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Local Police Class

Updated on December 16, 2014

When living in a small town of NJ in a typical suburban neighborhood a car is a must. To transfer myself anywhere, first I need to back the car up on the street, turn and drive half a block to a crossroads with major road, and from there, drive whichever direction I would need to.

This morning, to my dismay, the crossroads were partially closed for the road surface remodeling. I could approach the crossroads but not drive straight up as I intended to. The policeman was helping with the traffic and overseeing the construction, as they always do.

What a pleasant morning it turned out to be, when I realized that the local policeman seemed to prioritize the local folks and letting them pass the crossroads under construction first! In my opinion this type of action should be a norm among local authorities and applied widely.

Lately, there is so much bad publicity about police work. No one is a saint, but its good to give them credit too.

A pleasant interaction in the morning even not eye to eye would make the whole day much more pleasant in all.


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