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Men: Gently Coward, Barbarian, or Chivalrous Knight?

Updated on January 21, 2018

The Fate of Man

It seems ever the more necessary to engage in dialogue about common themes that the general population either remains silent on, or have grossly miscalculated their position on. One of the most important of these issues is the role that men play, and what type of men all men will eventually become. The general population regards men to be some sort of shallow enigma, concluded to be nothing more than polite gesturers. "What a kind man!" the lady says when having the door held for her. "Act like a man and get over it!" the one man yells to the other to stress stricter discipline. None of these people have more than a vague concept of masculinity that is as shallow as their intellect. Is this all a man and manhood is anymore?

The other side of this all says overwhelmingly, "no." Manhood and masculinity is toxic and needs to be stripped from men as soon as possible so that they are more courteous and, to be more blunt, castrated. Is it any wonder to them that masculinity is commonly associated with certain traits? Even the shallow minded dribble from the general population seem to understand that men are supposed to act someway, be it polite or tough-minded.

No matter the cultural disputes and confusion, or even denial, the very fate of all men falls into three categories: the gently coward, the barbarian, or the chivalrous knight. Just which one do you wish yourself, or your spouse or kids, to be?

The Gently Coward

It would be ever the more convenient to label this as the, "beta" man or the more vulgar and vile terms thrown about in the modern frenzy; not much room for decorum in a frenzy, is there? Still, the gently coward is a bit more refined and useful to communicate the idea.

We all know or have been this worm at some point; the all too nice and all too polite man who gladly holds doors open for a little, but wouldn't dare ever engaging in a intimate dialogue with them; that is too aggressive for their sort of thinking. The nice polished little boy with facial hair prides himself on being the proper gentleman, all too unaware that without the "man" gentle is much more relevant a comparison to the labia rather than the testes.

They couldn't defend themselves, let alone a woman from a formidable aggressor, which is their entire failure; women want a man to be gentle, yes, but they still want a man. Men provide benefits to women, namely protection and security. This type of man is never seen as a sexual object to women, they see him as "cute" but never "handsome." The very nature of LeFou from "Beauty and the Beast."

The Barbarian

While our gently coward swings too far to the feminine, our barbaric friend goes too far in the other route. Dashing and strong, yes, but all the more dangerous and reckless since there are no barriers around this danger. The mere presence of these men yield terrors on the battlefield, where terror is needed, but they cannot turn that off when it is time to stop fighting. They pillage and rape and murder innocents, whatever it is that tickles their fancy at the time; why not, after all, no one is strong enough to stop you, certainly not LaFou.

Keeping with "Beauty and the Beast" example, let us take this a bit further and link this barber to the ever so wonderful Gaston. Gaston is very masculine, that much is true, but he can never seem to turn it off. He can surely protect a women, but he can just as easily kill her. This is why Belle never found him to be very interesting; he was nothing more than a monster.

Of course, not every woman understands this, and we see that with the three fans of Gaston ever so ready to be taken by him whenever he fancies. Another wonderful note is how there are three of these women, but only one Belle; many women fall into this trap while only a few are smart enough to see the barber is no knight. Unlike our gentle friend, the barbarian can get the women as he is at least a man, but he cannot get the right one.

The issue here is that most men don't understand that the choice of their masculinity is not binary. Out of the perceived binary approach, of course most men would choose to be Gaston, at least he can have a woman. Women, too, fail to see there is more than just LaFou's and Gaston's as their most common choices in a mate happen to be these two categories, especially when they are young. Again, if forced to make a choice between a LaFou and a Gaston, is it entirely unreasonable to choose Gaston?

The Chivalrous Knight

Finally, we have the ever so brave and valiant knight, the key to success. The knight is neither too soft nor too hard. He is every bit as gentle and tender as the coward, yet every bit as fearsome and formidable as the barbarian; and he understands which side of the coin he needs to be at the right moments.

This is the pinnacle and ideal men must strive for: be the scary beast ready to kill on the battlefield, but be the ever so gentle and polite man when the bloodshed stops. This can of course raise an issues neither extreme runs into; incorrect perceptions about ones character. What if a woman sees you as gentle and assumes it is all you are? What if a woman perceives you as nothing but a monster? This can be remedied by understanding to what degree your decorum or pugnaciousness is being demonstrated, and it is probably most wise to keep them at levels just sufficient enough to ace the task in front of you.

The Knight strives ever forward for duty, justice, and service to that which is higher than he, and never for himself. He does not use his curtsies or strength in ways which are selfish. He lifts his responsibilities and carries them without complaint or stagger.

Women need this type of man as he is both the kind prince, as well as the ferocious beast; LaFou and Gaston. He remains truthful to one lady, and is willing to sacrifice it all for her betterment.


While those in society tend to not give much mention or attention to the fate of man, all of society is impacted by the very man one chooses to become. Will he be soft and weak? Strong yet dangerous? Or will he have both this sides as well as the proper control of them? Without proper men, society shall fall and women will be thrown into the ebb and flow of LaFou's and Gaston's forever adrift in a sea of unsatisfaction for one reason or another, and men suffer just the same. Will you help bring the lost to shore, or will you contribute to the current pulling them around?

© 2018 Foghor


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