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Living in an Orwellian Society

Updated on July 11, 2016

Question nothing. Big Brother is always right.


It seems that with each passing day, our governments are manufacturing another enemy. It seems as if NATO believes that war is freedom. Russia has not been an enemy for decades, yet right now at this moment NATO has declared Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin as an enemy again.
Russia has done nothing wrong. It all began with the Olympics in Sochi when Mr. Putin declared that there shall be no propaganda of any sort, he stated that the Olympics are to be a place where all nations can participate in sport, where people can come together and watch and be free from politics and propaganda. However, the US, Canada and others began to spin and twist his words and said that he was anti gay and was prohibiting homosexuals from coming to the games. This was the beginning of the anti Russian propaganda.

The next thing we saw was when Ukraine was given a choice of joining the European Union or Russia (to put it in simple terms), the Ukraine government was implanted with a US puppet as a president by this time. Crimea decided that it would be best for them to join Russia since it was a stronger nation and the EU is struggling greatly. So true to form, the US and other NATO countries quickly began to slander Putin and began to spread their propaganda stating that Russia invaded Crimea and was forcing them to join Russia and that they were invading the rest of Ukraine...which was and still is nothing but lies.

Now several months later we see that NATO is building up its forces on the Russian border.
Russia does have military personnel near its border, the US continues to state that it is Russian aggression and that Russia is planning to invade the rest of Europe, that they have no business sending their military to the borders.
Why do they spread these lies. Why can Russia not patrol or have military near its own borders? The US has bases all around the world, many years ago they placed missiles and bases near the Russian border, they also continue to send ships near DPRK, China etc all around the world. Do they think they can go wherever they want, whenever and build bases anywhere, but when Russia simply goes to its own borders that is aggression--HYPOCRITES!

This is like living in an Orwellian society, like living int the book 1984. Where the government manufactures an enemy, where they yell war war and where the government uses main stream media to spreads its propaganda, its lies and twists truths and facts to brainwash the masses into believing and following its lies.

I know the reason why this is going on. NATO wants to control the entire world, it wants to reign in a New World Order. Russia however is holding out, it --under President Putin can not be controlled or manipulated, thus the reason NATO is turning Russia into an enemy and spreading its filthy lies in hopes of getting other world leaders and its citizens to side with them in hopes of weakening Russia and forcing them to join.


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    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 

      2 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      I've heard the joke that social justice warriors want to replace "Big Brother is Watching" with "Big Sister is Crying". The same demands to monitor all actions, speech and thought and similar official accepted thought patterns, plus demands to lock up or destroy those who don't conform, but the official face is someone crying out of offense or upset instead of a stern disciplinarian.


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