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Lok Pal & F D I only in 2014.

Updated on July 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

METRO was Mess - Now WAL*MART is a Wonder.

The cabinet committee of the govt of India suddenly comes out with a decision that foreign direct investment in retail stores is allowed on one fine morning when people of the country are anxiously waiting as to what the sitting standing committee on lokpal bill will roll out a draft but were completely taken back on this most irrelevant matter the country is in no need for a mult'y national to come to India to open a vegetable and grocery market with a flesh market.If we want WAL*MART why do we need to get a high level cabinet ministers approval.

We have METRO whole sale dealers who do not sell there items on shelf to public,we the public cannot even go inside,you need a special badge,you need to be a retailer of any stupid item to buy any item on the shelves of these huge METRO stores.I just inquired a retailer how much a power drill cost-ed in METRO and was informed it was Rs.200/- less than any store in the row of shops in SJ Park Road,Bangalore.

METRO buys from manufactures at huge discounts for their huge order and gets better margin than whole sale dealers for the same item from the manufacturers as whole sale dealers cannot order such huge quantity as METRO who have no financial constraints.

Now Multinational from all over the world come to India to sell groceries and soap.We need them or who needs them.How do they manage to make a govt to take a decision so that they can earn huge profits like Colgate,coco cola,Pepsi and so many others who carry every year our money to their country but the advantage that our country gets is they do not bring any item to sell from their country and buy from our country and create more jobs as manufacturers are better placed to manufacture and expand their operations and our country's revenue will also go up..

F D I or Foreign Direct Investment in INDIA which means any country in the world can bring money in to India and set shop to sell our products by purchasing directly from any Indian manufacturer's or even a FARMER who has a crop of tomato's and take it to his shop to sell the item that are already sold by local people.

What is the Problem?

The problem is at present many Indians have taken their unaccounted money from India and have deposited them in Foreign Countries who have no objections in keeping their money and do not report to our country the names or any information on such money being taken to their country from India and these persons will have no headache of any sort and no problem to pay income tax or give information on the source of the income that they get which will be in millions of Indian Currency getting converted to foreign currency.These people will now under F D I scheme will bring that money and no question can be asked.Black Money thus gets converted in to White Money or illegal transaction will become legal by this F D I and the people who now run this business in our system as brokers or whole sale dealer ship people who are rich will get affected as there system will no longer be required since the FDI business will be directly with the farmers.

Target another Departmental Store like WAL*MART.

If WAL*MART is in China why not India.

Why WAL*MART & Others did not come as expected ?.

To divert the attention of the people and take time to present the Lokpal Bill pending with govt in draft form.What is in that draft form is made known to everybody so that reactions from all political parties could be heard and make any changes if required so as to confuse the honorable MP'S who are waiting for a a showdown. They wonder if a showdown is required or what to do and in the present case the draft that was presented which was unknown to them has created a big problem.This will prolong the session and soon it will end as the session expires and govt can carry on for next few months or till another showdown is started by the opposition parties.

The country will wait for TV channels to dig up some new scam in some area that .may be some body who will start WAL*MART as WEL*MART.Scam and a new topic will come up there by the FDI Scam is forgotten by the people.

There was no scam as the govt allowed to get the FDI plan introduced by an ordinance which is called as back door legislation.However in order to prevent any problem the govt has put in a clause in the ordinance that FDI is allowed only in states where the people who want to bring in FDI will have to get the permission from the chief minister of that state and it can be permitted only in such places in the city where the population is over one million people.This will mean it can be introduced only in metro city's where we have people who have stashed their money in foreign tax heaven countries.

Anna will say where is my Lokpal Bill ?.

Govt will say take it to next Govt in 2014.

2013 will be the final year for the govt to pass the LOK PAL bill which is hanging even after a national cry for making a strong lokpal by a strong Bill.There is no WILL to make the BILL and what is going on is a high drama as no politician who is a Member of the Parliament wants a LOK PAL who will have such powers that he can institute a inquiry in to the dealings of a member of the parliament in his dealings by organizing Trusts and drawing money from govt in the name of trust spend on 80:20 basis and make money with out any questions being asked by any powers.

P.Chidambaram we will form a new committee on FDI entry by WAL MART.

Happy New Year - End of Winter Session.

Happy New Govt in 2014.

If the present Govt's last session will not pass the Bill by proper procedure and go by executive methods that they have done it will be something very messy and hussy as the FDI Company's as per govt's executive order come to one state and if the other state does not permit the FDI'S to operate in their state the FDI Company's will operate from across the borders of one state in another state.

What will happen to F D I Company's?

Wait till the next Govt comes to power.


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