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Updated on May 3, 2012

She should be very brave to surmount it.

Michele Bachmann has got the most daunting task ahead of her today, in which she was likely to throw her support behind Mitt Romney, the same person, who has been her rival in the Republican Party nomination race,

She was opposed to him for the stark reason or the fact that he enacted a law that was similar to "Obamacare", as she called it, when making reference to the Affordable Health Care Act that President Barack Obama has signed into law in 2010.

When Romney was governor of the state of Massachusetts, he had proposed a health care law and had passed it, and that would become the "blueprint of Obamacare", said Bachmann in an interview with ABC News Jonathan Karl.

In that interview, she had made a prediction on Romney's chances to win the nomination and become the Republican candidate to challenge Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

At the time, they were both in the Republican race for the Iowa caucuses, and what she said of Romney appeared in a headline as, "He Can't Beat Obama ... Not Going to Happen,"

Now, she was about to eat her own vomit, so to speak, by the endorsement of Romney; and if that was not hard to do, nothing else would be.

Her attack on Romney, as well as on Obama, stemmed from her background as a student of the Oral Roberts University; and therefore any law that was tantamount to fiddling with nature in any way was not conducive to her faith.

Both laws passed by Obama and Romney supported "a woman's right to choose" clause embedded in them (laws), and Bachmann, due to her religious beliefs would never accept that clause.

So, she was adamantly opposed to Obamacare, which has emanated from "Romneycare" from the former Massachusetts' governor.

At first, there were the allegations that the Health Care Insurance companies were behind her candidacy, as most of her political contributions were mainly from those sources; but it was later discovered that those allegations were untruths.

She has to put her religious foundation aside and now get ready to endorse Romney; and people were saying that she should not bend; but for the sake of her beloved Republican Party, there was no doubt that she would go ahead and give her backing to Romney, to unite it (party) against the Democratic Party that was fielding a formidable candidate as Obama.

She would stand with Romney, but her prediction would still be at the back of her mind, and that was what people were afraid of, that she has "sold" her conscience for party unity (or should it be a mess of pottage?)


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