information but they referred us to another department that did not have any information, we approach the court appointed solicitor that was never there, could it be that this money has gone missing and these departments are ducking and diving away from us.

It seemed to me that there have been a breach of human rights, and information that should have been sent to Mary Berry she has not received, information on whatever requirements needed. It also seems that Mary Berry the victim of negligence is on trial to produce something that we do not know the requirements.

Yours sincerely

Colin & Mary Berry.

29th of December 2011

What boils my blood the most is what some people get for getting their phone hacked,

and the value they put on my wife's accident which we have not received or know the amount she was awarded, after waiting since 2003 for her compensation to be released or settle.


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    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 3 years ago from United States

      I know nothing about the laws of England, but there are problems in the .S. also. What a horrid situation you have lived through, and I certainly hope you can get some justice when all is said and done.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 3 years ago from London

      Hi DJ, sorry about not replying, I just did not know what to say, I am just a stubborn individual who does not give in, especially with my wife, you are right it will eventually be the end of me, but I will leave that in God's hands.

      Well it has been a nightmare dealing with my situation as you can imagine, I basically die at the end of the day and wake up after very little sleep saying to myself I just cannot give in.

      Well not only that it is an extremely lonely life, because everyone says that I should not go on trying and leave it there, probably saying to themselves, there's nothing much more to say.

      Please don't get me wrong, I do understand all what is happening, I thought I would probably take the route that the majority of us would have to succumb to, but unfortunately for me going through the process found myself deeply involved with her situation, and realise that it is only me that can change the outcome, institutions do what they have too, to be able to manage the patients, at the costs of the patient, I can understand that, it is a cruel disease destroying everyone in the course who cares.

      If you are still interested, here is some updates to the current situation


    • profile image

      DJ Anderson 3 years ago

      Colin, your last post was two and a half years ago.

      Are there any new developments?


    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Jill if you go to my profile page you will see my Facebook account link, you can communicate with me there.


    • profile image

      Jill NOVICK 6 years ago

      Ive had accident at Cosco too.

      How can I contact you directly.



      3rd Feb 2012

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Mary you certainly know your stuff, well I guess you must have gone through the work’s to gain this understanding and experience. My respect to you I must say, you too must keep up the good work to enlighten those whom are about to learn the worst about our society. How on earth we have allowed this to go on I will never know.

    • Mary Neal profile image

      Mary Neal 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

      Sorry the legal system is unjust in UK as it is in the USA where lawyers are allowed to defraud their own clients on behalf of the government and large corporations. This is true in civil and criminal court proceedings.

      In criminal courtrooms, sometimes the only people who would not benefit financially by sentencing the defendant to prison are the defendant and his family. That happens when the judge, defense attorney, prosecutor, and officials over our justice system are all prison investors. Each defendant is potentially "fresh meat" for the prison market. Young defendants are desired because they have a long shelf life. Their youth and vigor are used as prison laborers to manufacture products or perform services for government or Fortune 500 corporations that seek to avoid union scale wages, minimum wage laws, and worker safety protections, PLUS taxpayers pay up to $50,000 per year for the laborers to be behind bars. Prisons have become America's third-world countries for cheap/free labor.

      Civil courts also betray The People. Plaintiffs lawyers are allowed to make secret deals to defraud their clients when the defendants being sued are government entities or certain large corporations. Traitor plaintiffs lawyers are likely paid by the defendants whatever amount they would have earned in attorneys' fees if their clients' cases had concluded in a successful settlement or judgment. The only plaintiffs firm that I know about doing this is The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. The media and consumer protection agencies help The Cochran Firm fraud continue by ignoring lawsuits and consumer complaints victimized former clients bring against the criminally unethical firm. When Johnnie Cochran died, the firm's new owners reportedly fired or forced out all attorneys in his Los Angeles office (Cochran's original legal staff) because they refused to participate in unethical practices. I became a Cochran Firm Fraud victim when my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was murdered under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to work for the jail behind our backs and secretly withhold legal work on our wrongful death and negligence lawsuits while the statute of limitations passed. Since then, I watch the firm and report other cases wherein The Cochran Firm defrauds its own clients to help government entities and large corporations save money. The most recent I know about is Jackson v. The Cochran Firm. Before that, The Cochran Firm betrayed an African/Native American tribe to save Ford Motor Corp. around $2 billion on a lawsuit brought by the Ramapough People for deaths and injuries caused when Ford dumped toxic waste on their land for four decades. You may have seen the HBO special about it in June: Mann v. Ford. See "Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans" - The fact that the media, Bars, and consumer protection agencies seem complicit in unethical conduct by The Cochran Firm makes one worry that more deviant plaintiffs lawyers may be used by government entities and large corporations.

      It is easier for plaintiffs law firms to accept payment to withhold work than to actually perform legal work, except for the threat of public exposure, malpractice lawsuits, and sanctions by the bar. None of those happen regarding The Cochran Firm fraud, except for my own efforts to notify the public. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud."

      The work you are doing to expose and oppose injustice is important, because it may save other people in the UK from enduring what you have. When government systems fail to protect consumers as they should (as taxpayers pay them to do), then people who know about injustices have a duty to warn.



    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, thanks for being so thoughtful. I am just trying to keep everything afloat, keep telling myself that Mary has to come first, nothing else matter at the present time, if our Creator put us in this position so be it I will follow it through as long as I can. It has been extremely hard at times but I have always been a survivor, I cannot believe that these people can do these things and convince themselves they can get away with it, if they can this world is more evil than we can begin to understand. I am not naive to how things are but I never thought that the British legal system was so corrupted, I thought that we were better than that but I underestimated how greedy and evil it has become.

      Now I know the type of people that I'm dealing with, I feel sorry for those poor people in the Middle East who are innocent but yet caught up in this war, I cannot believe that God put me on this awful planet a monks this awful people within the society the good people seem to be so helpless, in some ways I guess that things have not changed since the time of Jesus the Christian followers must have done the very same thing watching him crucified.

      I can remember doing a blog on youtube after my wives accident saying that since the people cannot punish and deal with the corruption within the society probably nature will, and the gods have been crying ever since. I wonder what would God have to do to wake up the people or will they go to their death believing the media. Even though they know that the media is own and run by the corrupted ones.

      Poohgranma, I hope that you are coping at your end, I do wish you the very best, and thanks for your kind thoughts.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Dear friend - just popping in to say I'm thinking of you and your lovely wife and wondering how you are doing. I think of you every time I see or hear of an injustice, so, as you can imagine, my thoughts are with the two of you always.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I believe that is probably the same all of the world. There is a saying, Justice is what you can afford." It is proven to be true far too many times!

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, the ironic thing is if we had the money to employ a top European solicitor and go for a judicial review at the time of the accident in 2003, Referring to the law, “Law Relating To Husband And Wife”, I don’t think we can put a link on here so you may have to Google that. The case would have been exposed to be fraudulent, solicitors and judges today know that ordinary working class people can not afford to take this matter further and exploit the fact that they can get away with it. Democracy and justice is only for the rich, no wonder the people at the top are corrupted.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Colin - it is always good to see a note from you even if the news has not changed.

      I believe you have found part of the answer, a large part.

      They "believe that these awful things cannot happen to them."

      When the people who make the rules and enforce them are allowed to act in whatever way they please whether out of greed or ignorance, others are going to suffer. When a society looses sight of compassion and a true justice for every member they are doomed for destruction.

      As I look around this world of ours I am ashamed, many times, to be part of our "human" race. Money, power and position have become the ultimate goal.

      Unfortunately as you and I have both experienced, possessions and social stature can disappear in the blinking of an eye and if we are not made of more then what we do and what we own then our lives can become meaningless. If those who hold down their fellow man suddenly found themselves in your place they would not begin to know how to survive, let alone live and care for their family. The fact that you have survived is a testament to your goodness and strength, something no one can take from you.

      I understand that words do not put food on the table nor do they right the horrible wrongs that you and your wife have suffered and continue to, and if my words could change your situation it would have already been done, the instant I learned of the grievous damage that has been done to you both. A horrible accident because of stupidity, not just neglect, but lack of common sense was just the beginning of your nightmare and then to have the hand that is supposed to help you up, slap you in the face ... repeatedly ... well it is much more than most could have survived. It is a testament to what you are truly made of and what you hold dear. No one can take that from you either.

      Please do continue to update this hub and as always, my love and prayers continue.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, if we had a society full of people with your persona we would not have this problem that we do. Unfortunately we have a society that has been program to fear the establishment and believe that these awful things cannot happen to them. I believe in a situation like ours where the victim and their family do not have the chance to have a say about the outcome especially when they were nearly killed in the event is nothing more then dealing with the Nazi regime with laws that only dictate and do not give the victim a chance to question their behaviour and their judgement.

      Especially when it’s leaving the victim penniless. How do they expect the victim to survive? When the victim has lost her job because of the accident, and her husband had to close down his business to care for her. We have exhausted nearly all of our assets and reduced to clearing our unwanted things in a car boot sale, my old customers come by and cannot believe what has happen. They tell me it’s disgraceful;

      I have had an established business in my area for over 25 years and have made a lot of friends through my business.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Well I believe in transparency, anything hidden as far as I’m concerned is corrupted and orchestrated by the devil. You can tell by the logic behind it, governments release information long after the corrupted involve are dead and gone, I can’t see the logic in it unless the government’s involve are just as corrupted. On whose interests are they supposed to be protecting.

      I have not had the pleasure to deal with this unlawful courts it sounds awful it is not till we are prepared to go to jail or die fighting this corrupted behaviour orchestrated by a bunch of Nazis, I do not consider this type of behaviour is lawful, I wonder are these Nazis accountable to anyone or has the corruption in our society have reached the very top and operate right under the very noses of our blind judicial system.

    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      Why are places like family courts and court of protection hidden? It is like some backwater system of corruption that cannot be challenged. I had to sit outside the lawyer's office whilst my partner gave his statement to the family young lawyer. I have carried out all the challenges on his behalf to the people we were suing but I was not allowed to comment. My partner has memory loss and could not give accurate statements as I have dealth with the perpetrators over the years. I felt I was treated like a criminal by the system when the real perpetrator treated like royalty and honest.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Hi Stars439, legal aid is not awarded to personal injury cases here in the UK. We have passed that stage, the case has ended, our solicitor had decided that the claimant does not have the mental capacity to know was the amount awarded was sufficient and neither does her husband or family has the capacity to make the right judgement the case has ended we have been several times to the court and authorities involved with no satisfaction. At present we have our MP trying to resolve our situation, all we asked is that the demands required in writing so we can peruse through the information trying to find what explanation they have in excluding all of us in having a say in this matter. One would have thought that we are living under some kind of Nazi regime.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Great hub. I do not know how helpful legal aid can be, but it might be worth looking into. God Bless YOu.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family and I keep an ear open at all times for anything that might remotely help. Publicity works in the US but I don;t know about where you live. I don't see that it could hurt though and at the very least you would feel as if you are doing something. I understand that feeling of complete helplessness and how it can eat at your mind and health if you allow it, and it is very hard to stop it! Please keep posting, even if it is not the best of news. I do want to hear from you.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgrnma it’s awful what you are going through to the point that it is sickening to think that we live in a country that is suppose to be educated and civilised that we have to succumb such evil behaviour by the system that governs us.

      I have been contemplating on asking all our family and friends including the neighbours on our street to protest in front of our MPs surgery and at Costco’s.

      I was born in Malaysia; I came here with my parents when I was 10 ½ and have remained here ever since. My father came from a British background and mother from a Eurasian Malaysian background.

      In Malaysia people are very united and caring I find in this country that you have to ask people to help you, something that I am too proud and not accustomed too, but I am prepared to do it for Mary.

      I mentioned in my MPs surgery would it help if I approached the Malaysian Embassy for help with our problem the answer I was given was they do not see what the embassy can do.

      Just imagine if you went on holiday and had an accident it took the legal system there eight years to resolve the claim you could be stuck in that country for 8 years, that is if they would allow you to stay for the duration.

      I am sure there is something terribly wrong here but in the predicament I’m in there is not much else I can do.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Oh my, Colin, not another hitch! People can be so completely uncaring and systems purposely meant to frustrate one into giving up. But please don't. The only way things are ever to change is if we use the only weapons we have at our disposal, our voices and prayer.

      I know that another person's words can seem like empty clatter, but I mean this from my heart. We can not give up.

      I am facing some very irritating times here too. My husband is in end stages of COPD and the Hospice program that helps care for people in their last six months or so of life was, just yesterday, allowed to start care if they were to be paid by Medicare. This, after I had a major heart attack on June 20th and had an angioplasty and a stent put in the artery of my heart. I laughed when they told me the type of attack I had is called "The Widow Maker" based on the average 5% survival rate.

      I have been his only care taker and I don't have to tell you the stress that is involved in that, or the sorrow. To have a program just beyond your fingertips is most frustrating ... you wonder why it is there if you have to jump through hoops to qualify and then are told there is a paperwork problem or some insane hold up prevents your loved one from having some dignity, some quality of life!

      My prayers continue for you both and for our world because as you said, certainly the devil is alive and well and wandering around like a roaring loin seeking whom he may devour. Well, he won't be feasting on my family or yours because we have the knowledge to hang tough until our true rewards come! God bless you Colin, and give you strength and my regards to you beautiful wife.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      I can see that you have had your fair share of problems; probably that is why you have this deep concern of the situations that we face. I would have never believed that an accident like this could have changed our lives as it has, and put us in turmoil for the past eight years and it’s 2011. I could understand if we lived in the dark ages or third world countries that do not know the meaning of justice but we are told that we live in a democracy and in one of the most civilised society on earth, all I can say is God help us all, the devil is alive and doing extremely well, the people have not changed from the day that Moses came down from the mountain and saw them in their true evil ways.

      The present update from my MPs surgery, apparently the court does not know what has happened with the money? They know that they have it but nobody seemed to know what it is all about, and taking extremely long to answer my MP. All we asked is for them to put it in writing what their demands are so that the courts can release my wife’s compensation. Surely that is not that much to ask? We have contributed to the system since we were 15 years of age and never had to go to our MP or use the courts. The mind boggles

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      You are probably correct. Television shows do tend to give us happy endings for the right people and we like to see the corrupt "get theirs" in a big payback, but in real life it doesn't happen often.

      The only experience I've had that could even come close to yours is in dealing with our Veteran's Administration in trying to secure benefits for my husband's service connected disability. They have all but denied he was ever IN the service - you have to prove what was going on during a mortar attack. Most people aren't taking notes while they are being fired upon.

      I feel I can relate in a small way having dealt with them, but still nothing compared to the years you have been beaten down by the corrupt system. My heart goes out to you and your wife, truly.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Well as you know generally our experience with the law and our legal system amounts to very little, as law abiding citizens we take it for granted that the law is there to protect us all, little did we know that it seems that the law is there to control us and certainly not to work as we believe for justice it has certainly been far from that. We have had solicitors failing to do their duty that they were paid for in the interests of their client the claimant, my experience they seem to be corrupted to the core, as for the law it is only there to control us. I have not had so much of threats in my life till I was involved in this accident we have had nothing but threats from our solicitors. They are like a gang of crooks supported by a legal system that safeguards them, to enable them to do is they please. In my mind they are nothing but a bunch of spineless characters that hide behind a corrupted legal system and prey on those who have been thrust into unfortunate circumstances. The trouble with us is that we have been watching too much of Perry Mason.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I did not realize that. I had read what you wrote before but it didn't make sense to me in terms of what I know so I thought I misunderstood.

      This reminds me of branch of our government that you can only sue if they give you permission to ... ha ha like they are going to do that! Well, of course they let some, whose cases are weak and then they can broadcast how fair they are to allow "justice."

      Your struggles have completely changed your lives in every aspect and I can not imagine how it has changed how you look at the world. Constantly having unanswered questions, paperwork, phone calls and letters not returned can make a person insane if you let it.

      My husband filed a disability claim against the Veteran's Administration for injuries incurred during his service. We have a case with folders, five inches thick and that is only from two years. They actually tried to say a plane never existed or went into the water off his ship. Well how does one prove that? You are there, you know what happened, but those who were not say it is not so. They have the power so your word is wrong. It is maddening!

      I continue to keep you and your wife in my prayers and I am always glad to hear from you, even though the news is not what I would hope for. Please do continue to keep in touch.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      There is a little problem with solicitors who work on a no win no fee basis, and those who take the third of the total.

      If you find out that their service is bad or they have been collaborating with the defendant, and would like to dismiss them it would cost you a great deal of money to dismiss them as I found out. The minute you find out that your solicitors is corrupted and wish to dismiss them, you would have to pay their outstanding bill to the day you dismiss them, my new solicitor would not take on our case until we paid over £5000 to the solicitor we had to dismiss because of professional negligence and was told by the Law Society that we would have to Sue the firm for professional negligence and that the Law Society could not do any more for us.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      That is just insane. I don't understand why no one will help. I know, you don't either. I wasn't suggesting that you pay an attorney upfront but there are those who will take 1/3 of the award after they win and nothing if they don't but maybe they don't do that in international law. We had an attorney who did that for us when my husband filed for Disability Social Security. I am very sorry there seems to be nothing you have not tried already.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, We certainly do not have the money to do that now, anyway I have posted quite a few of my videos on large American firms on YouTube I even have some solicitors having my video on their website promoting themselves that they could do better. But none of them have offered or communicated with me to help us sort this problem out.

      As for suing for anything and everything in the US, don’t believe everything you hear or read unless you have experience it yourself. The only winners in our society dealing with the legal system are the solicitors. I have heard from American claimants they may win a lot, but the solicitors walk away with the bulk of the money.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Have you tried contacting an attorney outside of you country that practices in international law? The US would be a good bet, as Dusty commented, they would be lining up in this country to take your case. With modern technology they would probably only have to fly over once or twice at the most and they can write off those trips as expenses so they'd get a free trip out of the deal too.

      Seriously, in this country people sue over many frivolous things and the courts have spent much time and money on trying to get laws passed to stop the bringing of lawsuits that are based on something petty. We, as a nation, are "sue" happy. That's why I'm thinking such a legitimate case such as yours would be snapped up by a good law firm.

      Please let us know how you are doing, even if there is no progress to report on. We do care about you and your wife and I only wish there was much more I could do.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Hi Poohgranma, thanks for your kind thoughts and do hope that everything is all right with you.

      We went to see our MPs surgery yesterday, they don’t seem to be doing much to represent us, I have always believed that we pay this politicians to work on our behalf to represent the democracy of the country I guess we must be living in cloud cuckoo land. The both of us was nearly killed by those falling washing machines it seems when we go to their surgery they give the impression what are we there for, we have too explain all over again that we are running out of money and require this case to be settle soon or we may have to put our home up for sale in able to survive and pay our bills and the answer is always we give them a call. They must think we are some kind of idiots, I suppose we must be to live in a country that we believed had justice and democracy compared to the rest of the world until we require help and realise it does not exist.

      I always believe that things happens to us for a reason, and do believe that the reason this happened to us was to wake us up before we depart from this planet, to realise that we have been apart, and played a hand in something evil.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Just thinking of you and your lovely wife today and wanted to say hello and let you know you are always in my heart and prayers.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      This is very much my experience too.

      "It has been annoying just trying to let people know about the corruption within our legal system, just to awake them has been difficult, I cannot post these type of articles on my children’s or grandchildren’s wall because I do not want to intrude on their personal life, the children today do not have the mentality of our generation the only interest they have is what goes round amongst them and their friends."

      I am amazed at how busy both of my kids are just trying to work and survive the economy. They have little energy left to see beyond their own situations. I understand it, and was that way myself at one time but I think, as we grow older, we realize more how we are all connected and what touches one, touches all of us.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      I think the most of us would never understand this types of situations that arise from this types of injuries, solicitors should know and understand the problem but their greed undermine their feelings they are in the game of making money that is why I feel to obtain justice for injured parties the system needs to change where there is more protection for the injured party. What my wife had to go through should never happen to anybody in a civilise society.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma you are an angel, it has been a hectic load that I could never have imagined.

      It has just been a huge burden trying to accomplish everything. On the strength of the love I have for my wife pulls me true coping with her situation, nothing else matter.

      It has been annoying just trying to let people know about the corruption within our legal system, just to awake them has been difficult, I cannot post these type of articles on my children’s or grandchildren’s wall because I do not want to intrude on their personal life, the children today do not have the mentality of our generation the only interest they have is what goes round amongst them and their friends.

      I know my sons have been extremely supportive when I needed them, there have been times that I had to bring them home from work to help me cope with situations that arise so I can only be grateful, and a few neighbors that has help in difficult situations.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      And I only wish there were more we could do. If you were close we could help with your wife, give you some much needed respite, lend a hand where ever it was needed.

      This caring has to stretch across the miles and I only hope the truth of it is strong enough to ease a little of the pain of being so betrayed. Please do keep in touch!

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      I would like to thank all of you here for your time in leaving some wonderful comments and showing your concern to what had happened to us, and the displeasure of the injustice that my wife had received. I can only thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such caring people.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, You mention this.

      I don't know if this received any media attention or if in your country people would be so outraged that they would be writing letters and picketing Costco, but I can imagine this happening here. It's not that we are a more caring society, but that there are still very idealistic people, like myself who are not at all silent when they learn of an injustice such as this.

      Poohgranma, I have lived in this area and borough since we were 11, we will be 64 in August my wife is three days older than me. I have publish this article in my area, just take a look and see how proactive the people are, a website that calls itself “Enfield People!” No wonder corporate’s can get away with murder, talking about a stiff upper lip more like staple mouth.

      As for the Court of protection link above, I had decided to support and be involve with this group, there problems are very similar to mine a corrupted system that exploit the helpless and weak, in our case they decided we had no right of say in excepting the offer it was made on behalf of us, a court appointed solicitor taking away all of our human rights, knowing that people in a vulnerable situation cannot fight them, they left an injured woman with no way off supporting herself for eight years and totally ignored her existence.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      So many people suffer because our legal system is a ploitical mess. I cannot help you there. I certainly can pray for all of you though-and will.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Does the link to the article above mean that someone is finally taking this to a higher government authority? I'm not sure I understand all of it. Please let us know.

      Also, how are you and your dear wife holding up? I have had you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Colin, I hope you and your wife can feel the love that is coming your way and the desire to support you as you struggle through this nightmare. Please know that you are both in the hearts, minds and prayers of many!

    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      wow. unbelievable. my daughter was in a car accident, uninjured, thank god, but we got so much mail from lawyers specializing in car accidents... telling us to sue, sue and sue. looks like you need these guys in england. i hope this campaign will help your plight. I pray that someone with power and conscience will hear you and help. you and your wife are in my thoughts.

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

      From a layman's view, I couldn't believe that injustice can be committed in a country supposed to be looked up to with respect by men from developing countries like mine with lower strata. I'm afraid that if this gross negligence can happen to you, it can happen to us, too. Justice delayed is justice denied. I'll pray that with this revelation hub, concerned people will come to support you in your plight. God be with you and your wife. Take care.

    • profile image

      Shitinski 6 years ago

      Further proof that indeed justice is blind. Sometimes the 'law' is just wrong. Best of luck to you.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

      This is an amazing story of negligence of a huge company, that I didn't realized until just now how big it was, it spans America and now I learn it is in other country's as well, but that is not the point. The point is that they have the money and insurance to help make this right for the victim of this tragedy of stupidity of store employees stacking like this. I noted safety netting at a home supply store on the upper shelves that had to be undone to get to the product I was after. So there are safety items that could have prevented this.

      Money cannot undo physical damage like this, it can provide ALL methods available to help one damaged to have as much comfort as possible.

      In America the lawyers would be lining up to take this case free, as they would get a third of the multi-million dollar settlement and cost co would be trying to broker a deal before it ever saw a courtroom.

      A company like cost co could donate a hospital wing for publicity, but are cold blooded in this type of event?

      Our world is getting to be a place I'd like to leave.

      God Bless you and I hope things change for the better. 50

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I thank you for your kind comment, but I have done nothing extraordinary, nothing that every man and woman who learns of this should not do. I have only learned of this a couple of days ago but I am struggling with my impatience.

      Because you tell your story and I don't see responses I feel sick at heart. No one can imagine all of the aspects this has caused in your lives, all of the loss and grief, not to mention financial burdens that should never had even been a concern ... that should have been the very least of your worries.

      Maybe I am idealistic, but if so, then I would rather be this way than able to learn of something like this and not even try, not even comment. I am a little surprised and not very happy that this has not created the stir in others that it has in me. I know we all have our lives and troubles enough of our own, but my God ... where is the humanity?

      As far as the "justice system" in your country, I'm sorry to say I have learned of the same problems here as well. It seems if you are rich and can hire the best attorneys you don't actually need one to begin with - your wealth precedes you into court and satisfies the ruling to go in your favor most of the time. There are exceptions, of course, and I have met a few in the legal profession that I hold in dear regard who fight for actual justice, for EQUAL justice and put their on jobs on the line to do so. I only wish that you could find someone like that to represent you.

      As you wait ... and wait .... and wait for an end, some closure to this, please let me know ... all of us know how it progresses. I am not done trying to get word out about this, not by any means.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife and will remain so.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, I have posted my reply to you into my hub, I do believe you have earned a place within the hub and acknowledge your extremely kind and caring ways.


    • leni sands profile image

      Leni Sands 6 years ago from UK

      I've added the link to my facebook page...I have links with many friends on facebook so hopefully word will begin to spread...all the best to you both - I hope everything works out!

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I have copied two pictures of your wife, her injury and her beautiful face and began my own hub and posted this repeatedly on my Face book. I don't have that many followers or that many friends on Face book, but some do have several and I've asked everyone to share your story and ask those they share it with to also pass it along.

      I am so sorry that no one has listened and that you and your wife had to go through this virtually alone. It must have made you feel the entire world was deaf, but we are not. Sometimes you just have to get the news to the right people and only God knows why you chose to follow me so that I would read your story. I care, others care, I hope this will give you some tiny relief from the lonely position you and your wife have been placed in through a series of cruel events. I don't know how long my hub will be on HP because it is linking back to your hub so I know it will be pulled at some point, but just maybe, it will remain long enough to get the word out to a few. Please try to remember you are not really alone, please forgive us for not responding sooner.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I meant every word that I said and I welcome you to contact me whenever you feel comfortable doing so. I would be very interested in knowing if there is anything else, any avenue that has not been explored. I DO care and I'm sure there are others. People seem very busy these days and many feel as small as this court and the solicitors have tried to make you feel. But there are people left in the world who have the time and given the facts could raise an uproar about this horrible injustice. Please stay in touch and know that you are NOT alone.

    • colinberry1 profile image

      colinberry1 6 years ago from London

      Poohgranma, you basically have me in tears here it has finally come home, it has taken nearly 8 years for someone to show some strong feelings. In publishing my articles and videos I have come to believe that people are extremely heartless to our circumstances and the horrific problems that arise from this accident. At times it seems as if the whole world supports Costco’s and we will the guilty ones for letting those washing machines fall, I have tried everything in the past seven years, and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, As if someone is feeding people with false propaganda behind my back, you are the first one to mention washing machines hanging over by 20%.

      Our solicitors refuse to enter that statement to the Courts, on the grounds that we cannot prove it, when the police took 14 photos of the whole incident, what else do they need. I was told for those information to be released we would have had to die. This case had problems from the beginning, when the constable drove me to the Royal London Hospital he said, I don’t know what is going on but this incident has only a CAD number, it means that it was only a minor incident he seemed puzzled by it. Well nearly 8 years later I can see it all now, we have created a monster in allowing companies to be so large and powerful that they undermine our whole system.


    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      colinberry1~~ I am also glad you found me and I believe there are no coincidences in life... I know my husband could certainly relate to so many of your feelings as he stood by as I was almost killed in 1999...

      I will pray that you continue to have the strength to help your wife heal physically and emotionally~~ that is paramount.

      But, this story needs to be told far and wide... are you familiar with "I Survived", a wonderful series on the BIO Channel (now in their 5th season, I believe), where people who have sustained/ survived all types of trauma tell their stories... it didn't make any of the negligence of my situation better but it certainly was a catharsis for me and I believe it helped viewers based on the feedback the show has received. Unfortunately sometimes that is the best resolution we will ever get... but the gratitude and appreciation for life will never be taken for granted.

      God bless you both and please take care.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      First, I want to say I am glad you started following me so that it brought me to your story. You have brought many question to light, the first of which is this court case and the deplorable treatment you and your wife have been subjected to at the hands at the courts and Solicitors. I am so ANGERED and OUTRAGED by this I can barely respond with any sense of clarity. I will try to keep my remarks on point, but I'm not promising.

      To anyone who reads over this and thinks, oh well, unfortunate, yes but it will eventually be sorted out and at least they are being represented .... then moves on to read something else ... I say BACK UP, read this again, listen to the videos again and again until the severe pain reaches your soul and you understand what has happened - not only the horrible physical pain this woman has sustained (because Costco was stupid and negligent in stacking washing machines some thirty feet up in the air on flimsy shelving, with 20% of the machine hanging over the edge) but for the entire change in the lives of this woman and her husband.

      We, like they, imagine that if God forbid, some horrible tragedy would befall us or our loved ones that the responsible party - Costco - would step up very rapidly to do everything possible to accommodate every single need and then some, to try to make up for the horrid mistake they made. If for no other reason, you would assume a company would want to do damage control of their reputation. Though this would have been turned over immediately to their insurance company, who in turn keeps attorneys on retainer to handle such matters, you would assume that they, as well, would realize the importance of handling this quickly - not for the sake of the injured, but again to make sure the reputation of the company was not smudged.

      I don't know if this received any media attention or if in your country people would be so outraged that they would be writing letters and picketing Costco, but I can imagine this happening here. It's not that we are a more caring society, but that there are still very idealistic people, like myself who are not at all silent when they learn of an injustice such as this.

      Was there any media coverage? Have you tried contacting a news agency outside of your country with this information? My first thought is to send the entire Hub to CNN news. Let's start with one thing at a time and address the other issues at their time.

      Please feel free to contact me through this site and I will give you my personal email address. I will go and post this now on my Face book account and ask my friends to post it on theirs as well, to get this information out to as many people as possible.

      WARNING - I still believe in the inherent goodness of people ... not corporations or Solicitors, but of the "little people" who must band together and hit these people where they live ... in their pocketbooks. Maybe nothing will come of getting out the word, but at the very least, we will have tried again. Please let me know. And please give my love and prayers to your dear wife.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Yes, you are right ‘Solicitors’ are the people to make the decision in favor of them pleading in the court by the twist of words. The interpretation of law is nothing but the interpretation of an English word or a sentence, the meaning of which varies with the mode of expression and other factors. And justice is done at the wish of words. The proof of record has no end.