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Updated on June 9, 2016

A truly sad and pathetic parent, you are a soldier that joined the Army to run away from our child, to run away from your obligations as a parent. You pretended your child did not exist for a decade, you ignored them, you visit your hometown and not your child. What type of a parent does that? What parent has no emotional bond, no sense of obligation?

You are an embarrassment as a parent, son, human being. You are an immature, self absorbed, conceited asshole. Your child waits for you, angry, hurt, and loving. How can you be so blind to what is so blatantly obvious?

So while you enjoy your 4th wedding, married to a doctor, sitting on your ass while your sugar momma works, I will ensure our child's best interests, make sure they are cared for, loved and feels wanted. I will work hard to pay bills, make sure they have medical insurance, pay for braces, tuition, go to every swim meet and still work two jobs. I will sit every night for a dinner together, hear the day's gossip, make sure clothes are washed, tomorrow's lunches are packed and go to bed only to wake exhausted. I will not bad mouth you to my child, I will only show love. But our child is forgetting you, forgetting your face, the face they only saw a few times in the past 14 years, forgetting who you are. Our child is MY child, only my child. Forever in my heart, my thoughts. My child means everything to me.

When did it become acceptable to walk away? When did society say this is OK? Too many children are left. I am tired of hearing a parent won't see a child because they despise the custodial parent, all excuses! When did it become in to be so selfish?


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