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Updated on September 5, 2011

A well prepared speech.

If President Barack Obama's speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congrss on Thursday is lukewarm or flat, he will not only find the enthusiasm of even his ardent supporters waning, but also that of those, who just feel mere sympathy toward him.

It will be a make or break presentation, and everything that comes out of his mouth must be factual, as there has to be no room for rhetorical assertions. The least mistake on his part will be misconstrued and will be taken as untruth or even a bald faced lie; and that is not what people are expecting to see happening to a president, who they admire; and is considered sincere and trustworthy.

He must be straight forward with his remarks and pronouncements, and he has to sound convincing as a preacher speaking from a pulpit, or anything he utters will be taken with a grain of salt. A situation, which will not bode well for him, in his 2012 reelection attempt.

He is the first to know that the country's economy is a complete disaster. Unemployment has become the biggest problem his administration will ever face, and if nothing is done about it, the country will be ruined. It is at a tipping point of 9.1%, where millions of people are frustrated and cannot find any way out of a pretty bad situaion they regard as nothing less than an unwanted economic resession.

They cannot find employment, and therefore they are teetering on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, in order to take care of their families and keep their homes.

If unemployment goes up any farther, it will cause the end his government; and therefore, new policies must be implemented forthwith to forestall it from getting any worse.

That will be what his speech must be about; a plan to create jobs. That is what people expect him to produce; a job creation blue print, to start growing a slow economy that is groaning to come to a halt, and thus putting over 14 million able-bodied persons out of work.

America needs to have a strong economy, to be able to compete among fiscally responsible world markets. It must be able to pay off its national debt; be financially self sufficient and stable, and also to make sure that its people enjoyed a high standard of living, as has always been the case. Anything else will be deemed as mediocre.

That is the type of message the president must be ready to deliver; one of hope and prosperity. Mediocrity must be farthest from his mind, and from those of his listeners.

His opponents are preparing to chop off his head, politically, of course; and he must do his best to stop them from doing so.


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