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Updated on October 2, 2012

She has, and still doing a good job for the U.S.

The insistence of some Republican lawmakers for Ms. Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., to resign on the reports that emerged shortly after the Cairo demonstration and the attack on the Benghazi consulate, is ridiculous.

She could only talk about what the intelligence officials have gathered so far from what was going on in Benghazi at the time as the demonstration, that was the forerunner of that attack, took place in Cairo, Egypt, spontaneously.

The two news reports were then made to overlap each other, and even the media was forced to focus on the anti-Islam movie as the cause of both the demonstration and what eventually was seen as a terror attack in Benghazi.

The Ambassador's part was to give the information based on what the State Department knew, and if it was anything at all, her source, which was the intelligence services, should be blamed for that information; and to ask her to resign would amount to putting pressure on "the messenger", rather than those providing the message.

In today's article on front page, the ambassador is somehow exonerated by a key statement that "The office of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared to take the blame in a statement Friday for initial claims that the attack was tied to the anti-Islam film." (, 10/02/12).

Rep. Peter King, the New York Republican, who heads the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, must have been in the same frame of mind at first as anyone else, including the ambassador, that the Benghazi attack was not pre-planned, and that it had come out of the desecration of Muhammad in a movie, which has started a demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

He, King, was the one asking Ms. Rice to resign, when he was in a position to extract more information from the National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, to correct the situation. It would be then that he could apportion any blame.

To pick on Ms. Rice to resign was outrageous, as she was doing her job to deliver what she has been told to do. She has the support of the State Department, which has issued a statement in the article, thus,

"... spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Monday that the department rejects any call for Rice's resignation, adding that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has confidence in Rice and believes she has done a "superb job."

Many Democratic leaders in Congress, with Sen. John Kerry, (D-Mass) and Senate majority leader Harry Reid among them, have thrown their support behind Ambassador Rice, asking her not to resign; with Sen. Reid accusing the Republicans of trying to "politicize the tragic events in Libya" and stressed that Rice was basing her statements on "preliminary information."

Besides, the fresh reports of both the Cairo siege and the terrorist Benghazi attack did not lend themselves to easy or simple interpretation at first, as they were mixed, confusing, complex and complicated.

The abruptness of the demonstration in Cairo, as well as the assault on the consulate in Benghazi, added to the use of the word "spontaneous", of both events; and for the ambassador to have used it in the information she had, would not have been her fault under any circumstance.

Therefore, for King to solely put the blame on her would rather be preposterous on his part.

Ms.Rice must stay put at the U.N.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      Hi American View,

      I really don't understand you. If you are sent to say "yes" and you deliberately say "no", then you are wrong or you have made a mistake.

      However, that was not what Ms. Susan Rice did. She said exactly what she was supposed to say; Period.

      She could not change a single word of what the intelligence officials asked her to deliver to the public. So, what should she resign for?

      We now know the nature of the Benghazi assault. It was terrorism; but the question should be, should it be politicized, as the Republican Party and the Mitt Romney campaign were making it out to be?

      It (Benghazi assault) is a national tragedy, and the Republicans are making a mockery of it, by placing blame on this or that person; or so it seems.

      What they are going to gain from what they are doing is anybody's guess. They are bound to lose the 2012 presidential election anyway.

    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      If what you write is true, then why after several weeks and much of the truth is out does she still stick to the original story? She was sent out there and told what to say and she did. That is why she must go. Anyone who cannot stand on their feet and make proper decisions does not deserve to have such an important job.

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

      Considering that amateur movie trailer on YouTube only had about 300 views at the time of this attack, I have trouble weaving it into the mix especially with folks show up for a "spontaneous" demonstration with grenade launchers, etc. Ms. Rice continued to perpretrate the "dance" long after it was obvious that the music was wrong. The media dropped the ball on this and the White House and State Department lied through their teeth about it and those lies continue even in light of a reversal by some elements of the government...thank God the White House has not gained control of everything. Lies eventually demand a heavy price. One might remember Jimmy Carter launching his ill-fated secret hostage recovery mission which eventually cost the lives of a number of military fliers. Their commanders had beefed up the combat readiness paperwork of the equipment employed then things went south in the darkness of night. I would say that any way one cuts it....killing an ambassador along with three former Navy Seals and dragging their bodies through the streets like trophies is "an act of terrorism"....plain and simple. Movie trailer or not, there is absolutely no justification for it and Ms. Rice nor anyone else should be ashamed to stand before the American people and attempt to rationalize it or justify it as basis of other circumstances. She, like so many others in Washington, do not seem to understand the concept of accountability. ~WB