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Love alone can achieve harmony in the world and not bombs or weapons!

Updated on September 7, 2014

We need peace and not war!

Love is the only panacea for the ills of the world!

Force has never achieved any aims. The leaders are given to thinking that they can browbeat others into submission. Sadly, it is not true! We have witnessed many conflicts, civil wars and world wars! What they brought to humanity? It is poverty, draught and escalation of immoral activities of the disgruntled youth affected by the wars. It is the growing unemployment problems, instable governments and the selfish goals of the leaders thwarted the genuine aims of the people. What people need is minimal like food for hunger, water for thirst, to cover their bodies and a place to rest. What the government offered in turn is horrible. People were driven out of their habitats due to war. They land in refugee camps which lack any facility. The food and water is at the mercy of non-government organizations, Red Cross and other philanthropic people. How people can live in peace when there is continuous hovering of war jets and bombing. None will be able to sleep out of fear. This is the saddest conditions that prevail in many countries around the world. Hardly there are very few countries which are unaffected by the manmade disasters. But they taste the nature’s furies in the form of flash flood, earthquake and the resultant tsunamis. Now there is no place on earth where man can live safely or peacefully!

Why the world is assailed by such continuous troubles? Who is responsible for such an abysmal state? It is only man who has to be solely held responsible since he has brazenly interfered with nature, exploited them and disturbed the eco systems beyond rectification. God has given us this beautiful earth with all resources to live happily and peacefully. But the selfishness and greediness of most of the people has resulted in such a horrific situation. Since each country and their leaders are facing many problems due to internal disturbances, revolt by the civil societies etc., there is practically no administration in many countries of the world. In addition, some powerful blocks play the big brother game and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries in one pretext or other. This has resulted in terrorist outfits taking the advantage of unrest in those countries; they slowly regroup in such disturbed countries to further their interest. We have witnessed in the last century many wars, though abated temporarily seaming with unrest. The Afghanistan and Iraq are the cases in point. The superpowers cannot keep their forces forever since it will involve large spending on maintenance of defense forces, their logistics etc. The problem is they cannot abruptly pull out from those zones since lot of tasks remains to be done which the local government is not in a position to tackle. The world has become more vulnerable to threats from terrorists since they use the modern technologies to their advantage. Hence terrorists sitting anywhere in the globe can direct their outfits to assault the innocent public. Terror cannot be rooted out from the world unless there is radical change in the mind set of terrorists. It is like cybercrime. For each cyber-attack, the authorities are inventing newer means to tackle the same. Weapons and bombs were invented primarily for self-defense but the manufacturers want the wars to escalate so that their defense systems can be sold to the countries which are in need of. Alfred Nobel has not invented ‘dynamite’ for destruction. But fallen into wrong hands, it is utilized for making bombs to destroy human communities. Has any leader of countries, owned responsibility for killing civilian population. They will blatantly give excuses stating that the terrorists are using ‘human shield”. Let the United Nations publish statistics of innocent people caught unaware in the cross fire. It is really inhuman to bomb other territories in the pretext of decimating the terrorists!

How many times the UN General Council has met? How many times the UN Security councils have deliberated? What the peace keeping forces has achieved anywhere in the globe? Sri Lanka is one such country where ethnic populations lived along with the other citizens. For the purpose of catching power, Tamils and Muslims were deliberately discriminated by many successive Sri Lankan Governments. The resulted in the never ending conflicts between Tamil tigers led by Prabakaran and the government. Only after killing all the terrorists and decimating lakhs of innocent Tamils, the government says that peace has ushered. But at what cost? How much money has been spent? What is the present economic status of once beautiful country? The leaders of each country have to learn bitter lessons if they want democracy to return to the citizens. With inventions which are supposed to help the poor, only the business community is thriving everywhere and the politicians are at the mercy of the business and commercial houses. Yes, the world can never become peaceful by force.

Every individual living on this earth has to practice peace in the home. When each home remains at peace, the community or society will remain at peace. When the societies remain peaceful, the country will remain at peace. Many more Buddha and Gandhi are the need of the hour in the present global scenarios. Let each one become good adopting moral and righteous ways of living. Let them adopt the teachings of great spiritual stalwarts lived in the world. Let Love reign in all the hearts of the people. Love can achieve anything!


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