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Loved Ones Locked Up

Updated on March 10, 2014

How do you cope when a friend or family member is in jail? There are many ways, I'm sure, but there are two main ways that seem to work the best.

If you keep in touch with your friend or family member, you can still keep that connection with them. You'll be in their life, and give them hope of returning. They'll feel like they still have someone who cares, and you'll still have them as well. If you were to cease contact, they may feel like they have no hope of ever getting out, and no one to return home to. You may feel like you've lost them and will never get them back.

Whether it be from another friend or family member, or even a support group, you should find someone to talk to. Tell them how you feel about your loved one being gone. Never be ashamed to express your true feelings. Perhaps you feel angry at them for committing the crime in the first place. Maybe you're just sad that you can't see them, and you feel lonely without them. You may simply need a friend to talk to who will provide support in this tough time.

No matter what, don't give up hope. Also, don't let them give up hope. It may be hard for you to deal with them gone, but think about how hard it must be for them being gone. They know you're alone and feeling blue. They feel bad about it, and have much more time than you to think about just how bad they feel. Both sides are hurt, and that's why you need to be there for each other. Whether they did something bad or not, they're your friend or family. Right now more than ever, they need you.

Are you currently struggling with a loved one locked up? If you are, know you're not alone. There are others who are too.

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