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The Dangers of NOT Having a G-Rated Personality

Updated on November 7, 2011

G-Rated Psychic Watchdogs as Gangstalking model

We, the electronically-harassed live in a G-rated world. It never ceases to amaze me how namby-pamby, unmanlike and uptight a situation it is for us "The Harassed". Consider this a useful way to look at gangstalking.

All I can tell you is that everybody knows every-friggin thing about us. Even un-voiced thoughts somehow make it to everybody. How that is I cannot tell you........but this phenomenon plus my personal experiences will paint a picture that allows you to better deal with gangstalking and electronic harassment.

Someone keeps tabs on us.......then they in turn tell every other person we will ever interact with all this crap about us. Being a man and showing it is against the rules for us. I get away with it by almost constantly listening to music and staying pharmaceutically protected from their tortures and Mind-F**K games (SSRI's, Abilify and Clonopin). Incidentally - never ever ever run out of the medication(s) you use to make life "not suck so bad". They are ruthless in their attacks if you EVER come close to running out of anything. I did the same things i did on meds off of them and these bastards almost killed me.......or at least they tried to make it look that way.

It is as though anyone plugged into this network knows our most intimate thoughts. Can you see how this might be a seriously-awful situation? That would make anything in your life which is R-rated on a "no-no" list. At least seeing it this way gives a reason WHY we might get "beamed", "tazed" or psychologically-tortured every time we do something that would belong in an R rated movie. It's like a psychic-club which surrounds us and expects us to behave like someone out of a G - rated movie 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to survive in this society and avoid being deleted from your own body, these annoying, but oh-so-true rules are actually good to know. You can have sex with "members", but you are still mocked and degraded in their "plays". They also are not "free", the sex is different. Very mechanical. It doesn't matter what sex you are: masturbation is considered some awful crime. Don't do it if you want to avoid a good deal of their cr#p. If you own porn, you might as well be a child molester. Note how "members" SEEM to have the right to act as terrible as they want. Remember though: they are NOT FREE, THEY HAVE SOMEHOW BEEN "INDOCTRINATED". Only one person was honest enough to explain how "they" had "changed" him. This group is literally "hungry" for new members and even refers to induction as "eating" people. Could this explain the extreme lack of natural human emotional response in some people? Hmmmmm.

I have a kid who means everything to me. They usually try to make talking with her difficult. Today, I picked up some non-G -rated material and they hinted to me that they would make me leave the state. I'm giving up on that bad habit - but should I really have to? H$LL-NO.

So - the fact that all these people can know everything about us AND our societies' hidden double-standard are why our lives suck so bad. The media seems to push as much of "the wrong thing" on us, let alone our children..........why is that? Could "being bad" lead to our indoctrination into a "secret club" which employs mind-control on it's members? I personally think so. I went through it, it just never worked on me. We might not be model citizens........which is ALWAYS the problem. These days, you are a model citizen or you are very quickly targeted for closer scrutiny..........REALLY CLOSE with electronic-harassment to boot. You can choose to "grow up" and then say nothing about this........or you can be like me and help bring this situation down.

It is sad because i can remember what we had before this "unspoken policy" went into effect (right after 9-11 took place). Let's face it: The 60's were awesome, the seventies pretty good, the eighties even ruled compared to the uptight society we now live in. The 90's were o.k., but every once in a while, things felt really odd to me and I couldn't put my finger on it. People seemed to be "missing" from areas that once teemed with life. The behavior of many seemed overly-synchronized in some way. "Where did all the cool people go?" I asked myself. We are what cool was before society outlawed us........or brainwashed us?! It seriously sucks to live in such an age. Let's survive being brainwashed in this double-bind situation. Stay REALLY alive. Here's a disturbing riddle for us all: If you cut a puppet's strings, what happens?


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