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Lost His Leg But Not His Love For The USA - Sgt. Stanlyn Green

Updated on May 4, 2011

US Marine Corps War Monument

Honoring A Hero

My nephew Sgt. Green, age 29 is one of the most bravest men in the world.

At 17 he joined the marines. He is a very hyperactive, fit, adventurous, daring person that loves his country enough to die for her.

He has had numerous close calls. A bullet grazed his chest, shrapnel hit his face, an enemy bomb exploded beside him, his friend said, " I didn't believe in God until I seen you were still alive."

Many more treacherous things has happened that would shock the mind of the common civilian.

Being in special forces he spent most of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan tracking and removing terrorist involving extremely dangerous feats and other discomforts like not getting to bath or shave for 4 months at a time in the hot burning desert sand.

Since the age of 17 every 4 years he re-enlisted as a marine and continued to fight even when war was declared he gave his service to his country.

In October 2009 in Afghanistan Sgt. Green and a fellow comrade was assigned to stake out a most wanted terrorist. Sgt. Green went ahead to start the lookout with his comrade some distance behind. He encountered the terrorist and they begin hand to hand combat. Sgt. Green had him somewhat subdued after an intense duel - trained struggle. He had the terrorist stripped of his weapons. He planned to spare the prisoner and bring him in for questioning, but during wrestle the terrorist prisoner grabbed Sgt. Green's gun and aimed for the kill. Sgt. Green was able to knock the aim toward the ground, but not before it's powerful explosive blow pounded a bullet into his ankle area making a massive hole.

Meanwhile somewhere in the middle of the chaos the comrade was with him, but I am uncertain when exactly he showed up. The terrorist was killed after the shooting. Being very far from any help proved very dangerous for his gushing wound. Comrade took off for help leaving Sgt. Green all alone having passing in and out of consciousness on the hot desert sand.

Being special forces they were in more remote areas and could only travel by twos. The terrorist was encountered sooner than planned apparently.

He tied his shirt around the wound to try to stop the profuse bleeding, but could not stop it while excruciating throbs of pain wrecked through his body.

He thought of his family back home, his Godly praying momma that spent many sleepless nights on her knees praying for his safety.

He thought of his children, " Will they have to grow up fatherless?"

Having been served divorce papers in Iraq, his marriage dissolved only adding to the loneliness of the battlefield.

St. Green begin to cry out God for mercy and help in his desperate moment. God heard him and gave him much comfort.

He had his cell phone and thought about calling home, but he did not want to bring a scare though he did long to tell them goodbye seeing that obviously he was bleeding to death.

Two seemingly endless long hours went by when the medic copter flew over his remote location and landed.

The emergency team immediately tended to the wound, seeing he was bleeding to death begin to administer blood transfusions. They said that if they had arrived less than five minutes later he would have been gone.

The bullet was designed to explode into thousands of pieces within it's target. Being shot from a close angle made the effect even worse shattering his ankle into powder and breaking his leg. The hole was around grapefruit size or bigger.

They took him to Germany to the highly equipped army hospital where the family was informed and many surgeries and procedures begin, putting pens and wires all through his ankle and leg.

Having lost over half of his blood his life weighed in the balances, but slowly begin to revive.

With some time spent in Germany he was flown back to Washington DC for further surgeries. The doctors desired to amputate, but then decided to try to save it.

After undergoing multiple surgeries he was flown back to home state. With extreme high powered antibiotics, yet he still sustained increasing infection in his leg. With his liver and kidneys in danger the doctors ordered amputation of most of his leg below the knee. He is still in good spirits he just keeps saying, " I would be dead if it wasn't for my praying momma!"

He was very strong through his painful ordeal keeping his wit and sense of humor, not wanting anyone to feel sorry for him. While he lay in pain in the hospital bed, though it was between moans and in a soft voice, he still managed to keep the whole room laughing.

This brave hero received his purple heart for his unwavering acts of allegiance to his country and his soul commitment to preserve the freedom we enjoy everyday in this blessed USA. That is something that even losing a leg could not take away from this fearless patriot.

So with Sgt. Green I say, " God Bless America!" "Support our troops and pray for their safety as they go into harms way everyday!"

Please enjoy these songs I have dedicated to him!

Stanlyn with his friend

On My Watch Tonight - Marine Tribute

A Few Good Men by Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither Vocal Band


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    • nigelking profile image


      9 years ago from Planet Earth - I think!

      Fantastic story - I feel conected to this one.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      A wonderful piece of writing and a great way to raise awareness, you should be proud, for mobility is a big thing but life is more important and sgt green should be so proud, you may find my blogs interesting,

      Best wishes and many thanks,


    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      9 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

    • Hydrau1 profile image


      9 years ago

      I feel for Sargent Green, not as a victim of war but from accident. Having mobility taken from you in a life changing split second in time can be physiologically overwhelming. He is going to have a lifetime of recovery. Sad to hear what the result of war is doing, we hear a lot about the odd few that die, but we don't hear about the living wounded quite as much. Statistics are really changing when you consider over 80% of amputations use to be caused by ill health, now it is almost 50/50 with trauma. These issues need to be talked about more in order ot raise awareness. Well written. Stephen


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