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Lost Patience with Gaza

Updated on November 24, 2012

Is there a logical explanation as to why the people living in Gaza shouldn’t be living peacefully and just getting on with there lives.

They could have been, as could the people of the West Bank or so called Palestine. Therefore the question arises - Why aren’t they?

The answer to this and many others that concern the Islamic led countries is simple - leadership and the succumbing to radical fundamental movements. This Hub will deal with Gaza and not the entire Middle East.

Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip unilaterally in 2005 with the intent of the Palestinians setting up self rule and laying down the foundations for a state. Instead of this happening the Hamas movement in a very bloody and deadly coup in 2007 took over and began ruling the Gaza strip.

The Hamas movement is an extreme Islamic Terrorist Group and funded by Iran. It has one major item on its agenda - the annihilation of the State of Israel. This agenda comes before the welfare of the people living in Gaza. In order to justify its existence the Hamas that have violently taken power in Gaza have been instrumental in firing missiles, or allowing other fundamentalist groups to fire the same missiles into Israeli cities and towns. Not at Israeli military basis but into towns with the aim of killing Israeli woman and children. The missiles are fired from within civilian neighborhoods, adjacent to homes, hospitals and mosques. Very few are launched from fields.

Thus, as in the fundamentalistic Islamic tradition they endanger the lives of their own brethren themselves.

The actions of the Hamas regime, working under the auspices of Iran, were mainly pointed in the direction of terror in Israel. The Arab fundamentalist has no value for life - it’s own or any one else - the suicide bombers are abundant. If the Hamas had turned towards living and not death the Gaza strip would have been the fore front of a Palestinian state.

The commerce with Israel could have boosted the Gaza economy, lost jobs in Israel that Palestinians had, regained, as well as factories being built. Instead of this the Hamas turned to violence and Iran. The Iranians pour money in and instead of building a country arms are purchased.

No one is threatening the existence or even wants this strip of land. There is therefore no threat to the people of Gaza from outside the strip. The threat is only within the Gaza.

Without going too far back let’s look at the history of Gaza. Gaza was under Egyptian military rule until the 6 day war in 1967. In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed a peace agreement. Gaza should have been given back to the Egyptians in the 1979 peace agreement, but Egypt did not want this piece of land.

This fact that no one is posing any threat to the strip could have led to the building of a sound economical entity.


The violent missile launches have brought about retaliations from Israel. I think that it should be understood that Israel has the power and has always had the public support from within to put a stop to these vicious attacks. But, Israel has and will always have a policy of restraint, no matter what political party is in power.

Let’s take a pause and look at the worlds democratic and western countries, not to mention the various “righteous” dictatorships around the world. Which country in the world would allow any entity to fire for 13 years missiles at its cities? This is the question that anyone criticizing Israeli actions should ask themselves. Would they condone the firing of missiles into their cities and towns for years? The Palestinian issue is then brought up - but let’s not forget - there is no Palestinian issue in Gaza. Israel has totally withdrawn and Gaza could have total self rule.

The next argument that will be raise is the blockade. The blockade is only against weapons and ammunition. It is not against any normal day to day products. Lets also not forget that the Egyptian Gaza Crossing point is under Egyptian control. Israel has no jurisdiction at all at this border crossing.

To elaborate on the blockade issue. Israel imposed the blockade long after it pulled out of Gaza. There were no intentions of having it, and the intentions were to enable free skies after a short trial period. What happened instead - the Hamas took over power and the violent attacks on Israel began.

War is a terrible thing, and mostly unnecessary. Israel has never looked for war - it has always been imposed on Israel.

Anyone refuting this - just look at History.

Israel had reached a breakpoint in tolerance as a result of endless missile attacks on Israeli cities, as has happened in the past in the North. This led to the need to stop the attacks.

There were two ways to stop the missile attacks. The most logical - Gaza stops firing them and begins getting on with its life. The second - Israel stops them. Gaza left Israel no choice. The Hamas didn’t even stop firing the missiles when the Egyptian Prime Minister visited for two hours. During those two hours Israel stopped all activities.

Hamas has once again as mentioned above brought the people living in Gaza to hell. It uses the civilian population as live shields operating from within the population.

Israel’s actions as can be seen by the very accurate and precise hitting of targets is once gain a proof of the high value Israel puts on human life. The fight is with Hamas and the other fundamentalist Islamic groups such as the Jihad and the Salafis. The killing of the Hamas Commander in Chief was precise clean and surgical without any, I repeat, any collateral damage anywhere near the vehicle. Israel uses specially built technologies in order to make all efforts to ensure no civilian casualties.

The fact that the fundamentalist Arab who has no value of life, places its armaments and weapon stockyards in civilian buildings. Think of yourselves and how you would feel if your government stored missiles in your basement. Then whenever they felt like it fired from next to your yard at the Zionist enemy, who in the past gave you a job and in the present still supply your electricity and fuel. This is the situation in Gaza.

It is probably beyond the comprehension of most western societies to understand Israel and the Middle East.

Israel, an ultra modern country with the most advanced technologies with all major companies having very advanced R & D here, the worlds most advanced public health system, a democracy , and yet having to live under constant threats of war, missile attacks and terrorism.

To make matters worse, the whole world has for whatever reason Israel under its microscope. Massacres in Africa, a bloody civil war in Syria, total disregard for human rights in North Korea, all these are of no interest to most of the free world. Human suffering around the globe is irrelevant to the West. Israel is and any moves made by it are immediately analyzed and often criticized, when most of the actions are self defense.

Then we have the volatile Middle East with Islamic fundamentalism rising, and spilling onto Israeli borders - in the South with Gaza and now Egypt, and in the North with Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Islamic Fundamentalists do not want peace with Israel. They want to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth.

In this reality Israel needs to navigate. Israel even now in this latest offensive supplies Gaza with electricity from Israeli power stations, the same ones that may be hit by missiles fired by the fundamentalists.

This makes any offensive very complicated and surgical. Yet it is necessary if Islamic Fundamentalism is to be eradicated from Israeli borders and peace achieved for Israeli cities. The outcome would immediately be a great improvement in the lives of all those living in Gaza.

To sum up it would be wise to remember the following:

The most significant difference between the Arab enemies of Israel and Israel are:

If Israel rules over a land it builds schools, health care, roads infrastructure and creates jobs and commerce.

If the Arabs conquer Israel - they will kill all the Jewish inhabitants and all the Arab ones who are believed to have been cooperating with Israel. Just go into Youtube (Gaza Execution) and see how the Hamas publicly executed people thought to be cooperating with Israel and then dragged their bodies with vehicles through Gaza. This is the regime Israel needs to deal with.

Think of the all the above when trying to understand the Gaza strip, Middle East and Israel , the only true democracy in the region.

Israel does not have two chances.


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