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Living with the Legendary

Updated on February 13, 2014

Living with Legendary Shows

Volume 5, Issue 8, February 11, 2014

As a child or adolescent I enjoyed an overnighter with my elderly neighbor who feed me treats and gave me much love that she was like a second grandma to me. I had a place to escape from my parents and step-father. I loved going over to her house and she taught me early on that I could make a little extra cash helping her with chores she could no longer handle as well as when she was much younger.

At first I was kind of turned off by the invitation of my elderly friend who sort of smelled funny and her home smelled funny. I don’t know why that is but it is something that I have found in people of her age with the same funny smell. Anyway, it was a little funny for me to go over at first because she asked my mother to send me over and I kind of argued with her because I did not want to go.

But as a result of my overnighters, it was a favorite pastime to spend an overnighter with my elderly friend was watching the Lawrence Welk Show. I do not know if any of you will remember but as a young child and adolescent it was all that at the time. It was a musical variety broadcast shows that featured the most legendary entertainers in the World. This is where music was introduced to me and of course dances. I watched the Beatles and the Jackson Five take the stage by storm and watched electrified as they performed on the Lawrence Welk Show.

At the time, I was just learning about music and dance moves that it was intriguing and fresh for me to see these wonderfully fresh and trendy shows with my elderly friend. I guess you can say she was really with it, even if I did not see it that way. I seen her as my second grandma because my actually grandma (maternal) was living in another state.

As time went on, the music and dance variety shows transitioned into “American Bandstand” and “Soul Train,” where my emotions were I lit up with excitement and anticipation. To see these visually entertaining shows at their best was inspirational to say the least. Visual Impressions and unique phenomena was at work when the shows aired on Saturdays that I dared not miss. The “Soul Train” variety show introduced and showed me a part of the African American experience that I had not known before and really enjoyed seeing, experiencing, and forming my own persona and image of style, fashion, music, dance, and entertainment.

I was moved into and molded with the sounds, styles, impressions, and dance of the era when vinyl was cool on 45 records and 10” inch albums. CD’s, IPods, and music players had not been introduced yet but they were well on its way with digital sounds in its infancy and creation. In 1982, the CD player was all the rage and introduced by Sony who was the world's first producer of CD's ( It was during this time I was moving and shaking with the songs made by the BeeGees and the monstrous hits of the "Saturday Night Fever." Where every man on the planet wanted to look and dance like the iconic John Travolta. Wild-eyed and wonderful while men strutted their stuff at every dance club, wedding, and quince that I attended. The guys would walk around like the wonderfully impressive John Travolta strut and nod their heads at all the women. Of course the women just drooled and could not wait to get it on, on the dance floor. It was a great awakening for many men to hit the dance club scene without looking like they were not masculine enough. It brought many men the sense of masculinity on the dance floor and essentially the womanizer was born! It also set the stage for styles and fashions that were unique and still continue to be fashionable today. Amazing!

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta mixed it up with the greatest hits from the movie "Grease" and of course it set the stage for sock hops in high schools across the country. What wonderful times to go to a high school sock-hop and the atmosphere of clean fun and dancing was at its peak. I had loads of fun during this era.

In 2001, Apple introduced the IPod in four different digital formats like the IPod Shuffle, IPod Nano, the IPod Classic, and the IPod Touch (. this time, we entered into a new and exciting new journey, the digital journey! Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson were at the top of their game and a woman's world of top music makers were well on their way to more and more fame that was ever possible before. Blue Jeans and Levi's were the style of choice and it did not stop there. Sexy and more provocative music and video's were created and the woman's world of music was pushed dramatically into the mainstream. The digital world was just a catapult into enormous and worldwide promotions that it was to immense to comprehend at the time.

As music and variety shows that changed and so did the venues of the live broadcasts or concerts where bands, groups, and individual entertainers or singers, as we called them, belted out their music; on the road shows of the “Battle of the Bands.” The wonderful “Battle of the Bands” programs that were held in Griffin Park nearby the Griffin Park Observatory nearby the backdrop of the famous Hollywood Bowl. They were unbelievable times when innocence and love was in abundance. It was during this time that the hippy era was in full swing and believe me flower power was at its peak. Funny times as well because we even convinced my mother to put flowery decals all over her car. We wanted to show the world we were like the “Partridge family” with our flower power mobile. Too funny, I know, it was great!

So my development for the love of music was formed in vinyl and then transitioned into a music player (IPod) experience on a daily basis. I did not want to be without and still do not want to be without the ability to listen to music. Music engages my mind to the fond memories of a better and wonderful time in my life. Especially when I could imagine the wonderful things I experienced in my memories.

Growing up Latina, I was able to be exposed to the Anglo-Saxon culture and the African American culture, because I was brown or slightly tanned.


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