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Updated on October 28, 2011

Must he be used like that?

Florida's Senator Marco Rubio is in the news lately for telling the story of how his parents exiled from Cuba to the United States. That will be a very simple matter, as many Cubans can have similar anecdotes of their families.

However, in his case, he has allegedly falsified some information, with respect to how and when his parents landed on the shores of this country as exiles. Date of arrival and the year in which that took place have all been muddled up.

As such, there has been no credibility in what he has told the media; and so he has become part of the 2012 presidential election campaign; and he has been kicked around a little bit by political strategists. He has not been fighting back, except to say that the discrepancies have been unintentional; and that he has narrated the story the same as he has remembered it.

More so, he has been eyed by the Republican Party leadership as one of the party's potentials to become the Vice-president, if it (party) should win next year's general election, and Mitt Romney or Rick Perry or Herman Cain became the president.

Yet, what makes the attacks that are being unleashed on him, for the many the versions of his parents migration, uncalled for is the fact that he himself has made something of his life. He is a Senator, and a good one at that too; or so do people say.

Whether the parents came before Castro grabbed power from Batista during the Cuban Revolution or not has got nothing to do with his personal achievements. Nevertheless, there was the possibility that both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party were using him, for their own objectives or political ends.

The bottom line is, Marco Rubio must not be used by any party to achieve its (party's) own whim and caprice.

On the one hand, as a Senator, his constituency is mainly Hispanic; and as Florida is a key swing State, he can use his good offices to get voters to cast their vote for the Republican candidate.

On the other hand, the Democrats see that as a disadvantage, and that is the reason why PAC (Political Action Committee), a wing of the Democratic Party, is raining a great deal of vitriol on the young man, to avoid him corralling the Cuban exile vote from going to President Barack Obama's opponent for the presidency.

He, Obama, is the undisputed Democratic standard bearer, and he will need the Hispanic support that has given him a win in Florida in 2008. So, the situation there has become pivotal, if not critical, for both parties.

The question is, will Rubio fit into the shoes of a Vice-president, if his party wins? Does he have the experience for the second highest office in the land?

Many are asking these kinds of relevant questions; and more so, if he succeeds in swaying the Hispanic vote, will it be in the best interest of the nation as a whole?

"Give him the Vice-president position; we will win Florida," the Republicans will be saying. "All we want is to get Obama out of power," they will add. Yet, is America ready to pay the price?

If ethnic groups are going to vote wholesale for a particular candidate, just because group leaders want them to do so, guess what that will do to America. The divisiveness in society will increase, and the nation will be heading into a future, where national loyalty will be a thing of the past.

Not many Americans will want that; as the nation must always remain united. The United States of America it must be; the way the founding fathers had intended it to be.

Marco Rubio must not be used to divide the nation.


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