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Updated on October 12, 2011

Bravo, Roseanne.

Ms. Roseanne Barr is showing how angry she is about how the fat cats on Wall Street are having it so good, while others are suffering, in every sense of the word.

It is so pleasing for her to come out in support of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration; and to go farther by saying that some bankers must be reeducated in their approach to acquiring wealth.

They should stop being greedy and think about how such an attitude affected society in several dismal ways. For example, they could not even live on $100 million dollars pay, but they expected a family of say four to live on $50,000 dollars a year.

In that way, they should be sent to rehab camps for reeducation; and if that did not succeed, then they should lose their heads by the guillotine, to put it mildly. (Fox News, 11/12/11).

In this day and age, living on a paycheck of $50,000 or less a whole year is as gruesome as having a person having his or her head bashed in by an unscrupulous employer each time that person shows up for work. There is very little one can do with that kind of money, while others, such as bankers, are having ingratiating life styles with their families.

It is a horrible state of affairs, and so the march on Wall Street by the people on whose blood, sweat and tears the CEOs and executives are living on the hog. Some will say that they are getting rich on the backs of others; and in this case, on (the backs of) the middle class and working people.

The nation's economy has become strange due to their actions, and unemployment was rampant, to the tune of 9.1% at present; but they cared very little about the common man in the street, for him to be able to have some bread on the table for himself and his family. He was losing his home through foreclosure; and so, what was he supposed to do, but to march on Wall Street, where all the greed was, and is still, taking place.

The common man in the street is able and wants to work, but there are no jobs, simply because some banks are not lending to businesses for them (businesses) to grow and expand, and so be able to hire more workers.

To put it another way, they (bankers) have deliberately slowed down the economy, for nothing more than political reasons, and people could not find work; while at the same time, they and their cohorts were earning big salaries and fat bonuses.

If that is not cheating of the highest kind, then what is it?

Ms. Barr is prescribing death for them (bankers), on behalf of the needy and the poor; and so, under the circumstances, who can blame her for being so outspoken?

She is rich and therefore self sufficient; a self-made millionaire. So, why is she sticking her neck out for you and me? The fact is, she loves people. She loves the human race, and she does not want something bad to happen to it.

She is railing against the idea that the world will wish that Iran or some crazy entity will explode a nuclear bomb, and that people will be "happy", because they want it all to come to an end, if they are going to remain poor indefinitely.

The scenario is foreboding, and people do not expect it, but it is not too far fetched, if the greed continues, as just 1% of the population enjoys life more and more, while the 99% suffer needlessly. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

In other words, the situation is not just as bad in America alone; it is almost the same all over the world.

So Ms. Barr is speaking out for all humankind; and we love her for that.

Bravo, Roseanne.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      Bravo Roseanne for wanting to behead those who bankrolled your shows, took your salary and invested it in Wall Street making you millions of dollars. What a PHONEY. By the way, if Roseanne slept with the protestors in the park for 2 weeks, got arrested with the rest of them, and was so disqusted with what Wall Street has done she gave all he money to charities that feed the children and elderly of this country, then I will change my mind about her.