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Updated on May 17, 2011

Sexual orientation?

It was, or it may not have been, sad to hear Don Lemon, the young CNN anchor, saying that he was, "born gay". (You may choose to have it your way).

I am not going to be judgemental here; but there are many points of view in assessing someone in social terms these days, when he or she comes out and says that his or her sexual orientation is different.

It will immediately be about changing one's disposition and thinking as to how to deal with a person "coming out of the closet", so to speak.

Some may say that it is alright for him to be what he says he is; while others may be more vocal and say that Mr. Lemon has made a mistake by announcing on national TV that he is a "homosexual" person, and therefore he has certainly created a problem for himself.

Moreover, he himself must know from now on that not even his closest friends are going to look at him the same way as before.

Their state of mind changes. Or to put it in another way, he has suddenly changed before their eyes; and so, it will be difficult for them to observe him in a manner that will make him feel comfortable, when he is with them.

Again, he himself must understand that, even under certain circumstances, he must feel uncomfortable. So, the situation becomes such a predicament for everybody concerned.

In private, he will tend to reflect on his life; and he has plenty of time to do so; however, in public, he has to be able to maintain a straight face, whenever he encounters any type of opposition.

For that, he has very little time to do. Why? Because he is a TV anchorman, and therefore there will be several instances that will compel him to "stand firm" on his convictions; and be able to accomplish doing so on his own terms.

Yet, the question still remains, whether he can do that all the time, considering the heavy strain that comes with reacting to other people's attitudes. Some may be pleasant and some may not be all that acceptable at all to him. Some may even suggest to him that he has options. Who knows?

I, myself, am heterosexual, and so my only advise for him is to urge him to remain strong, if he has chosen to be who he says he is. To me, the word "gay" means "happy".

P.S. He should not allow Ms. Joy Behar to be laughing behind his back. (That is a joke, of course).


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