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Updated on August 28, 2012

Humility? What humility? The man is rich.

The Republican Party, in general, and the RNC in particular, will be urging Mitt Romney, the party's candidate in the 2012 presidential election, to eat crow and in all humility accept his nomination, and say that he will "serve" the nation to the best of his ability.

However, that will practically be the end of it, as he has nothing to run on against President Barack Obama, his (Romney's) antagonist in the fray for the presidency of the United States, except his resume as the CEO of Bain Capital, a private equity company and former governor of Massachusetts.

Of course, he is liable to throw in the fact that he is a family man, a devout Mormon and also a patriot; yet, with this last qualification, nobody can doubt him, but there is no proof of it, in terms of being in any of the military services, in the defense of the U.S. during his lifetime.

His main theme will be to berate Obama for the lousy economy and high unemployment that have besieged the country, since his inception as president, and that he, Romney, with Paul Ryan at his side as his vice-president, will be able to make things better, by getting the economy back on track and to create more private sector jobs; the two major elements that the nation requires at present in its fight against a recession, a double recession or even an economic depression.

His speech will be streamlined with promises upon promises, knowing that if he is to convince his own party of what he can accomplish, he will also become attractive to independent voters, who counted more in any election.

They are the section in society that tend to make up their minds, when they can visualize a prosperous future in the offing, because party loyalists and those leaning toward a specific candidate have already decided on the action to take.

Yet, in the 2012 general election, the stakes are too high for just by listening to a speech and reaching a decision that will affect the nation's progress into a future that is fraught with challenges unseen for the whole world.

In other words, it will not be just the economic, social and political issues that will confront the nation within. It will also be international problems, for example, with other nations flexing their muscles and acquiring nuclear weapons, and/or destabilizing world financial markets by using commodities, such as oil, as weapons to favor their national interests.

The United Nations Organization will be inundated with all kinds of controversies, and U.S role in finding solutions will double, or countries like Russia and China will be using their veto powers in the Security Council to block resolutions that will stop atrocities and wars.

The U.S. and its allies are still fighting wars against insurgencies and terror groups all around the globe, and nothing will come easy for the next government, both at home and abroad.

With all that in mind, will it not be excruciatingly silly to see two new and unfamiliar faces on the world political scene, who have no experience in foreign policy and international diplomacy with its protocol to observe in no uncertain term for U.S. actions to be efficacious?

One is talking about Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket representing the Republican Party on one hand and the Obama/Biden team that is already poised and prepared to meet with any form of crisis waiting to show itself.

The Republicans have the National debt counter machine running aloft the ceiling in the RNC convention hall in Tampa, Florida; and saying that the Obama administration is guilty of spending, and thus driving the nation into bankruptcy as a result; but they fail to tell where the money is going or for what it is being used.

Their only aim is to disrupt Social Security and Medicare with the Ryan budget plan that will overhaul entitlement programs and render them useless. Thus they will be cutting their funding in lieu of the vast military expenditure needed for national defense; and they will say that they are reducing government spending.

Programs for the needy and the elderly will be damaged, and there will be confusion all around.

In short, Mitt Romney and the Republicans have plans to gut programs that show a compassionate nation, and that is what the acceptance speech will boil down to; to coax voters that they are saving the country from the brunt of bankruptcy.

While the Obama administration maintains that it is the financial status that must be dealt with, with the IRS tax code being revamped for everyone to pay his or her fair share in taxes. That will mean that the wealthy in society will contribute more to the U.S. Treasury; but there will be revenue enough to defray the national debt.

Speeches, speeches, speeches; they are fanciful. However, what is really required is effective action to put the nation on the right track; and many people do not think that Romney and Ryan are ready to take it (action).

In their visualization, the middle class and working people have to work harder and produce more, as the back breaking effort to get the economy on a firm economic footing will be their responsibility.

There will be oil drilling platforms all across the country "for North America to become energy independent by the year 2020"; but that will not be the answer to the economic malady of the U.S.

The wealthy will be basking in financial profits and surpluses, to give themselves and their crony executives huge bonuses on Wall Street. They will fortify their portfolios; as at the same time, they will be paying less taxes, and getting tax breaks as "job creators" on top of that; while the rest of US suffers.

Basically, that will be what Romney's speech will be all about; that the old system (or the status quo) must prevail. Yet, many Americans see that as archaic, and they will prefer a change from the intentions that he (Romney) and the Republicans have in mind.

Besides, on cultural and social matters, they have very little to say; and that does not give them very much credit. It is true that some people do not favor abortion or same-sex marriage; but that is not what the 2012 presidential election is about.

It is about fairness, and all citizens having equal opportunity to protect their families from want.


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