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Updated on April 27, 2012

...but to waste it on a murderer should be an intolerable act.

In fact, money matters so much in society; yet to read in the newspapers and to see on TV news broadcasts that a substantial amount of money has been raised for George Zimmerman, the killer of a young African American in Florida on Feb. 26, went beyond the pale.

Zimmerman has been charged with a second degree murder by the State of Florida, and he was on bail for a measly amount of $150000 dollars. He had murdered an adolescent of only 17 years, who was unarmed; and he (Zimmerman) was now being hailed as a hero?

If that was not outrageous, then nothing else as insensitive in the world would be; and for some callous individuals, who only saw things through colored glasses, and were so much interested in the racial aspect of the Martin case, to send money to Zimmerman, conjured up a horrible situation in the minds of all law abiding citizens.

That Trayvon Martin was an African American and Zimmerman, a Caucasian murdering him (Martin) should be tolerated: but why?

Besides, what on earth would give anybody the right to kill another person and then go home and wash it off as nothing has happened?

That was what the Florida "stand your ground" statute did; as Zimmerman claimed that for his defense.

However, in this day and age, every murder should be investigated under local, State and Federal law, and it would then be presented to a judge for him or her to pass a sentence on the killer.

In Martin's case, the decision to let Zimmerman go free was instant, on the basis that he killed the unarmed youth "in self defense", when there was no clear evidence to prove that (or so far, there has not been any).

It was Zimmerman, who followed Martin needlessly and provoked a fight that he could not finish. Martin had trashed him so badly, he had lost the fight. Now, he had to pull out a gun "to even the score" by shooting Martin dead.

That scenario would not be farther from the truth, considering the situation and what took place that night. Therefore, Zimmerman was a coward and not a hero; and to hail him as one (hero) would be unfair. Furthermore, to shower him with money would show how insensitive some people were.

Murder was still murder, no matter what label was put on it; and Zimmerman, being a Caucasian and killing Trayvon Martin, who was an African American should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form; as Martin's misfortune could happen to anyone.

In fact, America has come a long way in putting racial intolerance behind; and to bring it back would be a shame on society as a whole. Besides, America has been able to elect the first African American president, and the world was celebrating with America in having a new heart, to be able to accept the noble idea that a black person was not any different from any other person; and so, why should racism be allowed to show its ugly head in America again?

To make Trayvon Martin's death to become a trivial matter, on the basis of race, would be making life itself cheap and meaningless.

Of course, people could do whatever they wanted with their money, but splashing it on a murderer was more gruesome than courting the notorious Charles Manson in his hay day.


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