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MO Primary 2016

Updated on November 11, 2020


Seriously, I am not a big fan of politics. It just seems to cause issues in relationships, and that really shouldn't be the case, but for most, it is. However, being that I have a career in social work, politics are in everything. Therefore, I feel that I must educate myself in the issues, and vote responsibly. However, things seem to have continued, not many young people have made it to the polls, and when things don't change, they wonder why?? The younger generation needs to vote. Make your voice heard. It may not be the same as my voice, or someone else's voice, but the fact that you voted does count for something.

Missouri and North Carolina Primary Election by my County

All I have to say is: WAY TO GO HILLARY!!!! Because even though the county I voted in went to Bernie Sanders, I still voted. And what happened: Even though Bernie Sanders got my county, Hillary Clinton got my State. Bernie Sanders also got the county that my brother and his wife live in, and the county that my brothers' and I went to high school in was also won by Bernie Sanders.

I also took a look at the County that my son goes to college in. Bernie Sanders also took that county, but Hillary won the State of North Carolina as well.

Hillary Clinton made a clean sweep of all the 5 States (MO, ILL, OH, NC, FL) that had their Primaries on March 15, 2016. Personally, I think it is now time for us to give out the title of "Madame President." Making Bill Clinton the "First Man."

Vote from your place in life

Like I have said before, "People shouldn't judge other people by where they stand politically. However, I have seen this done." Your top issues are NOT going to be the same as mine, but you need to realize that my issues are important to me, just as yours should be important to you. There are International issues, Domestic Issues, Economic Issues and Social Issues. The most important issues to me are:

Health Care - This Domestic Issue is something that should be affordable so those that seriously need it, can have it. I've been able to afford it now since 2014. Due to my health issues, I need it. I have gotten the care and medication that I need. Health Care changes - I go right back to where I started from. I really do not want to go back to that place again. A place of stress and uncertainty.

Budget & Economy - This is a given.

Jobs - Hopefully, better Economy should bring about more jobs. The American Jobs Act that Obama tried for but that the Republicans shot down have enacted key parts into the economy. Businesses who hire veterans or anyone with a disability gets payroll tax relief and tax credits. (I know this, because I do this for a living. I am a Job Coach.) I help those that have never been in the work force or those that are returning to the work force, get the support they need to remain employed.

My oldest brother was at a job for 18 years before the company he worked for went out of business, just when he and his wife were expecting their first child. Yes, I agree with the raising of the minimum wage. Some of my clients are delighted with the fact that they are getting $10 an hour at Walmart. They also mention making college tuition tax deductible. We have to alleviate poverty. I don't exactly want to see any part of the United States looking like slums.

Social Security - I'm sorry, but I put money into this, and I should be able to fall back onto that money in any kind of medical crisis or disability.

Tax Reform - My father has always done pretty well for himself financially, and even he would agree that taxes should be cut for the middle class, and not the wealthy.

  • Cut taxes for every working family, but not millionaires.
  • Cut taxes for middle class, not the wealthy.

Education - It is supposedly said that the majority of educated people are Asian. Would making education more affordable increase people's desire to go obtain their secondary education? I would think so. I support Lifelong learning, and distance learning.

Granted - I am not in the same place in life as many. A 44 year old, Epileptic, Hypoglycemic, Migraine Sufferer, estranged from her family, went through unemployment - having to live on food stamps. Everyone deserves Health Care, but not many people want to acknowledge that. This is where I am at, and this is what I will fight for.

Technology in Elections

When my mother and I went to vote, we just brought our Voting Card, they looked us up and sent us off to get our ballots. When my brother and his wife went to vote, they scanned their driver's license with an ipad, and got their ballot and voted. Really wish I could have seen that, but, of course, I have to be the type that doesn't lose my voting card.

In conclusion

This is not me telling you who to vote for. This is me simply telling you to vote, and do not judge others for who they vote for. People are in different places in their lives. We need to make this world a better place for MANY. Let us not forget that!!


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