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President Obama & His Quiet Anti-Colonalism That Harms America

Updated on March 11, 2012
Barry Obama with Mom (Ann) & Grandfather in Hawaii, circa early 70's
Barry Obama with Mom (Ann) & Grandfather in Hawaii, circa early 70's
Barack Obama, Sr. in his prime
Barack Obama, Sr. in his prime

Despite NY Times best seller author, Dinesh D'Souza, whose book. "The Roots of Obama's Rage", paints President Obama as a raging anti-colonialist, more apt is, cool, calm and quiet anti-colonialist. But, what does this mean?

First, the above book is written by a foreigner who lived his whole life in a former British colony-India. He is the only author that views President Obama's policies from a truly different perspective that no American author could. As you become aware of the anti-colonialism in President Obama's father, Barack Obama, Sr. and his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, then connect how President identifies closely with both, both Kenyans and how they both ended up hating the British colonists and current policies America is pursuing- a light suddenly begins to flash.

Colonialism no longer happens much, but it is about how the 'great' white powers, such a France, Britain, America, Germany, Spain, went abroad in the 1800's conquering lands, taking their valuable resources, exploiting them for their own gain. Yes, some was bad, yet, some was good. India, for one, finally became free from Britain in 1947. Yet, despite any exploitation that had happened, England created a solid democratic foundation for it to continue on with, when before, it was nothing. Many African nations did not become "free" from the colonists yoke until the 1960's-70's, these were the times President Obama's father lived in.

President Obama, in his own words, stated, although he spent only one month with his dad as a boy in his life, it had a profound impact on him. That was a time he was called Barry Obama, not Barack. During that month, Barry discovered many that he and his dad like many of the same things, he saw the resemblance and connected much more than his white mom. As a student in college, his visit to Kenya to see long unknown relatives simply reinforced it. Then, he used his father's name, Barack.

No doubt, through family talks and discussions while there, he heard how both his dad and grandfather would eventually fight the colonists in Kenya. At first, both were fine with it and the prosperity it gave, but when the colonists tossed the grandfather in jail, beat them, both turned on them for different reasons. President's Obama dad, was well educated and preferred socialism and like most Africans, thought America took Africa's resources and resented it. He would end up a drunk and unemployed broken man resulting from a debilitating car crash.

His grandfather, Onyango Obama, died in 1979. He fought for the British in WW1, but between 1920-45, something bad must have occurred for in 1949, he spent six months in prison for political sedition against the white British colonists. He was tortured about the growing insurgency in Kenya against the British. The President did meet meet him as a teen and found him in a bad shape, yet, the young Obama was told how Onyango hated the British colonists for how they raped Kenya. Onyango died deeply resenting the British.

There is nothing stronger than how the formative years of children create the adult they become. The President, no doubt, feels he his more "black" than "white". He feels more connected to those in Africa. He honors this by taking his dad's first name, Barack. It was Barry, which is too "white". Like some kids of divorces, he could have also taken his mom's maiden name of Dunham, yet he chose to keep his dad's legacy, Obama. These were his choices and his choices add to the connection that President Obama is weakening the US position in the world-it is an anti-colonial belief, so lesser nations can rise to equal standing.

Is this a bad or good thing? Well, depends if you are Republican and Democratic. If the US position in the world continues to diminish, you know China will take our place. In fact, China will challenge the US more and more for resources, jobs, production etc. We either be happy with being second or third place or change to remain numero uno.

For example, many months ago the federal government approved a billion dollar loan to Mexico to drill for oil in the Gulf where we have where the US has stopped drilling. Why are we loaning them a billion dollars to drill where we can't? The US has made a gigantic loan to Brazil so they can go and deep sea drill off the coast of Brazil. The area is twice as deep as what we had a problem with BP. Now, Obama has shut down many of our oil rigs citing environmental dangers. Why would we take our money and give it to Brazil and give it to Mexico to do the things the US can do? Makes no sense unless there is reason.

Some think that by denying the US and allowing lesser nations to do it, the wealth is being redistributed to the less prosperous. The similarity to taxes is the same. Thus, the poor nations are being lifted up to America's level.

Look, I voted for Obama in 2008. There are still many things I like about him and agree on in policy, but there is truth about what Obama is doing. The recent Israeli meetings bears this out. Obama wants to make sure Israel waits for Iranian sanctions to work and suddenly now, Iran chimes in with having inspectors to come back to inspect a known suspicious site AFTER they have cleaned it up. Obama knows Iran is playing for time. Time to protect whatever nuclear bomb assets they have produced. Yet, Obama is allowing it to occur and holding Israel back.

Will I vote for Obama this time? The verdict is still out on this.


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      I voted for him last time too because he had enough sense not to say much, well that I heard anyway. He did say that I did not know about that he was shutting down the coal mine in the US and he is and putting all those people who have never known another thing since childhood out of work. It is in the name of green which is to make he and his friends richer but we don't yet have the green to make up for the lack of coal; stupid, no? He also says this will drastically raise our electric bills, you can fina all this at youtube. I would never vote for him again, he is clearly out to destroy America and anyone who can't clearly see that is blinder than I was four years ago. I never like to use the word hate for any man so I only guard that feeling and say I only despise him. He is the cause of the deaths at that embassy, he knew they were begging for help, he is destroying our relationship with Israel which will put us in danger untold and he is striving for a one world government in hopes of being the leader.

      I did not even touch here on the 90 billion everyone is ignoring that I hope Romney hammers in until everyone knows just what that means to us, America, or what it could have meant. Even if Romney is not the greatest he is far from the worst.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Well, Romney no doubt won the debate, but the battle is not over and the election will be close. How close? maybe within 5%. Obama did see he was not ready for it.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 5 years ago from Florida

      As we watched the Debate last night, I was amazed, that a President could know so little about the realities of the economy and his OWN policies... Obama basically said, never mind the last four years, this time I am going to get things done.

      It seems pretty foolish to vote for a guy who admits he wasn't up to the job the first time around, but wants a second shot at it.

      On the other hand, it was pretty amazing how easily Romney could talk about his points, almost as if he had to slow down his responses because he had such a firm grasp on how business and the economy works... no surprise I guess when you've had a lifetime of experience in it!

      Obama was fumbling around to remember his one line zingers all night long for one reason alone, because he doesn't understand the depth of the issues even after four years of being the President.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      I wonder what the goals are he is not talking about?