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Doesn't "Make America Great Again" Imply You're Not Happy With America?

Updated on July 30, 2019
paulnprov profile image

I have been politically active for at least 15 years and will continue to voice my opinion, despite the inevitable backlash.

I'm having trouble dealing with the new resurgence of "love it or leave it." It's received a lot of press lately, since Trump's crowd told a few freshman congresswomen they should return to their home country, despite most being born in the USA. This mantra isn't new and apparently, isn't going away soon.

First, I want to get the hypocrisy on the table, right out of the gate. "Make America great again" is indicative of not being happy with America. The conservative's two most used mantras are in stark contrast to each other. How do they not see this? Better yet, why aren't the Democrats calling them out on this obvious contradiction?

Also, if you have issues in your real life, do you run away from them or do you face the challenge and fix it? "love it or leave it" seems like a defeatist statement. I wouldn't tell my children to quit or run away every time they didn't like something. The conservatives are always going off on how the system is indoctrinating their children, the hypocrisy of that could be another full article. Teaching your children to leave something rather than fixing it, is a terrible lesson!

I have no problem with wanting to fix the country, the problem is how should we fix it. Which I'm not going to go into, because this is about the hypocrisy of "Make America great again" vs "love it or leave it." You can't have it both ways. Again, this is not new. The first thing that comes to mind is Archie Bunker. Archie used the term "love it or leave it" as far back as the early '70s and it's a term that will not go away. I'd like to be instrumental in making it go away, by pointing out the contradiction, but I don't see that happening soon.

I have no political allegiance!

Before I go on, I feel I should tell you I don't consider myself a liberal or conservative. Though my profile picture clearly contradicts that, seeing that I'm playing a guitar with my Beatles t-shirt on, I get it. I'll admit to being left-leaning, but I have some conservative views. Mostly, it's about labels. I don't like them and they aid in the divisiveness, that is already over the top in this country. If I were to go deeper into the analysis of right vs. left, I would go into how both parties are two sides of the same coin, but I'll refrain.

Love it and fix it?

So, what's the alternative to love it or leave it? Should it just go away, or be replaced? Would it go away if the contradiction was pointed out more often? Would conservatives admit they're wrong? Never going to happen and probably wouldn't happen if this mantra came from the left. One of the biggest reasons I have no political party of choice is adhering to a belief system based on an obligation to a certain party. Too often I see people of both parties towing a political agenda based on the party's stance, rather than weighing the facts. Facts are becoming scarce on the political landscape, seeing how they usually get in the way of opinion. Hence, some media outlets now claiming to be "opinion-based" rather than news or factual. Wanting to better your country seems obvious. To say only one party is unhappy with their country is ridiculous. Considering the multitude of issues, it's inevitable people will be unhappy, of course, they will, but ridiculing the left and asking them to leave when your slogan is an obvious cry of dissatisfaction, seems very wrong! Left and right will never see eye to eye, but if we could at least admit this country needs fixing and will always be a work in progress, we'd be closer to less divisiveness! I can dream, right?

Can't we all just get along?

I'm thinking the title above is going to provoke a smirk from some. The world and this country need fixing, but the divisiveness is increasing, not decreasing. I believe this is by design. As much as it sounds like a conspiracy theory, I think there are forces at work, to keep us divided. It's called divide and conquer and it's not that huge of a leap to believe TPTB are responsible. There's a theory that we naturally gravitate towards one hemisphere of the brain or the other. Maybe you've heard the term "left or right brain?" theorizing that one of two hemispheres of the brain dominate our decision making process. The right is dominated by the left hemisphere and the left is dominated by the right hemisphere. Meaning, if this theory is true, we are destined to pick our political alligence early on and innately. If we could put our differences aside and base our opinions from our own discernment and not have it fed to us by the tv and other sources of influence, maybe we would have a fighting chance!


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