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Lying About Racism

Updated on October 17, 2009

Tea Party March on Washington 2009

Warning: this is a long Hub. As Mark Twain once said, "If I had more time I would have made this shorter." So proceed with caution if you are short on time!

I am sick to death of the Dinosaur Dying Mass Media (DDMM) perpetuating a liberal point of view. One of the more egregious things the DDMM does is assist in the furtherance of false racism accusations particularly when it is used against a Christian, or Conservative or Republican. Jimmy Carter – probably THE worst President in HISTORY did this, DDMM talking heads and Janeane Garofalo is one of the more recent abusers of this nonsense.

Liar and twit extraordinaire – Garofalo made some mind-boggling, accusations recently on the Bill Marr program (I didn’t see the whole program, just saw clips of her ridiculous statements). She’s a liar we know because when she took the job of actor in the conservatively written T.V. series “24” she boasted about not coming to work on the set the day Rush Limbaugh visited. Turns out - Limbaugh only visited the set one time and that was a few years before Garofalo was ever hired. Ooops – liar, liar, pants on fire!

Why would I give this “activist” as the DDMM like to proudly label her -- and her latest rant any credence whatsoever? Because she reflects an evil – yes evil – trend of the Democratic left movement that has taken over this country. One of the things we citizens are held hostage to is the scary trend that if one complains about or criticizes President Obama – one risks being called a racist. This warped and wicked dominion we call our current U.S. administration wants all dissenting voices silenced and one very good way to shut someone up is to call them a racist. No matter where you stand – when one is accused of racism – it stops the accused in their tracks. The immediate reaction is to defend oneself. To be fair –this holds true for a real racist or one falsely accused of racism. It’s a show stopping, issue choking, straw-man and the left uses it deftly.

Garofalo said the “Tea Baggers” were so obviously racist and anyone with half a brain should be able to see this from a mile away. She then went on to say this country has a long history of racism and the Republican party has been the standard bearer for a “white supremacy” movement since the country’s inception.

Gee – let me take a swift look at history and pick some names out of a hat – Senator Byrd – KKK Dude – Republican, right? Al Gore Sr. – voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act – hmmm – MUST have been a Republican-OOOOOPS – he was a Democrat! Silly me! Then another name…let me see if I can recall – George…George Wallace – I’m seeing Federal Marshalls in Alabama-a Governor NOT too fond of THE LAW OF THE LAND – who didn’t want you know – THOSE people in his schools…Now HE was a REPUBLICAN – righto?? Dang – HE WAS A DEMOCRAT?? Gee whiz --wrong again!

Hey Ms. Garofalo – it was DEMOCRATS who voted FOR the Civil Rights Act – so I can see…huh? Excuse me? The majority of Democrats who voted FOR the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was considerably smaller than the majority of REPUBLICANS who voted FOR it? MY BAD!

In the House of Representatives, the vote was 152 Democrats for, 96 against; 138 Republicans for, 34 against. That is, 61% of the Democrats and 80% of the Republican members of Congress voted to pass the bill.

In the Senate, 46 Democrats voted for and 21 against; 27 Republicans voted for, and only 6 voted against the bill. That makes 69% of the Dems and 82% of the Repubs senators voted to pass the law.

Oh – Ms. Garofalo isn’t really a LIAR she’s just remarkably DUMB and flaps her lips without any FACTS? I see…

OK – let’s keep following Garofalo and her ilk’s Logic Train. When President Obama was inaugurated – he had an 83% approval rating. That’s not a poll of Democrats or Garrofalo’s leftist buddies – that was a look at the cross section of our whole nation. Not just those who voted for him – it was a snap-shot – so to speak – of the American people as a whole. The best approval ratings EVER of any President when compared to all the other inauguration approval ratings. The U.S. is a racist nation? Choo Choo...

Now - does this mean there aren’t any racists in this country? Ahhh – DUH – NO! But for those who don’t get it – let me be clear – THERE WILL ALWAYS BE RACISTS – not just in this country- but in this world. The bigger, stronger majority will often pick on a smaller group – it just depends upon where you are in the world . I lived in Germany for three years in the early 1980’s. Jews were still not very popular in Germany nor were the Turks. It was a curious thing to observe. In Iraq it was the Kurds. In ancient Rome it was the Jews and the Christians. In my Albany, NY suburb High School of Whites, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Cubans and Asians – Asians were picked on. In a shameful chapter of American history- it was African slave trading. The examples are endless.

Groups in a position of majority or power and/or both will attempt to keep other groups they don’t like for some inexplicable reason "down.” It’s a sad, sad fact of life.

Just like there will ALWAYS be poor in this world. Is either situation good? NO! Is either situation something to be ignored or brushed aside? Of course not! But the WORST thing anyone can do is to FALSELY AND REPEATEDLY ACCUSE OTHERS OF RACISM. It dilutes the REALITY of what real racism is. It teaches the WRONG THING to our young people when we trivialize and LIE about the real roots of racism! It causes those who are fighting racism as victims to appear to have less credibility. It makes those who are truly victimized by racism suspicious to those who simply don't GET IT when the victim speaks out. It's the old – Cry Wolf- syndrome. “Oh yeah – SURE they’re being discriminated against! BALONEY! I’ve heard THAT a million times and half the time it’s a bunch of bull!

We as individuals can make our own difference in this battle. You can be an “ambassador” in your own unique and special way to compensate for those in this world who cling to useless and wrong prejudices. I use myself as an example – not because I’m so great – but because I’m trying to show that one person CAN make a difference.

My father – I swore- was the inspiration for the Archie Bunker character on a sitcom I used to watch as a child called “All in the Family.” As an only child, it was horrible growing up being ashamed of your father. He was a mean, verbally abusive, trigger-tempered bigot – and the guilt I had for hating him almost crippled me emotionally. I have in my adult years forgiven him totally and reconciled these feelings – may God rest his soul - but that journey is a whole other Hub/blog.

I VOWED – as much as I possibly could – I would be the opposite of my father. I dated any race – my friends were a variety of races. When the Lord blessed me with children – my girls had black, brown and Asian dolls admittedly much to the surprise of my Italian family. Even prompting one lovely Aunt to take me aside and ask, "Weren't there enough WHITE Cabbage Patch dolls for Amber?" To which I lovingly replied, "Yes, there were plenty, but it's a good thing for my children to know there are many races in this world and a great place to start is with their dolls".

My son had G.I. Joes - and they were always mixed races so we were good there. My husband and I did not refer to others by skin color or race as my father used to, My father couldn't speak without labels. “That Jew.” Or “That black woman.” Then – when I became a follower of Christ in my heart, making Jesus Christ my whole heart, I began not just to read the Bible, but to study it. If you don’t believe in God – I’m sorry for you – because He believes in You. He made you – you have His fingerprints all over you. YOU are HIS wonderful and wondrous creation. He made us all - skin color is irrelevant to God.

It was in my two decades of daily Bible reading and Bible study that reinforced the fact – God does not look at skin. He sees the Heart. He knows your heart and that is what matters. When we all stand in judgment before Him He’s not going to say, “So – Carol – nice olive skin!” (I am of Italian heritage on both sides of my family). He’s probably going to ask, “Carol, how did you best express my unconditional love to others?”

I have tried to live my life every single day being kind to people, being generous, to help others including animals (I have done animal rescue for two decades). I’ve taught my children to do the same and as adults – I believe the lessons were learned by my now grown children.

I don’t do it perfectly, but I try to live my life as an example that racism can be stopped despite your upbringing – and it begins with each and every one of us. Does it mean bigotry will disappear just because I am making this effort? Of course not. But I’m doing my part and I'll keep trying to do my best to make a difference in my tiny portion of the world that I live in.

As an Army wife of 30+ years I’ve lived in every corner of the U.S. – and in-between – Tacoma,WA, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, New York, California, Michigan, Germany just to name some of the places I’ve lived. The very first time I heard anyone use the “N” word in my life outside of a historical context or in the novel “Gone With the Wind” was in Georgia. I was stunned into speechlessness (not a common occurrence with me – I have a tongue that can shred and the moxie to use it). I was a young new wife and all I did was walk away. I vowed after that to speak up and speak out when I would hear others use racial “jokes (they’re not funny), or one of my favorites “I’m not a racist but…” which ALWAYS means the next thing out of their mouth will be laced with bigotry.

I don’t always do it. Sometimes I'm so stunned by what comes out of people's mouths, it's hard to think of any come-back. Sometimes - I just screw up and shut up. But most of the time - I say something. I often use a bit of humor to get my point across.

Example - in a work situation – we were gathered at a lull in our work-day and one of the women said (everyone was “white” in the office) “This might sound racist but…” and she told a stupid racist joke. So I said, “Well – it DID sound racist as a matter of fact and you know what ________? That makes me feel really uncomfortable! I feel all yeechy inside, know what I mean?” I said this with a smile – tilting my head, maintaining eye contact. No one in the office ever told a joke like that again and no one said another racist thing in my presence.

Now am I naive enough to think I “cured” the office racism? Nope. But at least I made it clear – THAT’S NOT COOL. STOP IT. We all can do at least that much.

When idiots – sorry but that’s exactly what Grafolo is – a complete idiot --paints a huge group of people with the broad brush of FALSE racism – they display THEIR narrow-mindedness. THEIR intolerance. THEIR DISREGARD for those who TRULY suffer from racism. What’s almost laughable is the Tea Party people are white, black, Hispanic, Asian. This group, these people, ME -- we speak out against Mr. Obama and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his skin color! It has to do with the darkness of his HEART. He’s a liar, an opportunist, an elitist and probably has a large dose of narcissism running through his veins. I judge him not only by his actions and the lies he’s told - (that one about not knowing Reverend Wright “said those things” after attending his church for TWENTY YEARS was a whopper – just as one example) but I judge him by the company he keeps. By their fruit you will know them…

Just because I’m a Christian does not mean I can’t judge the fruits of evil. Jesus overturned the tables and called the hypocrites just what they were – hypocrites.

Now – are there some jerks who ARE racists in this Tea Party group and other groups like it? Of COURSE there are- but I do not align myself with THEIR motives. Most of what I’ve read, witnessed, seen video of shows citizens – regardless of race – who totally disagree with the evil take-over of our country with those who have ZERO regard for the constitution and are FURUIOUS about it. They're not "afraid" of Mr. Obama's race. They're not mad because he's African American. 83% were THRILLED he was elected. That number has shrunk considerably and it has nothing to do with the color of Mr. Obama's skin.

Can we improve the world-view and racism that is still alive? Absolutely! So “let it begin with me.” Take up the cause – you can start in your neighborhood, in your town or city. It really doesn’t take much. Use humor, be blunt, find your comfort zone – but just do it. And don’t stop speaking out against an administration that ignores the very basics of what our Founding Father’s built this nation upon. When you do – expect the lying accusations of racism. Have a ready answer. “Balderdash! It has zero to do with the color of Mr. Obama’s skin – it has to do with his actions and the heart of the man!” And remember - YOU'RE NOT ALONE!


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    • ReuVera profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      Very good! I rated this hub "UP". Even if it is long, the read was easy. Many good points. How come that so many people don't see them...or don't WANT to see....

    • eovery profile image


      9 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Good hub

      Garofalo was correct, those with a half of a brain call this racism. Those of us with a full brain knows better.

      Way to call it Garofalo, we could not have said it better ourselves.

      Keep on hubbing!

    • cjv123 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Michigan

      Immartin - we don't have to agree - we can disagree with respect - so tell me like you see it - don't pull any punches - and I'll listen. I don't ONLY want to hear from those who are totally like-minded. I have a thick skin. But of course I'm glad when we CAN agree. Thanks for the feedback and about your uncle - well then they wrote a conglomeration of your uncle and my father! Sadly - people like Archie Bunker's character haven't gone away - and even more sadly - never will. We CAN make a difference though. It's worth a try! Thanks again!

    • lmmartin profile image


      9 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Hey, cjv123, at first glance I thought I'd be disagreeing with you but would read this anyway because I like your writing. Surprise! I do agree, 100%.

      Except for one thing, Archie Bunker was my uncle, not your dad.

    • jiberish profile image


      9 years ago from florida

      A little long :) but very informative. I believe that those who have a chance to travel and see other cultures are more tolerant. Keep Hubbing!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      9 years ago

      Brilliant and right on, that is all I have to say. These accusations of racism are absurd. Even the President would agree.!


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