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Lots To Do

Updated on March 31, 2019

Brown is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, March 31, 2019. Our dear friend, Brown, is at the stove preparing Pineapple Omelettes for our pleasure. I will be adding to the fun by preparing a batch of French Lattes. Brown is looking to the future. The sad part is that the Dems are stuck in a rut, still singing the same old tired song. The Mueller debacle must be put to rest. The naysayers must be ignored. If any investigating is to go on, it should be for the sole purpose of exposing those that planned to get rid of President Trump from day one. We already have a pretty good idea of who is responsible for this witch-hunt. It's time to put their collective feet to the fire. This kind of nightmare must end, and it can never happen again. The only way to restore our trust in government is to deal with the guilty and show the American people that there are consequences to trying to overthrow the president. This task is one of many in the days, weeks and months ahead. Please join Brown and me for breakfast and a chat. We'll leave the door open.


Order More Handcuffs

The list of people anxious to destroy President Trump is large, and calling out for attention. You can't concoct a lavish and bizarre scheme to nullify an election and get away with it. If this Russian insanity of a hoax isn't properly dealt with, this kind of despicable behavior will repeat itself. We simply cannot allow that to happen. The two long years that this fraud went on has taken a toll on the American psyche. Our trust in government, which was never that solid, has been shattered. To see the FBI and DOJ compromised by ugly players seeking to unseat our president is a spectacle of hideous proportions. We need to see that trust restored. The best way to do it is to let the wheels of justice turn and reveal the real colluders, manipulators and liars. This is what the "doctor" ordered for our nation. It's the only way we can accomplish a speedy recovery.


An Antidote for What Ails Us

Once the bad "guys" are rounded up and dealt with, we must fix the mess at the border. If we allow thousands of migrants to invade our nation, we won't have a nation to worry about. Our immigration laws aren't working. The part of the law dictating that anyone stepping one foot on American soil gets to stay is insane. Our facilities are bursting at the seams. The border patrol has been forced to let thousands of people go. Exactly, where are they going? Once they disappear into our cities and towns, they become part of the landscape. The severity of our problems will mushroom because of the invasion. It's time to wake up and deal with reality. The Democrats are deaf and blind to the problem because they see all these invaders as voters. President Trump and his party have to get the message out to all Americans that we will all be in danger if we don't rein in this problem. Every aspect of American life will be affected. In fact, the effects are already showing. We have overflowing emergency rooms and escalating crime. Our children and grandchildren are losing their lives to drugs and thugs. America has to get the message, and they need to get it now. Sadly, President Trump will have to try to come to grips with this problem by exercising all his powers as Chief Executive of the Nation. He can expect not a scintilla of help from the Democrats. Shame on every single one of them for putting partisan politics before country.


Medicine for Healthcare

The Democrats are running around spreading the word the Medicare for All is the solution to our healthcare problem. I doubt that anyone, including the Dems, know what that means. Medicare is not free, so those looking for something for nothing will be disappointed. Medicare costs real money, and it is paid for by real people who have paid into the system for all their working lives. The last thing anyone should want in this nation is a government run healthcare system. Once Medicare is extended to everyone, decision making for the individual will be thrown aside. You can count on it. What we do need is a plan that actually works for patients and doctors. There have to be experts out there with great solutions for administering healthcare effectively. Those experts are not in the halls of Congress. President Trump should and must seek out these people and get them to formulate a plan that insures those with pre-existing conditions, and that is affordable. Part of the plan should be to place a ban on prescription drug advertising. Most other countries do not allow such advertising. It benefits no one and wastes millions of dollars. Strict government control is not the answer. It drives away the best and brightest in our nation, who can't reconcile the tremendous cost of a medical education with the rewards later on. The free market has to be given a chance. The results might just be amazing. In any case, time is of the essence and the Republicans had better have a plan at the ready. The election will come sooner than we think, and we have a great deal of work to do.


Keep Our Antenna Up

We have to remain alert to certain events unfolding in front of our eyes. While we try to get our ducks in a row and our house in order, there are others who are challenging our laws and trying to bring about unwanted change. Bernie Sanders is a perfect example. Besides being an out of touch Socialist he has hired an illegal immigrant as his press secretary. Effectively he is daring ICE to deport her. Whether or not she should be deported is one thing, but it isn't up to Bernie Sanders to fly in the face of our laws. His disrespect for our laws is shocking and should disqualify him from trying to run for president. In a perfect world the voters would reject him and everything he stands for. I am betting that will happen.

Those who love this country and want to see it prosper should pay particular attention to this new crop of Democrats who are anxious to turn all of our lives upside down. There is now talk of extending the vote to 16 year olds. If things go the way the Dems want it to go, these 16 year olds will go to the polls high on marijuana. The Electoral College is also at risk. Most of those calling for its demise think it's an actual institution of higher learning!

The point of all this is simple. We need to get to work, demand results and remain vigilant.

Brown's Song

Don't know when I've felt so down

Democrats are all in town

Don't it turn my brown eyes blue.


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