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Updated on October 23, 2009

after 9/11, 2001.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney needs no defense from anyone; he can always do that himself, and extremely very well too. Yet, using the word "Dithering" for President Obama is completely uncalled for.

It is true that the sending of troops is necessary, and a decision on that has to be made as quickly as possible; however, the topic has also created a controversy for the government. Some of his (Obama's) advisers support the idea and another faction does not. It has become a matter of the president being in a quandary, and nobody really knows where he actually stands in regard to that controversy, although he is the decision maker, after all. Therefore, the benefit of the doubt must be given him; at least for the time being, while he considers doing what is right for the nation. 

Everybody knows that he is considering doing something in response to Gen. Stanley McChrystal's request. However, instead of the White House thinking about the right approach to the problem, it has to reach back and bring the Bush administration into the controversy, and that is too bad. It is becoming the "knack" of the present administration to turn back to old controversies, like this one; and people will soon grow weary of that.

What has gone before must not be used by the government each time that it wanted to impute blame on Former President Bush; as that would just stick only for a little while; and since the Democratic Party has taken over power now, its members were responsible for anything after the erstwhile 2008 presidential election that gave them the majority to rule. Not letting bygones be bygones would therefore draw any type of criticism, particularly from any member of the previous administration; and it might very well prove that such criticism would rather exacerbate the controversy instead of helping it. 

More so by the jumping in of the Speaker of the House of Representatives into the fracas. Speaker Nancy Pelosi did have the right to defend the present administration, but she did so at a time when the controversy for sending troops to Afghanistan was still brewing within her own party. 

Besides that, she was aware of the policies of the Bush government on both the Iraq and the Afghan wars being passed to the Obama team during the transition period. It was then that the Democrats could have objected to them; however, they did not. They accepted them willy-nilly. Therefore, there was no denying that "the ball was in their court", so to speak.

Now, the troops fighting the wars are in want; they need more men and women of the military to come to their aid; and are you going to deny them that request?

The previous government, of which Vice-President Cheney was part, learned to handle the enemy very well, soon after the September 11 attacks, so that there were no more attacks on mainland America for seven years. That achievement should be a feather in the Bush administration's cap. Not many people spoke about that. Was not that incredible?

It was the kind of protection that Americans wanted and needed, and it should be emulated by the present government, or that protection would be in jeopardy.

"Please, Mr. President, send the troops", is what former Vice President Dick Cheney is trying to say; and so, do the best you can and listen to him. 

Americans have stayed united in the face of adversity, always.


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