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Updated on May 6, 2011


I have to apologise for returning to these vexed people again on the hub!If you have not read my previous two matters on the subject, please do before continuing. They are entitled"MP"S BE DAMNED and MP"S BEGGAR BELIEF! You will get the gist of my wrath from the titles.

However, this time I record my complete incredulity at sections of the British public in respect of these officials, elected by us all, and who have conspired, yes conspired to hoodwink us all for their own finances. I cannot believe constituents of this chap pleading for mercy on his career as they seem to be queueing up to do down in darkest Yeovil. Yet maybe, I should, for maybe it is not entirely the fault of individual MP"s.

The whole darned expense thing comes, I contend, from cowardice by several previous Governments in respect of setting proper salaries for those elected. The first thing politicians ask on any topic is "Are there votes in it?" That is the name of their game and everything else takes lesser places

Clearly, coming clean about the true salary for MP"s is a vote loser.Even the supposedly indefatigable, Mrs T swerved the problem, so the opportunity to make up the alleged shortfall via expenses  began and those with machiavellian minds soon found lots of ways to exploit the supposed system and no doubt influenced colleagues.

So, we arrive at the point where exposure forced the best part of 100 not to stand at the 2010 election. Good, we may have thought, the stables are being cleansed. What a hope?The currently exposed, a Cabinet Minister, resigns and we are asked to congratulate him for leaving Office so speedily! He is reported as THINKING of resigning as an MP. Bully for him! He should have no choice if the appropriate committee set up to protect us ,the public, finds him guilty as exposed. However, to confound us all, he announces that he "Thinks he may have done something wrong". This ,if we are to believe friends and commentators is one of the best brains in Government. The Lord help us is all I can say.


There is no getting away from it, the political scene holds doom and gloom wherever you look these days and has done for quite awhile past. Maybe it was always like this? Yet, not being "one of the best brain"s in Government, this seems pretty simple to solve for the future to me.

Every MP represents a constituency. Every constituency has Local Government. Every Council has a Chief Executive, who if I am told correctly, earns much more than an MP receives in salary. So SIMPLES! Make the MP"Ssalary equal to the local CEO at the Council. If the constituency embraces more than one Council, then average it. That way the salary reflects the area and at least some form of local public influence comes to bear.

Do I think Local Council Chiefs are worth that! I do not honestly know, but we do, if we believe in Democracy, have to have them! By making their earnings fully transparent and making them equal to other publc officers down the scale for properly allowed expenses, we may, just may, solve the cuurrent problem and may see some who do not like it shuffle off to spend more time with their families, who will be welcome to them. Any thoughts?


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