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Updated on August 1, 2012

Could he be proud about it?

Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Party candidate for the 2012 presidential election, has started the "blaming game" and pointing to the media of shedding more light on the "gaffes" he was being accused of than what he thought was important to him.

"Mitt Romney, in an interview with Fox News, accused the media of attempting to "divert" attention from more substantive issues by harping on his so-called gaffes overseas." (FoxNews, 8/01/12).

President Barack Obama's campaign has called the tour by Mitt Romney, an "embarrassing disaster"; and also plain speaking TV journalist, now NPR analyst Cokie Roberts said it (tour) was racist, particularly for the reason why he was in Poland.

In the United Kingdom he has caused a stir that moved many eyebrows, including the bushy ones of the Mayor of London, by starting a controversial critique of the Olympic Games in that fair minded city. The British Press that loved American politicians were outraged and became really nasty to him for his negative remarks.

They pointed out that the organizers there were not beyond criticism; but if a high profile "bloke" was going to say something to correct a situation, he did not just come out and spewed so much "nonsensical effusion". He would take his time and be more polite about it.

In Israel, though, he was aware of the sensitiveness of the Palestinians, due to the political differences between them and the Israelis; but Romney should also have realized that he was a "co-guest" to both factions of that country, he made a very poorly statement about their (Palestinians') GDP, comparing it with that of the Israelis.

It was like a stranger on a foreign soil looking down on the people there and expecting them to respect him or her. However, Romney, a seasoned politician could have done better than that.

He had gone to Poland to use a fine opportunity given to a United States presidential candidate by former Polish president Lech Walesa, and turning it into a pitiful disgrace for all Americans.

He would not stand still for reporters that have purposely gone to the country's holiest site to meet him (Romney) and to get him to answer some pertinent questions. He has treated them disrespectfully, with one of his handlers using some curse words on them (reporters).

This blog has for very long forecast the outcome of Romney's tour that it was a gimmick to fool the American voter; and that he would go to any length to win the election by making himself to look "special" than any other politician.

Yet there was nothing new that he said, with the foreign policy of the present U.S. administration, and in regard to Iran's nuclear program or the dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians or of Poland's nuclear protection agreement, which the Polish needed more assurances for from the Obama administration.

It would be nice to have him back here in the U.S.; but it would also be nice for him to make statements that called attention to his own mistakes overseas, instead of directing attention to the media in this country and making them look like liars.

They were reporting what they saw in Europe about Mitt Romney, and nobody could blame them for being so candid and plain about a horrible trip that he had.

Obama and the Democrats were getting ready to make "un-traditional marriage" a political platform plank; and he (Romney) should take that up and perhaps win some admirers, as that would be a very unpopular issue, if it should go for a vote in the 2012 general election.


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