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Updated on August 27, 2012

So, there should be no need for more of those for him.

If Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Party candidate for the 2012 presidential election, was concentrating on anything that would boost his chances of the party wholly accepting him as the final choice for the election, it would be his acceptance speech at the party's convention in Tampa, FL.

Due to the bad weather that hurricane Issac was causing on the convention in particular and on Tampa itself in general, of whether there would be severe flooding and therefore probable evacuation of low lying areas of the city, the scheduled speech has been pushed to Wednesday.

The storm would have quietened down enough by then for convention business to proceed; as the whole nation was waiting in earnest to hear what he has on his mind. People have heard so much about his job creation skills, and that was just about it. However, who he really was and what sort of definite policies he has to move the country, and particularly the economy forward, were still a mystery.

The second would be his image; and although, he has maintained that he was not ashamed of his wealth and success, he was trying awfully hard to change the little perception that the public so far has about him; and it looked like the leopard attempting to get rid of its spots, as he now has assumed the nature of the neighbor next door. One could hardly tell him from "Joe, the plumber".

For example, his interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, which was held in his Summer vacation home in Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, one could not help noticing that, apart from the two bicycles in front of the house, there was not a single vehicle in sight; indicating that it was just a regular place for an ordinary family.

An Amish compound couldn't be that empty; however, that was proof that he only wanted to be seen as a person devoid of a lifestyle of the rich and affluent. Yet, he was so wealthy, it would take someone like Donald Trump to wash his car, but it would, however, be below his dignity to hire even him.

That was how wealthy Romney was estimated to be; but for the sake of the 'tea party" and the grassroots to accept and vote for him, he has to transform himself and be like any head of household in the country, living a modest life. It was a vast estate on the seafront, and that alone was an indication of unrestrained opulence.

Come to think of it, if it was not for mere name recognition, and the fact that his father once ran for president, but lost, he should not bother to run. However, one reason was that, he would want to win the 2012 presidential election to make up for that loss. In other words, to him, the Romney name should become part of history; the American history, of course, in the biggest way possible.

Otherwise, there was no real need for him to be fighting to replace President Barack Obama, who, as Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, has admitted, inherited an abysmal economic situation in 2009. However, he, Ryan, said that Obama has made it worse. Yet, the question was, how?

One could only recall the scene soon after his inauguration, which, (scene), quite frankly. was austere for a newbie. The economy was on a complete downturn, and it called for instant drastic measures.

To make a long story short, the loss of private sector jobs was about 400,000 a month, but he has managed to turn that around, and now he has an average of 70,000 to 80,000 jobs being created every month for the past 28 consecutive months; and there were other pluses that would follow, as the days went by.

He has ended the war in Iraq, and he was winding down the Afghan conflict and bringing the troops home.

He has made bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on Washington D.C. and New York City, to bite the dust.

No such attacks have taken place under his watch; and the United States was at peace with the rest of the world, with the exception of Iran, because of its pursuit for nuclear weapons; and other few countries, such as North Korea, which has somehow always been politically disagreeable to America's. interests in the Far East. He has plans to contain those two countries, as well as repel any dangers they presented to the U.S.

He has freed millions of people in Libya, by fighting a war without a single American casualty; something that no other American president has ever done.

He has more than often exhibited the tenets of strong leadership on the world political scene; and in diplomacy and foreign policy, he has demonstrated cooperation, equality and respect to nations, high and low; he has become extremely popular, and he was making friends all around the globe for the country.

He has accepted that the economy that was passed down to him, was not where it should be; it was almost grounded, but he was working hard to get it straightened out; and there were signs of its regeneration and recovery, and that would bring good results, if given ample time.

He was fervently asking the American people for four more years to continue, and to finish the work that they gave him to do four years ago; asking them to judge him on his merits as an efficient chief executive, and on his record of extraordinary accomplishments, as enumerated above.

In fact, to be realistic, Romney was just an overambitious man, who wanted to make a name for himself. On the campaign trail, he has been making outlandish promises, which he himself has no clue as to how they would be kept. The middle class of American society has always been Democratic by political allegiance, and he should not have mentioned it at all as a group that he has concern for, but he did. He assured the group of high paying jobs. People were wondering what he would say next in the form of a promise, and to whom?

Yet, if he has a comparable record to show the American people, and to say that he could match it against that of Obama, they were ready to hear him on Wednesday in his long awaited speech to the Republican Party convention delegates; and they (people) could only wish him good luck, Gov. Mitt Romney, in his endeavor to get elected as U.S. president.

However, there was so much doubt about that happening, considering how rich he was, and therefore there was only one reason that could be urging him to go on, and that would only be aspiring for "fame".

He already has so much under his tutelage; a wonderful family, financial holdings across the world; and also he possessed a manly voice to sing "America the beautiful". What more would he want?


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi, ib radmasters

      Many people soon forget. President Barack Obama has a mission to transform "the system" that controlled the American society.

      If he should finish his mission, the country would be a better place.

      Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are of "the old school", just as you are; and they want to keep the "the system" or the "status quo", but that will never work, as it has depleted all of its ideas.

      Wall Street and the U.S. Congress are under the thumb of "the system", and so long as that remains, the economy will not be satisfactory to all Americans.

      The reason being that graft and greed are built into "the system", and a great number of people, through no fault of theirs, will never be happy being subjected to its influence and power.

      (P.S. Research "the system", and find out what it really is).

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      you say


      Otherwise, there was no real need for him to be fighting to replace President Barack Obama, who, as Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, has admitted, inherited an abysmal economic situation in 2009. However, he, Ryan, said that Obama has made it worse. Yet, the question was, how?


      How, by not doing anything to make it recover.

      Obama doesn't talk about the economy because he knows that he failed with it.

      He wasted his first two years with a democratic controlled congress by not focusing on solving the problems of the economy. He spent this year going on over 180 fundraisers, playing over 100 games of golf, and numerous campaign trips. He didn't meed with his jobs panel in the last seven months because he was too busy campaigning.

      He had his turn at the plate, and he struck out.

      Next batter please.


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