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Love takes Hate

Updated on April 13, 2016

Hate to live by

Generation hatred: this is the worst type of hate. Generational rhetoric is fed to children who end up with the same hatred that fuels their insane parents. This has gone on for centuries. How can we stop the pollution of a young mind, temper a growing animosity, or deter a cause that children embrace like it is their birthright?

A never endless process
A never endless process | Source

Historical hate

Everyone hears of a better way, a better life, and a better world; however, that world is corrupted by violence, painted in gore and hidden by lies. It is a world within ourselves, within our hearts and within our minds. We all agree, yet fail to be free. It remains a concept…an idea beyond our grasp.

Instead, we are inundated with images of blood, acts of senseless terror that shows no sign of stopping, no ability to be killed and impossible to eradicate.

Hate is hard to kill…vicious ideas survive, for fighting words requires truth, and truth depends on your attitude. As long as angry murderers poison young minds with their invective, that ugly attitude will persist.

Images of shame…visions of human neglect show the lack of a global brotherhood, a world adrift in darkness, existence marred by a religion of revenge…a religion of death.

Instead of peace we see war…instead of kindness, we see malice. CNN reports what is relevant, and bad men fuel misguided media sources with acts of insanity; actions that inflict suffering, and kill innocents. Instead of love, we only see hate…hate leaves a vision of bloodshed that tears our righteous souls.

Brutal violence becomes a poisonous tonic fed to children…kids that grow in hate and mature through lies. Blinded by murderous passion, they are drilled in death, imbued with slaughter and fixated on destruction; they are urged to kill on a massive scale. No man an island, they scour continents, their souls twisted into murderous machines intent on maximizing their kills. Extermination becomes their goal, their minds manipulated by disgust for humanity, distaste for democracy. They maim and kill with no regrets, their dream a death of devastation.

They live to hate and hate to live, never to share…never to give.

Through hate filled eyes, they hide behind children and wives…with blinded views and lying tongues, they seek to kill and use the young. Steered and controlled by leaders in loss of life, fatalities mount as new bombs are found. Maximizing damage…extending obliteration, the goal is annihilation of angels.

Bloodshed burns their inner soul, demolition delights their hate-filled eyes; to kill the innocent, to burn the bystanders, and lay waste to the innocent and free.

The desolation of abomination runs through their minds. The world must follow their hearts and fight this brutal band of bullies; do something to protect their children, for only love can cure hate…only peace can stop war. Hate falters when fighting love. Man makes a religion that enflames Earthly passions; but God’s religion renews our strength, and the righteous shall mount up with wings like eagles

Dana Fitzgerald ©.


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