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Longing For A Good Society

Updated on September 20, 2011

It's A New World, But Not A Popular One

Why do people want capitalism so much? So they don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves. This stems from the philosophy that “I” is the important one. No need to feel shame for wrongdoings. Do as you please. No worry about fellow man or Mother Nature, they can take care of themselves. So, we move from caring for others by providing the essential tools for survival in a fast-paced environment to one where you are on your own -- make, it or be forgotten.

It also stems from the idea we, as individuals, have rights. We no longer think in terms of having privileges but having rights. In my mind, I have a “right” to protect my property, to drive my vehicle, to compete against others until they no longer seem to be a “threat” to our integrity. Now, according to the law, by definition, a corporation is determined to be a “person” and have the same rights as one. So, corporations can do as they please – buying out their competition, swallowing valuable natural resources including land and water at the expense of long-term longevity. This has really got out of control. If everyone has “rights” then there has to be a law for each individual case. This just doesn’t work.. The law keeps on changing to new situations and soon you have a conflict of interest: two laws that contradict each other. Now who will have the “right”?

The government especially has no “rights”, interfering with individual freedoms (and corporate freedoms) Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. So, if the government cannot provide for the common good especially in terms of good health, safety and the basic needs, then what is the government function? Well, as we will see the government is acting more like a corporation and it’s main function is policy making. Policy making for the corporations so they get what they want, anytime they want it and no consequences if disaster strikes or a crisis.

This is what I think is happening. The corporations (directly or indirectly) “painted” a bleak picture of the government. Spending too money on health care, education, social welfare, etc. Cut! Cut! Cut! Reduce the deficit. Reduce corporate taxes. Isn’t this a contradiction? Reducing taxes is going to help reduce our debt? No, but reducing our expenditures for the common good will. Why take care of citizens who cannot provide for themselves? It is everyone man and woman for themselves. This is what capitalism is without government intervention and especially without regulations. But the corporations, as rich as they are, will ask for subsidiaries to continue operating and make special concessions. Anything to keep the “puppet” government in power.

The corporations will provide jobs. Government shouldn’t and can’t possibly provide the employment. So the corporations decide to downsize, to go to automation and, laying off thousands and thousands of people.. And these people cannot be helped by our government because they no longer have the means or funds to provide the basic resources to get them back on their feet again. Because there is no longer anti-trust laws, corporations can take over smaller businesses and their competitors without any interference. Mergers, and acquisitions have become common place in our society.

The power has shifted, without us realizing it, from the government to the most profitable corporations in the world. Thanks to the Internet and fast-paced telecommunications, corporations can operate globally creating a very tight but volatile economic society. Governments no longer have control over what is happening. There are no boundaries for corporations to function in like governments have borders.

The corporations actually control our governments by campaign contributions and by the media. They have made the government powerless and it doesn’t matter which party takes over. The government must act like a corporation and like the corporation must make a profit for the shareholders. And who are the shareholders for the government? Why, the corporations. Make money for them at the expense of everything else. No longer can the government protect us from an economic or environmental crisis. It is no longer their mandate.

So, the corporations are taking over our governments. For what purpose? Well, we hear about “a world government” I believe that the corporations are behind this concept and it will be the powerful few who will form one world government. Then we will lose our freedom, becoming slaves to the most powerful people in the world. There is only a very few corporations that have control over ninety per cent of our food, services, and our oil, coal, gas and energy. We will be at their mercy.

That’s why there won’t be any anarchy. The government is not going to collapse resulting in anarchy. The corporations won't let that happen. They will have full control over of our lives.

This one of the reasons that the world we once knew is over. It is a new world but, it won’t be a popular one.



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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that cutting corporate taxes is not what we need right now. The Occupy Wall Street/similar protests around the country are really getting people to think about this.


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