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Updated on May 6, 2011


I was brought up to understand that it is impolite ,not to say socially unnacceptable, to discuss Politics and Religion in polite society. As Hubbers are the epitomy of that I intended to follow that advice until today.

Darn it we have just had an election sorting out many with their noses in the Westminster troughs! So now what!. Barely days into our new selection we find a Senior Cabinet Minister is exposed as being no better, alledgedly  than those who failed to stand in the recent election as they knew their personal game with the voters was well and truly up. Not all it seems were thus screened out and now we must wonder just how many of the present lot are in it ,more for personal nest lining than public service.

 I always squirm when Politicians insist they entered Public Life to serve the Community first and foremost. No they did not! They saw it as a good career option! There is nothing wrong in that in my view , so why dare they not just admit it. Far more honourable than squirreling whatever they can behind the scenes in their expenses.


Looking across the world the alternatives do not seem attractive to me, so must we accept our lot and just hope the current squad cream a bit less than the last ones did? I hope not and hence my raising the topic in the hope that others will take up the debate and that we may find a new system that actually works without falling foul of corruption and human weaknesses.

I am pessimistic, but not yet ready to shrug my shoulders and let them just get on with it. Am I off message or just frustrated like the rest of those who voted for changes earlier in May?


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